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    posted a message on Arcane Ascension [PR-8] (Floating Islands!) UPDATED 28/12/2015

    Words cannot describe how jazzed I am that this mod got updated! I have so many good memories of this mod back in the 1.4.7 days. Me and my friends would load up a world and begin the hunt to find that rare island that would happen to have the fabled havenbloom and be the first to get that sweet armor.

    Firstly, the islands themselves look so much better now. They definitely have that magical vibe going for them with the new grass and I am loving all those vines and crystals hanging from the bottom of the islands. I also noticed that Havenblooms seem much more common than back in the day. I remember trying to find one took searching quite a few islands. Now there is usually one on every island and even found one with three. I am kinda sad that the Enchanted Fir tree does not drop any saplings when you cut it down. Would have been nice to grow those in other places as they look pretty good.

    I do have a suggestion. These islands, while quite cool, still suffer from the same problem from back in the day. They are generally to small to build anything more than a small house on them. Many a time I have thought it would be really cool to build a house/base on one of these islands, but found myself limited in how far I could expand/build it without it breaking out of the bounds of the island. It would be cool to see larger variants of the islands generate in the world. They don't have to be continent sized, just big enough to not feel so limited when trying to make one your base of operations.

    Other than that, its been really cool having this mod return to my current build. So far everything's been working out and have been loving the new additions to it. Good job and I hope to see you keep adding things too it!

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