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    Now with 50k + loaded chunks!

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    There is no World Guard for SSP, sorry. The gamerule command may be able to help you though. you can disable mob griefing via /gamerule mobGriefing and fire spread via /gamerule doFireTick

    hope that helps
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    Come check out mc.mysterylunch.net were all mostly harmless. were currently on the 1.7.9 bukkit release. stop on by and check us out
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    posted a message on Amalgam: A New Way to Craft (Updated 9/14/14)
    Might I make a request, a bow with an amalgam handle that's properties also change depending on the mixture or some form of arrows that would do the same idea.

    Other than that... WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS?!
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    posted a message on Help! My son is going to flip!
    Pause the game, find the "open to lan" button. Turn enable cheats on. hit start server. once thats done feel free to use /kill or /gamemode 1 :) also before you save the game agian dont forget to go under the misc tab find the sheep egg and spawn one, then set the gamemode back to 0

    hope that helps
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