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    I host a Minecraft server for my friends, but none of them are around to play right now. So I figured I would host for the internet instead. There is a limit of 20 players at once.

    Right now there aren't many rules. If anything becomes a problem we can discuss what actions to take as a community. I'd like to practice moderating and hosting a server for people. So come join me if your interested :)

    We are vanilla, but I have some data packs that do server side changes that I think are fun. And I'm open to suggestions for more.

    Custom Datapack features
    - 2 Cactus will now craft leather
    - Rotten flesh smelts into leather with a furnace
    -Notch apples can be crafted again!
    -Phantom membranes can be used to repair elytra 25%, so why not also use them to craft elytra?
    4 Membrane will now craft an elytra.
    -Diamonds can be smelted from dirt in the blast furnace, it takes upwards of an hour to do this for one diamond.
    -obsidian is craftable from combining a bucket of lava and water.

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