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    posted a message on Nice Seed!
    What version is this?
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    posted a message on [1.6][Forge]Minechem
    Mind me adding this to a modpack?
    Awesome mod btw, keep it up!
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Can i put this in my modpack?
    also, great mod cant play without it (srsly i get 0-2 fps without!)
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Quote from ted80


    This document is Copyright ©(2012, 2013) and is the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. The files may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly using any form of monetization.


    "It May Be Not Be" in the copyright section O_o
    Anyways can i put this in my modpack?
    im making a 1.6.4 one with an alpha theme
    and tech ( Warning: combustible mixture, may explode )
    The Reason i ask this is because i cant make heads nor tails of the copyrights section.
    Forgive my Noobiness :steve_sillyface:
    Also, great mod! keep it up C=
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    posted a message on How to catch/release Packets from/to the Client side
    I am making a mod in which you record what you do, and what you do/the enviroment/etc are recorded, and then later you "Render" this, and probably enable shaders and hd resourcepacks and fancy stuff like that while rendering.

    The way i thought of doing this was by catching all the packets sent between the server and the client, and i can't figure out how to do this.

    I would like any help at all regarding how to do this, such as the class responsible for processing all these or a hook that is already in minecraft forge, or even a name idea.

    I am using the forge beta 1.7.2, so dont give me any information about how it used to be, please.
    So far i am pretty sure its got something to do with Netty.

    oh, and Thanks!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Improved First Person (Zaggy1024 taking over)
    i noticed a few bugs while playing

    If you stand in front of a wall, and shove your head in, you can xray.
    i think this is caused by you moving the camera forward from the usual spot.
    maybe if you move the body back instead of the camera?

    Also if you have a cape and stand still, the cape goes through your legs.
    (perhaps rotate the cape a little bit and this will stop?)

    i would also be happy if you would smooth the shoulders out, they look kind of bumpy
    this is probably because of the arms being used for running and weirdly flapping out a bit

    Great mod, keep making it, and thanks! :D
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I am so excited for the update, i will be able to play 1.6 with 1+ fps and no fog :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Nopey's Sky Villages
    The riches are in the buildings, they have floatypads on the bottom which are made of iron and a touch of gold
    i will add chests in the open, which endergolems will not attack you for,
    but i will also make hidden treasure (less then 1 chest a building 9 inv slots) in the buildings which you have to grief to find.(angering them all the more)

    i think i might also make some archer-golem too.
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    posted a message on 1.5.1 WIP v 0.2 Better Nether mod
    I am making a sky villages mod, perhaps i could make nether villages too, and the two mods would (plugin to eachother)/(come together) (nether villages & better nether)
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    posted a message on Nopey's Sky Villages
    Its gonna be kind of like regular mc villages, except that i plan on making the pathways out of a 1 thick cobble, and the houses will all be custom made.
    updating the post now...
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    posted a message on Nopey's Sky Villages
    Nopey's Sky Villages [Abandoned]
    A mod which adds staircases, all the way to level 128.
    There you will find a village, full of Villagers and Riches.
    but ender-golems to protect from griefers.
    i might try working on this mod again, but as a first mod, it was too hard.



    Like normal villagers.
    Either they will have the AI to not walk off cliffs,
    or the AI to fly.

    Will agro immediately when you break/place a block in the village.
    Will teleport behind you and have a good amount of knockback.
    Will hate you forever and a day.
    Should they take off their glasses?

    Go around the village. 2 wide, 1 tall, made out of cobble.
    Buildings coming directly off of them, a building will not spawn without a path to come off of.
    Village From Below:
    You're in the shadow of a giant. head west to find the staircase.


    In Game staircases/pathways(Still bugged =C)

    A spawn that happened to go onto a staircase. in the background there is another staircase because i have cranked up the spawnrate. if you jumped off you will die.

    Quite often. staircases have blocks in them.

    The jungle is the glitchiest place to be, including when staircases start underground.


    (taken from Techne)


    (taken from Techne)



    Staircase generation complete!
    Village path generation is bugged. the path always turns right.
    No Buildings yet.
    No Mobs( only models)
    No Party Block ( kind of like a disco ball, but gives you epilepsy. known in the code as the ender epilepsy block )

    Too easy to grief the staircase. just put liquid at the top and it spills all the way down, and off the sides at the same time. looks cool tho.
    The reason for the OP ender golem is to discourage griefing, which is encouraged by the amount of iron in the village. will need balancing.


    Nopey Nope --- Original Idea & Programming
    Riley Soto ------ Idea Development & Building Schematics
    LiamAndAidan - First Comment!
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