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    posted a message on ★ DrugRun v3.0 ★ Amsterdam Spawn ★ Drugs ★ Recipes ★ Custom ★ Quality ★ Police ★ Factions ★ McMMO ★ Quests ★ Economy ★ Ranks

    In-game Username: FluffyPingu
    Age: 17
    Timezone & location: EST New Jersey
    Why do you want to join the Police Force?:

    I want to join the police force to change the gameplay for myself a little bit and freshen the experience DrugRun has given me. It gives me an opportunity to contribute to the roleplay idea of the server in a new style, and I love the idea of catching people and jailing them for growing drugs. It makes the repetitive aspect a lot more fun. :) I also have a friend (GalaxyIdolTetra) that I miss and would love to be in a faction with again.

    Why should we accept you?:

    I am active a lot and I can contribute to the police force in an overall manner. In my timezone I don't see too many cops on at the late hours, and I would like to compensate that so the game gets even more balanced. As well, I'd love to have the opportunity to work with new people and have a new experience at stopping people that were doing what I have been doing. Knowing the server fairly well, I will always be able to help other players who have questions about the server, as I already have been since I started.

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