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    can someone make a simple mod that is a liquid storage tank like Buildcrafts so i can store a lot of water in a tank near my potions room. the only mod i found that was close wouldn't allow you to use empty bottles to refill for potions, and I most of the mods i am using are keeping Minecraft as close to vanilla as i can while adding new/missing content that MC should already offer.

    Thank you
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    1. sideways half slabs

    2. all blocks should be able to be a half slab or stair.

    3. mixing the texture packs (I love Natural but hate the obsidian, want it from the fantasy or default)

    4. user created texture packs: we Build and send to 4J they look at them, choose those that can work with system are complete and are not offensive, let US the game community choose which one or several we like. (since a custom pack would need be downloaded by the other players for Multiplayer experience or have it so whichever pack is on for the Host doesn't need to be had by the other players like on PC)

    5. have a Geck like tool the Xbox community builds a game MOD and submits to 4J they takeover MOD for updates. MOD makers get recognition but no $$ just like on PC.
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    This is what I have, like exact copy. excluding the Lava stuff. I have the upper gates of the 2x2 closed and the rear 4 pistons on 1 Lever. Just need to get the 23 tick timer with auto shutoff.

    I was thinking to use a T-flip flop to turn the Crushers on and when the timer counts down to auto switch the Flop back off

    EDIT: I forgot to add that this is not mine and is made by Ethos, all credit to him.
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