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    hello everyone I'm sorry if i'm typing in the wrong place,I'm kinda new here so that's ok right because i finally found a place to put my ideas in. So this idea is about the end, I want an end update after the caves and cliffs update 2.

    I want to rewrite my idea in this place because I think this is what I'm looking for? and it says it was too long? so I'm going to suggest my ideas one by one like a tier list in multiple different threads. anyways my idea is about end update and here's what i suggest

    End Tree and end forest

    just like the nether, the end should have more than 1 tree, the first tree in the end was the chorus, and here i got an idea to make another end tree with thicker logs and can make stuff out of it just like other trees do

    here's the illustration:

    it gives stuff like other trees do like sticks and saplings. this tree gives an ender apple that works like chorus fruits but teleports you further and cannot be smelted.

    edit: it's fireproof and gives a fruit that grows physically, like in 3d (like cocoa)

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    sorry if i'm typing in the wrong place,I'm kinda new here so that's ok right because i finally found a place to put my ideas in. So this idea is about the end, I want an end update after the caves and cliffs update 2.


    first what I want is end trees, they look like crimson but skinny and purple-black, it's fireproof and gives a fruit that grows physically, like in 3d (like cocoa) and can make you teleport, kinda like chorus but further. also the tree saplings. also can make tools like other trees do

    under the end forest there will be end grass and grass blocks. the grass will look like normal grass but changes colors from dark purple to light purple.

    grass block will look like normal grass block but it's not dirt under it instead it's end stone and the color of the grass also changes like the grass. the grass will sometimes drop seeds that can turn into... corn? idk. but the grass can grow end plants and fungi.

    and I also want another mob that I call walkers or enderflies, they're basically just striders of the end, they look like phantoms but have 6 skinny strider legs. the color of the mob is black but has an animation of slow flickering glowing magenta spots on its back. it's kind of dangerous if you stand in front of it, it can push you very far. the function of the mob is to travel the end islands of end cities. we can tame it (tame with some kind of fungus that I will explain later), ride it (with and without a saddle), and bring it to the overworld, but don't get too close to the water or it will die.

    also want end water for end beaches. the end water can be brewed with eyes of ender and make a potion of teleportation. but if you go down the water too far and sink to the end seas you will go to the void, fall, suffocate and die.

    speaking of end seas, I also got an idea for an underwater hostile end mob, I can't pick what animal is it based on and i have two options that is that it's going to look like a dark, end stone yellow colored prehistoric crocodile with purple spots or it will look like a giant blue ringed octopus but with black color and purple rings, the rings will turn lighter if it's angry or hungry, but it will turn darker if it's neutral. they both can teleport and both of these mob ideas share the same function: to drown you to the bottom of the end sea.

    and if we talking about beaches there will be sand, that is end sand and end quicksand. end sand has mobs in it like end crabs, it's hard to catch because it burrows itself in the sand and you can eat if cooked in furnace and will get +2 hunger points, but be careful it can pinch you and you will lose half a heart. The design of the crab looks like a hermit crab but the shells are... you guessed it shulker shells, yeah they can open and close their shells, and it can be any color it wants to be. And back to the topic of sand, this time we talking about end quicksand. End quicksand can sink you down and make you suffocate and while you suffocate, it will teleport you to other areas with quicksands on it. You will lose 2 hearts when you suffocate in it and watch out because it looks similar to normal sand, just slightly darker in color.

    I want ender fungus, it's like the nether fungi but can't grow to trees and is edible and can be used to tame the mobs in the second paragraph, and will make them fly faster for 5 seconds. it looks like Agaricus bisporus but the color varies from black, dark purple, purple, magenta, purple with black spots, black with purple spots, violet, light purple, and other variations you can think of. if bone meal-ed it will grow to a giant sized mushroom bigger that normal mushrooms and nether fungi and can be crafted to endshroom stew that will make you feel nauseous and have inverted vision like enderman vision for 10 seconds, but you'll be fine, you wouldn't take any damage.

    Ender magma can be naturally found in ender octopus'/ ender croc's nests. It's end stone but it has glowing cyan liquids in it. it emits light level the same as a shroomlight, but it can change if you step on it too hard. if you jump on it, or fell on it too hard it will change color from cyan to purplish-blue. and if you step on it harder or jump on it higher it will burst (if you are near a bursting magma you will lose 3 hearts) , and if it burst it produces glowing end water that will glow for 20 seconds and slowly change color to end portal black like normal end water. and if the liquid spills above end stone it will turn it to ender magma.

    Tools and objects

    Have ever you felt that feeling when you are smelting something and it's taking so long, so you craft another one, smelt other stuff in the other furnace but it's still not enough and you waste all you cobblestone? well, I have a solution. I got the idea from ender chests, and I think you already got the point here. ENDER FURNACES! now you can smelt stuff in different places! and your friends can also smelt in yours without waiting. the recipe is simple, just replace the cobblestone with end stones and add eye of ender in the middle grid!

    I also got an idea for an ore that i call terminatium, it's like a metal mostly found in 10 to 1 Y level under the ender dragon's nest. and don't stand there too long or the terminatium will randomly teleport to other places if you have a pet endwalker/endfly (the mob in second paragraph) it will fly over the place where the terminatium is. and why is this in the tools and objects section? because it can make tools such as

    - terminatium powder

    kinda works like redstone but teleports stuff that has the powder on top of it (doesn't work if you put the powder over bedrock, obsidian, and/or end portal frames). to get it, smelt terminatium ingots.

    - teleporters

    it looks like end portal frame but instead of eye of ender slots it has portal and portal particles on top of it. can teleport you to another teleporter you put in another place if you stand on top of it. activate it using terminatium powder or ender pearl. crafting recipe is three end stone in bottom grids, two terminatium with eye of ender in the middle on the middle grids. and that's it.

    - terminatium tools

    swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels, and hoes can be crafted like the normal stuff, but you can also craft other weapons and tools such as terminatium bows, terminatium shields, and even terminatium tridents! stronger than netherite.

    - terminatium armor

    helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots that are stronger than netherite.

    and other terminatium stuff you can think of.

    last object that i can think of is a projectile that can be put in bows or crossbows that is shulker bullets. it's dropped by shulkers and the chances of it dropping are very rare which is 1%


    fried dragon egg

    yes, it's dragon egg but fried in furnace and can only be eaten once in a lifetime, it will give you +80 exp and give you every effect at once for 10 seconds which can help you achieve the "how did we get here" achievement. it will also make you full for days and make you hunger-proof after eating rotten flesh or got hit by husk.


    idk i dont have anymor ideas

    end fruit

    from tree

    I think that's all i will give you the pictures later if i can

    thank you

    by noobycraft123

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