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    As there are now charged shots for bows, I was thinking of a way around that.

    Crossbows: The weapon of the future!

    Basically, it would be a bow that fires a charged shot right away with all of the benefits of a charged shot. However, the disadvantages are that:
    1. There is a slower rate of fire, 2-3 seconds between each shot at least.
    2. It requires a special type of ammunition, called 'bolts', which are made with iron bars.
    3. The actual crossbow is built with 1 string and 4 iron instead.

    The crossbow would be useful for run-and-gun tactics, as you would not need to slow down when charging a shot.
    "Why is that important, Noobiegoboom?!?!" Well, it's important, because, as the 1.9 release comes out, traveling the Nether will be much more dangerous. There's already the problem of Ghasts, which charging a shot while under fire is suicidal, and then the new mob, Blazes.
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    This reminds me of Animal Crossing.

    Still 0sim.
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    Well, as of 1.5, this thread is pretty much obsolete. It still has some decent ideas, for example, flooding, but, other than that...
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    Quote from WILLIE_TROMBONE »
    Quote from Mincecraft »
    I think spiders would look a little strange without legs to be honest =/ It sounds like a lot of effort being put in just to make them less scary

    Make them pink. :Pink: I'm sure that'd make them less frightening :smile.gif:

    lol I know they'd look weird but I'm making this mod for my gf (and people like her). I tried making them pink with a smily face but the legs were still the scary part for her :s

    Tell your 'gf (and people like her)' to man up. If they can't handle the cuddly, smexy legs of :Spider: , then they shouldn't be playing MC.
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    Ah, sorry, I often have a tendency to post things without checking for others that have already made it. Sorry 'bout that one.
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    I have noticed something terribly, terribly wrong with Minecraft.


    THE GAME HAS NO WEATHER! *sad music*

    Now, what I'm thinking about a solution to this problem would be the bring-back of Weather and the addition of Natural Disasters. This will probably take tons and tons of modding expertise. I know, but hear me out, got it?



    Now, rain was effective as aesthetics. But, it was taken away. And it had no effect (Just like Splash, if you know where the reference is from) What I was thinking was, every 100 raindrops that fell on a block of any kind would create a flowing water block that would move somewhat like a snake in not leaving water behind. After 1000 rain drops it would create a water source block that will stay until 1 minute after the last raindrop hitting it (when the storm ends) Possibly, there could be smoke effects when they hit a source of fire, and maybe even extinguish it (as in, torches and lava and forest fires)

    The results of this would be endless.

    Snow.. brr...

    Self-explanatory, really. After every 10 snow drops, it makes the snow coating thingy on grass. After 400 snow drops, it makes a snow BLOCK. That one would be cool for your house's door being blocked by snow.

    Doodoo doo doo, back to my h- Hey! Where's the door! All I see is snow.. snow... EVERYWHERE!

    I think it might be better if this only occurred in snow-based biomes to get rid of those ugly snowless patches that you made when you wanted snow fast but didn't want to go further away.

    In addition, hail could be operational, dealing minor damage to the player and stuff.

    There could also be some unrealistic things such as:

    Lava Storms (more of a natural disaster)
    :SSSS: rain. It's the end of the world!

    Natural Disasters (These should probably only be enabled when not in Peaceful):


    Possibly the most dangerous thing to your home (excluding creeeeeeeeeeepers.) It could be extremely rare, and only last for what, 30 seconds at most. They could be more common on plains and such (like in Kansas!) and only affect around sea level. What they would do, the bottom part of the funnel will suck up any blocks (turning them into the way you find them when they're dropped) or :SSSS: :Notch: :Pig: :Sheep: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Zombie: and spew them out on the top, which is probably around... I dunno.. maybe 32 blocks above sea level? Also, it could 'split' some blocks to lower things, for example, planks would be made into :|: , smooth stone made into :cobblestone:. Stuff like that!


    Just like Tornadoes, only formed more nearby the sea, last longer, and have heavy Rainstorms. Maybe do less damage, though. And maybe less flying and more spinning motion.


    Floods (MASSIVE rainstorms)

    Give me your :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: and support if you :iapprove:. Give me some more ideas, etc. It might take a lot of time and modders, but I believe we can do it.
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