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    Suggestion: Upgrade space station core block to make it mobile. Add more blocks for engines and control. Space stations become space ships and can orbit any planet/moon after traveling there. (Just change the sky and what it links to when you fall.)

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    posted a message on DT mods - EssentialCraft 3,Thaumic Bases, Essential Thaumaturgy, Buffed Tools, TerraArts, DifficultLife

    I plan on providing a more in-depth and detailed report on EC3 when I'm done going through all the tiers in my server Let's Play series, but I wanted to mention something that keeps tripping me up in the videos: the acronyms.

    When trying to explain what I'm doing to the viewers, it is VERY difficult to keep all the MRU, MRUCU, MRUCUEC, UBMRU, ESPE, and all the other acronyms straight. They aren't easy to say or remember—try reading the previous line out loud. It would go a long way to make the mod more understandable to new players if more memorable names were given to these things. It could also help the magic feel as ancient as the descriptions and the state of Hoanna suggest it to be. The ancient world didn't use many acronyms. :)

    I'm sure the community can help come up with appropriate names. There's lot of alternate names out there for Mana, so you can go with an existing one or make up your own, like mixing "ley" (magic) with "farad" (science) to make "leyrad." The MRUCU could be renamed "fissures" or "tears" or "tangles," etc. There's a lot of room for creativity here, and it would help the mod so much.

    Anyone agree with me here? Anyone have suggestions?

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    From my Lets Play series on the DeVinci server, my new base entrance using the Monitors:

    Who knew that Selfie mod wold be so handy? :D

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    posted a message on MCI Craft 1.0.7

    That's looking great! I'm really looking forward to playing with the LCD Monitors. :D

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    posted a message on Enhanced Biomes 2.5 - Nearly 100 new biomes (20/10/14)

    I'm part of a group starting a new modpack and we are experimenting with mod combinations right now. Enhanced Biomes is one, as is Essential Craft 3. We were seeing an oddness on the freshly-generated world in the form of Essential Craft's "Corrupted Land" biome (one that happens as a result of player actions) replacing all the rivers on the map. So there were winding snakes of blue grass all over the map between biomes, like so:

    Corrupted Land

    I'm thinking it MAY be a bug on Enhanced Biomes' side. You have a config option to replace River biomes with your own alternate river-style biome. This is the only replacement there seems to be. Might this happen later on, after all the other biomes have been assigned IDs, and (and here's the important bit) some other mod has claimed the next ID for its own biome? If Enhanced Biomes just adds 1 to the last ID it used, not checking to see if that one has now been taken by another mod, when it goes to replace Rivers with its own biome it will get the other mod's instead.

    This is just a WILD GUESS. I have not seen any of the pertinent code from either mod. I am not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV.

    But, I think it's a fair guess since, when I turned off Enhanced Biome's optional River replacement option, everything was fixed. ;)

    [No intention of finger-pointing here (EC might be adding -1 instead), I'm just trying to report an issue that straddles two mods—to both of them.] :)

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    posted a message on McJty's RFTools' Endergenic Generators and their potential designs, applications, and fixes.
    I tried my hand at making an pure-RFTools layout of an Endergenic Generator setup. Power is being transported and collected using Ender IO cables and a Thermal Expansion Energy Cell, since there needs to be some sort of non-vanilla system to use the RF power generated here.

    The Sequencers are all set to "Once2" (so that they reset when they get a new signal) and are color coded as to the delay length:

    • blue = only box 1 is on
    • yellow = only box 2 is on
    • red = only box 4 is on
    • green = only box 41 is on
    The monitors are all set to "Pearl Arrived."

    The Injector is to the right of the lower-right Generator. There is a chest on a hopper feeding Ender Pearls into it.

    When a Pearl is lost, the one green Sequencer has time to get to it's 41st tick, at which point it triggers a new Pearl launch. When the generator is running, that Sequencer's input is regularly pulsed, continuously resetting it and preventing it from getting to that 41st tick, keeping its output dark.

    The red Sequencer delays the initial launch until the two yellow sequencers can get the first two catchers started up and ready to receive.

    One line is lit in the image so that you can see how the redstone trails cross at the white clay bridges. (The stuff at the far right of the image is not part of this build.)

    Average output is 3k RF/t for around 2.2 million RF per Pearl. Each Pearl lasts about 30 seconds on average, but highly varying around that point.

    This is by no means an optimal design—it's just the first design (of many) I got to work.
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    posted a message on DaftPVF's Mods (Treecapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInv, FloatingRuins)
    Would it be possible to add an upper limit to the number of logs dropped by Treecapitator?

    It's possible to use it to destroy large structures built with logs by attaching the structure to a living tree with a "fuse" of logs. Quite handy. But if the structure is too big (such as Mystcraft's wooden tendrils) the game can freeze and crash as the captitation effect gets completely out of hand. Limiting the number of blocks affected would prevent this crash. Perhaps a config setting for maximum number of logs to chop.

    I know that in an unmodded environment, this isn't likely, but it is possible if the player does the "fuse" trick. Always good to prevent crashes, and adding a count and abort to the algorithm should be a fairly straigh-forward fix.

    After my first crash in a Mystcraft wooden tendrils world, I avoided chopping trees that were next to tendrils. But I just got hit by the crash when a tree on a hillside was touching part of a hidden tendril that ran through the hill behind it. I went back and checked after recovering from the crash.

    ~ Nonsanity
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    posted a message on Piston Suggestion - Not anything I can locate so far...
    The limits on block pushing power of pistons is most likely a technical one. The fact that pistons are limited to pushing 12 blocks is probably due to the chunk size of 16. At 12 blocks, you'll never be affecting more than two chunks when the piston engages. If that's the reason for the limit, then nothing's going to change that upper bound.

    Also, placing objects that are larger than one block... The only examples are doors and paintings, and these are very limited in scope (and in the case of the paintings, rather random). Even with chests you have to place the blocks separately.

    I think the core of the idea (longer pistons) isn't bad, but with a few caveats...

    1) You'd have to place each block by hand. I'd suggest using a new piston-extender block type to go behind a regular or sticky piston to increase the push length by one.

    2) But for each increase in push length, the total block pushing power would have to decrease. So pushing blocks two spaces would have a 11 block pushing limit.

    3) An added bonus would be to also extend the "stickiness" of a sticky piston by the same about as the length extension. This doesn't make logical sense, perhaps, but it would let a sticky piston with two extenders behind it move three blocks three spaces, and back. This would make things like larger piston-powered doors easier to build.

    With those two adjustments, I think this would achieve the desired effect still. You could place two extenders, a sticky piston, and three blocks to the side of a 3x3 corridor, with two matching sets directly above it. Power the pistons (or the extenders, they should share the charge with their piston) and you've got an instant 3x3 piston door.

    But then again, I love the implementation details of complex multi-piston creations to do the same thing. They are awesome if unwieldy. I'm not sure I'd want to usurp their glory... :smile.gif:

    ~ Nonsanity
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    posted a message on New Tool: Screwdriver
    I've been thinking about this one for a long time.

    Many of the more interesting things you can craft and place have an orientation. Sometimes that orientation is set by the direction you are facing when you place the block (pistons, repeaters, doors) and sometimes the orientation is determined by the surrounding objects (tracks). In such cases, to change the orientation you have to pick up, move, and re-place the object, or (as with tracks) do a funky object juggle to get the end result you want.

    The new tool I propose is a screwdriver. We would use it to CHANGE the orientation of objects. So you dig a hole and drop a piston into the bottom, but you want it to point to the side and not up. The old way would be to dig down to get next to it and re-place it. But with the screwdriver you'd just click it till it faced the right direction. Six clicks gets you every possible direction. With a repeater, it takes just four clicks to cycle through the possibilities.

    I started wishing for this when I first encountered a situation where, to properly place the object, I'd have to destroy some of what I'd already built so I could stand in the right place. It felt silly.

    Most of us have seen tutorials that involve the laying of track or done lots of it ourselves. If so, you know how it can be a pain when corner tracks keep rotating away from the direction you need them to face, either because of the S/W rule or because you just dropped some unrelated bit of track next to it. I've never found an arrangement of track I couldn't assemble, but it often meant tearing up two or more other blocks of track to get it to work. I'd rather just "screw" with it till it's right.

    And of course, once there is a screwdriver, other uses can be found for it. Any block that can't be fully adjusted by just clicking it, can also be clicked with a screwdriver for an alternate set of possibilities. (Change audio properties of note blocks? Firing angle of dispensers?)

    And since the crafting patterns are often offered along with such ideas, I'll suggest an iron above a stick. Simple enough - Doesn't need to be elaborate.

    ~ Nonsanity
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