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    Welcome to Galactic War! So, I was looking around PMC and this site, looking for an updated Battlefront like game recreated in Minecraft. Now, me, being a huge fan of the franchise, and not seeing any that were what I wanted, decided to make my own version. No, it's not Battlefront, it's not even in the Star Wars world. It's my own made up stuff with all these epic PvP things stuffed in. Oh, and laser guns. Basically, it's a multiplayer shooter with command points, classes and abilities, and other awesome-sauce.

    I'm not taking this on as a noob, I've been redstoned plenty before, no wait, I mean, I'm a good redstoner and I think I can do it. I've already begun, nearly done with Sys (Snow planet inspired heavily by Hoth), and have other planets and arenas that will come. Yes, I know you probably don't believe me, with my untouched profile picture and my few posts, but although I'm not new to the forum, I haven't posted much at all. Now, have some screenshots! The resource pack is based off of Trooper_01s Battlefront resource pack.

    http://imgur.com/a/HcDSZ#JXD6zBf (I've got no idea how to post images on here.

    No downloads here yet, but I'm creating this page to get people hyped up, and I'll periodically post updates! :)
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