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    I was looking for a mod that would let me collect trophies from every mob in Minecraft, but I couldn't find one that worked on everything (and collecting heads is a bit macabre :P ), so I decided to make a mod for it.

    Feel free to suggest any options/features you would want to add to this mod.

    All vanilla mobs and most modded mobs will now have a 2% chance of dropping a trophy. This trophy/statue will be in the exact likeness of the mob scaled down (hopefully) to a 1 block size. You can add a plinth to the base of the statue or adjust the size of it. The chance of receiving a statue can be changed in the configuration.

    Crafting Recipes:


    (you can remove the plinth using the same recipe)

    Growth Hammer

    Shrink Hammer

    Right click on statue with one of the hammers equipped to adjust the size of the statue

    Quick statue type change (requires vanilla based spawn eggs) (Example: Wildycraft spawn eggs will work)

    It should be compatible with most mob adding mods. Pictures:


    Version 0.1.1 for MC1.7.10
    Version 0.1.0 for MC1.7.10


    You can use this in your modpack as long as you credit the mods in the pack.
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    Hello! I'm Nolpfij and welcome to my first mod! I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, or feedback that you could give.

    If you can't tell from its name, this mod brings Runescape content into Minecraft. It adds a new dimension, new mobs, armor, weapons, trees, structures, ores, and many other miscellanous additions.

    I would recommend downloading the DamageIndicators mod to make playing this mod easier, since many of the entities in this mod have health values many times greater than vanilla mobs.

    Help contribute to this sparse Wiki: http://wildycraft.wikia.com/wiki/WildyCraft_Wiki

    Note: If you have spawners that don't work please update to the latest 1.7.2 version

    Mod Showcase by PopularMMOs (Part 1):

    Mod Showcase by PopularMMOs (Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6):

    Notes on the video:
    -Woops, had a bug with the ruby bracelet's crafting recipe
    -The Ring of Life only works if you have slept on a bed and are currently under 10% of your max health.

    -The feeding item for the war tortoise was changed to fish

    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">


    Why do Tormented Demons not drop Dragon claws?
    A: They will, once I get a model for them.

    Will I add skills to this mod?
    A: No. This is Minecraft, not Runescape. No grinding here :)

    How far is the extra mode for vanilla balancing?
    A: I'm working on getting all the stats into a config. (currently stalled indefinitely)

    Why are the mobs/armors/weapons in this mod so op?
    A: Read post #24 for why it is hard to make them not op and post #16 for the initial design considerations I had.

    Why does the dragon model look so bad?
    A: Updated in version 1.4.0

    What's with the Maxed Player's ridiculous regeneration?
    A: Let's just say he's eating rocktails like a madman :P

    Why am I getting this error "The mod nolpfij_wildycraft has attempted to register an entity ID 101 which is already reserved. This could cause severe problems"?
    A: Try turning on flexible entity ids in the config file.

    Turning on flexible entity ids does not work. I get an error for entity ID 376. What do I do?
    A: Change Entity ID Offset in the config to a higher value.

    How do I make dense cobblestone if I have extra utilities or other compressed cobblestone mods installed?
    A: Go into the config and change EnableAlternateCobbleRecipe to true. This will replace the center cobblestone block in the recipe with an earth rune.

    -This mod was originally developed in Minecraft 1.3.2, I would like to thank Wuppy for his tutorials on upgrading version to version (1.3.2->1.6.4), but some parts may still be bugged.

    -The achievements have icons that show which mobs will drop which weapons/armor. (outdated, but will be revamped sometime)

    -Many of the textures for humanoid mobs come from skins I found on the internet. If someone could find a source for them, it would be nice, since I don't remember where they came from.

    -If you plan on playing this mod in survival, note that the Runescape dimension is very dangerous; you won't be able to take on the harder mobs without gear from the mod (or other op mods). You might be able to live using weak (iron) equipment in the forest biome, but you should try to follow the recommended equipment for the biome you are in. To increase your chances of survival try crafting jewelry.

    -The most powerful weapon obtainable on normal difficulty is the sword of the abyss dropped from abyssal demons. The most powerful weapon on hard difficulty is the chaotic longsword. Weapons in the creative tab more powerful than the chaotic longsword cannot be obtained in survival.

    To-do List:
    -update forum with crafting recipes (this may take a while). Actually it would be great if someone could tell me how to make those pictures efficiently.
    -update forum with information about features (this may take a while)
    -post more screenshots (current screenshots may be outdated)
    -make a mob that drops the dragon pickaxe

    Current Features:
    -50+ new mobs (+ 5 variations of one mob)
    -1 new dimension, 6 biomes: wildy, forest, desert, snow, morytania, volcanic (each with custom blocks)
    -2 new tree types (bloodwood, magic trees)
    -Magic weapons that consume runes: spells are cast using the respective staves and corresponding sets of runes. They are used in a similar fashion to bows and arrows
    -2 new range weapons
    -Many melee weapons and armor
    -A summoning system built around tamed creatures. Currently you don't have a timer or any sort of limits, so you can summon as many familiars as you want.
    -Several structures based on Runescape buildings
    -Treasure Trails
    -New Inventory - Press "I"
    -Tons of amulets, rings, shields, gloves, etc.
    -Dual Wielding (shield slot accepts anything)
    -Fun thing to see: Spawn two Maxed Players close to each other. Set difficulty to hard. Enjoy the chaos!

    Next Updates:
    Desert, and Volcanic Biome content updates

    Planned Updates:
    -all the mobs required for GWD
    -new desert content
    -Black dragons, KBD, and DFS

    Weapons and Armor

    (Outdated Picture)

    Special Melee Weapons:
    Balmung - Hits very high on Dagganoths and breaks through the Mother's immunities
    Wolfbane Dagger - Keeps werewolves from transforming
    Silverlight - Disables a tormented demons fire shield
    Bandos Godsword - Has a chance to break enemy defense for 10 seconds (increases damage done during this time by 20%)
    Armadyl Godsword - Has a chance to hit extremely high
    Zamorak Godsword - Has a chance to freeze enemies
    Saradomin Godsword - Has a chance to heal by a percentage of how much you hit
    Granite Maul - Has high knockback
    Zamorakian Spear - Applies super poison II to the target for 5 seconds

    Zaryte Bow:
    -All arrows shot are the same speed no matter the drawing distance
    -Does not require arrows to shoot
    -Arrows are not affected by gravity
    -Currently only dropped by Maxed Players on hard difficulty while it is wielding it.

    Elemental Spells (uses corresponding rune, amount depends on staff)
    Fire Spells: lights targets on fire
    Water Spells: freezes targets (with a very strong slow debuff)
    Earth Spells: causes explosion upon impact with enemy
    Air Spells: launches enemies

    Special Spells

    Weaken Staff (water, earth, and body rune): weakens attack power of enemy
    Ancient Staff (purple) (death + soul rune): applies wither
    Ancient Staff (red) (blood + soul rune): heals you 20% of what you hit
    Polypore Staff (fire rune + mushroom): applies poison

    Melee Armor
    Black, White Armor: equivalent to iron in defence, boosts hp by 20
    Mithril Armor: between iron and diamond
    Addy Armor: has 90% damage resistance
    Rune Armor: has 96% damage resistance, boosts hp by 20
    Dragon Armor: has 99% damage resistance, boosts hp by 40
    Bandos Armor: has 99% damage resistance, boosts hp by 32, boosts damage

    Range Armor (all boost range damage)
    Green D'hide: equivalent to diamond
    Blue D'hide: has 85% damage resistance, set effect: slows down enemies that attack you
    Red D'hide: equivalent to Addy

    Magic Armor (all boost magic damage)
    Mystic Armor: has 85% damage resistance

    Summoning Familiars
    Spirit Wolf (bone, gold): functions as an upgraded wolf, 80 health
    Dreadfowl (raw chicken, gold): fires air spells, 30 health
    Beaver (magic wood, green): functions as a crafting table, periodically drops wood at its location, 200 health
    War Tortoise (turtle shell, green): 18 slot chest, 1000 health
    Pack Yak (chest, blue (for balancing purposes)): 27 slot chest, 3000 health
    Pyrelord (blaze rod, crimson): functions as a furnace, 400 health

    You can heal each familiar with a certain type of food, ex: wheat for pack yaks
    Wheat: Dreadfowl, Pack yak, Beaver
    Fish: War Tortoise
    Ash: Pyrelord
    Meat: Spirit Wolf

    -Howl Scroll: Causes area damage
    -Dreadfowl strike Scroll: Shoots a barrage of air spells
    -Multichop Scroll: Harvests anything that is wooden within 5 blocks of the beaver (will not harvest blocks with inventories)
    -Testudo Scroll: Grants resistance for 30 seconds
    -Lord of Flames Scroll: Grants fire resistance for 30 seconds
    -Winter Storage Scroll: Transports the first stack in the pack yak's inventory into an ender chest

    Biomes/Mobs: (The formatting is acting strange; I can't seem to add another spoiler box after forest.
    A once peaceful place that was ravaged during the God Wars. It is now a desolate wasteland covered with ash. This biome represents the Wilderness area from Runescape and is where the name of this mod comes from. Many of the humanoid mobs in this biome are meant to represent pvpers in Runescape.
    Points of Interest:
    - Black Knight's Fortress (can contain Dragon Hoe)
    - Wildy Ruins (can contain Adamant Platebody)
    - Bloodwood Trees (found along borders between forest and wildy biomes)
    Recommended Gear: Rune+
    Many of the mobs in the Wilderness biome are aggressive to the player, however only unagressive mobs will spawn in daytime. (Dragons) will also spawn in daytime.

    Player Killer
    A common melee player killer found in the Wilderness. There are 6 types of Player Killer:
    - Defence Cape: 990 health
    - HP Cape: 990 health
    - Attack Cape: hits 35 damage higher than others, 400 health
    - Strength Cape: hits 75 damage higher than others, 400 health
    - Prayer Cape: has rapid regen, 400 health
    - Slayer Cape: has the bonuses of an Attack Cape and a HP cape
    Drops dragon boots and damaged dragon longswords.

    Dark ArcherInspired by ranged player killers with dark bows from Runescape, this mob can shoot large volleys of arrows.
    Has 400 health
    Drops Dragon helmets.

    Rogue ArcherFires arrows incredibly fast, but does not hit very high.
    Has 150 health
    Drop dragon helmets at a lower chance.

    Dark MageCan switch between the four basic elemental spells. Fires these spells in a volley similar to the Mystic Staves.
    Has 400 health
    Drops an assortment of Staves and Runes

    Abyssal DemonActs similar to an enderman
    Has 800 health
    Drops the dragon shovel, abyssal sword, and abyssal whip (which does not have a custom renderer)

    Ghoul (Dragon)Flys and shoots fireballs. Warning: these fireballs are very very explosive (capable of destroying obsidian), I would not recommend building a base in the Wildy above ground just because of this mob.
    Has 100 health
    Drops dragon platelegs

    Black KnightSworn enemies of the White Knights (which they will attack on sight). The black knights here are pictured inhabiting a Black Knight's Fortress.
    Has 100 health
    Drops Black Armor.

    Maxed PlayerA very very dangerous mob. Can alternate between every elemental spell (special spells on hard difficulty), a Zaryte bow that shoots volleys, and melee weapons. They also possess the same healing factor as the Prayer cape Player Killers.
    Has 1390 health
    Drops dragon platebody, nether stars, and sometimes whatever it is wielding (which includes the zaryte bow and chaotic longsword on hard difficulty)

    This biome represents the Kharidian lands in Runescape and is similar to regular minecraft desert
    Points of Interest:
    -Jaldraocht Pyramid (WARNING: the number of spawners in here can cause lag) (There is a good amount of treasure found here)
    Recommended Gear: antipoison potions, rune+fire spells for pyramid (fire battlestaff is highly advised, a bucket of lava can work)
    ScorpionExtremely Poisonous. Aggressive only during daytime.
    Has 36 health
    Drops scorpion meat

    Has 20 health
    Drops Ugthanki meat which can be cooked into kebabs


    Can spawn in two variants
    - 10 health, very high damage
    - 500 health, very low damage
    They take 10% damage from anything that isn't fire, and 4x damage from fire. They can also lunge at you.
    Drop Ancient Staff Pieces which can be used to upgrade blood and death staves

    Scarab Swarm:

    Extremely poisonous like the scorpion.
    Has 50 health
    Only spawns in pyramids

    Fremennik Lands
    The home of the Fremenniks who struggle in an eternal war with the Dagganoths
    Points of Interest:
    - Lighthouse
    - Fremennik Village
    Recommended Gear: Addy+

    DagganothDangerous mob that travels in packs
    Has 350 health
    Drops the dragon hatchet

    Rock CrabHides as a block while not moving
    Has 50 health

    Fremennik Villager

    Aggressive towards any hostile mob. They can offer a trade for a rune longsword if you are very rich.
    Has 400 health

    Dagannoth Mother

    Very dangerous mob found under lighthouses. Can alternate between all three combat styles and is immune to every style except for the style it is currently weak to. The stripe on its back will display its current weakness. (You may have to jump to see it, or fight it with 2 people)
    - White (Air Spells)
    - Blue (Water Spells)
    - Red (Fire Spells)
    - Brown (Earth Spells)
    - Green (Range)
    - Orange (Melee)
    Has a really nice drop table (similar to the dagganoth kings in Runescape) and also drops balmung.
    Note: the attack style determines which drop table it will drop from. Balmung only drops from the melee drop table.

    Frost Dragon
    It is highly recommended to drink a fire resistance potion or wear an antifire shield to fight this dragon. Watch out for the blue/white orb; if it is up, all damage will be reflected.
    Has 450 health
    Drops Blue Dragonhide and the Draconic Visage
    The home of the undead and cursed. You will need to craft a druid pouch and fill it with nature to survive in this biome. The tainted earth found in this biome will constantly hurt you with magic damage unless you have a pouch. It will also heal any undead mobs standing on it (and some mobs that aren't actually undead).
    Points of Interest:
    - Slayer Tower
    Recommended Gear: Addy+, Druid Pouch

    Comparatively weak mob that retreats when low on health. Although not undead, this mob will get healed by tainted earth.
    Has 50 health
    Drops wolfbane daggers (rarely) and is also an easy source of sapphires.


    This mob normally looks like a human, but if they are attacked they will transform into their much more powerful wolf form. You can prevent this transformation by using a wolfbane dagger.
    Has 30 health (human) or 300 health (wolf)
    Drops salve crystals which can be made into salve amulets

    Tower Mobs: (Abyssal Demons can be found in towers)

    Crawling Hands

    This mob comes in 3 size variants with different amounts of health.
    Drops Mystic Gloves (and other assorted gloves)


    Earmuffs are strongly recommended to fight this mob (5 sticks and 2 wool). Has some regeneration ability.
    Has 90 health
    Drops Mystic Gloves

    Infernal Mage

    Mages that revel in fire. Lights the ground on fire if you attack it using melee. Heals off of fire based damage.
    Has 150 health
    Drops Mystic Hat


    This demonic creature leeches the health off other beings.
    Has 270 health
    Drops Mystic Boots

    Aberrant Spectre

    A Nosepeg is strongly recommended to fight this mob (5 sticks). Antipoison potions would also help.
    Has 320 health
    Drops Mystic Robe Bottom


    A flying creature made of stone. Has medium defense and likes to stay in the air out of melee range. Range projectiles do not work against their stone bodies. They will heal if they walk on rocky substances.
    Has 450 health (and 40% def)
    Drops Granite Maul


    A strong demon that summons minions to aid it.
    Has 650 health
    Drops Mystic Robe Top

    Volcanic Biome

    Lesser Demon
    Drops Boots of Lightness

    Greater Demon
    Drops Agile Legs

    Black Demon
    Drops Agile Top

    Tormented Demon
    Drops Dragon Platebody
    See post #20 for td guide

    Additional Mobs:
    General Graardor
    K'ril Tsutsaroth

    A relatively peaceful biome
    Points of Interest:
    - Dark Wizard's Tower
    - Dark Wizard's Circle
    - Magic Trees (used to craft magic short bows)

    Recommended Gear: Diamond+, Iron is risky

    Imp HunterMob who hunts for imps
    Has 60 health

    ImpAnnoying mob, can be dangerous if not well equipped
    Has 8 health

    Has 10 health
    Drops turtle shells

    White KnightSworn enemies of Black Knights
    Has 100 health
    Drops White armor and Silverlight

    Top Hat CreeperRare mob, was the first mob to be added in this mod
    Has 40 health
    Can drop Top Hats

    Dark Wizard

    Medium difficulty mob that is only found in their towers. They do not respawn
    Has 40 health
    Drops assortment of staves and runes


    Has 50 health
    Drops its horn which is used to make antipoison potions

    Crafting Recipes:
    Dense Cobblestone:
    Portal is 4 blocks wide, 5 blocks tall, made of dense cobblestone

    Portal Activator:

    Air Rune:

    Other Center Materials:Water Runes: Snowballs
    Earth Runes: Dirt
    Fire Runes: Torches
    Body Runes: Raw Chicken
    Cosmic Runes: Glowstone
    Death Runes: Bones
    Soul Runes: Ghast Tears
    Blood Runes: Bloodwood

    Spirit Shards:

    Spirit Pouch:

    Pack Yak Pouch:

    Charms are dropped by enemies in the runescape dimension
    Different familiars require different charms and tertiary ingredients (chest for pack yak)

    Fire Staff:

    Fire Battlestaff:

    Mystic Firestaff:
    All elemental staves use the same crafting path

    Ancient Staff:

    You can alternate between purple and red versions by crafting the staff with the other type's rune

    Polypore Staff:

    Treasure Trails: (1.7.2+)

    Treasure Trails
    - A clue scroll can drop from any mob, depending on how much health it has. Ex: General Graardor has a 60% chance to drop one, while a creeper has a 1/300 chance
    - Trails can vary from 2 to 4 scrolls in length
    - Four types of clues:
    - Coordinate Clues: Use the clue scroll when you get to the given coordinate
    - Block Clues: Use the clue scroll when you stand on top of a given block (don't value the block used for the block clue too much)
    - Mob Clues: Use the clue scroll when you get near a certain mob
    - Armor Clues: Use the clue scroll when you have equipped the necessary items (names are bugged on this one)
    - Once you have completed a treasure trail, a chest will spawn under you with 1 Treasure Trail reward (trimmed, gold trimmed, phat, etc.) and regular dungeon loot.
    - Currently the only way to obtain Onyx gems

    Note: You cannot finish a clue scroll in creative mode. You have to switch to survival to finish it.

    Jewelry Update: (1.7.2+)(includes Dual Wielding)
    4 new Equipment Slots (Press "I")
    4 new gems: Sapphire, Ruby, Dragonstone, Onyx
    All jewelry have un-enchanted and enchanted versions
    To enchant a piece of jewelry: X = catalyst rune, Y = cosmic rune, Z = piece of jewelry

    Catalyst Runes:
    Sapphire: Water Rune
    Emerald: Air Rune
    Ruby: Fire Rune
    Diamond: Earth Rune
    Dragonstone: Blood Rune
    Onyx: Death Rune

    Amulets: Sapphire -> Onyx
    Unstrung Amulet: gem surrounded by gold ingots
    Strung Amulet: X = string, Y = unstrung Amulet

    Rings: Sapphire -> Onyx
    To craft: gem on top of gold ingot
    - Ring of life will disintegrate on use

    Gloves: Iron, Mithril, Diamond, Addy, Rune
    To craft: X = ingots, Y = leather

    Shields: Wood, Iron, Diamond, Addy, Rune
    To craft: X = ingots, Y = planks
    - the material for wood is sticks

    Bracelets: Ruby, Onyx
    To craft: X = gem, Y = gold ingot

    : Diamond
    To craft: X = gem, Y = gold ingot
    - Phoenix Necklace disintegrates on use

    Another Note: Defence generated from jewelry/shields/etc. is calculated separately from Minecraft armor.
    Ex: You are wearing a amulet of power (12%), diamond shield (20%), diamond gloves (6%) and full diamond (80%)
    If you get hit 30 damage:
    30 -> (38% reduction) -> 18.6 -> (80% reduction) -> 3.72

    Lunar Update:
    Information is currently on post #455

    New DimensionPking fight (between two high level mobs)Rock crabs and Dagganoths in the distancePack YakA spell from the Mystic Fire Staff (shoots multiple fire spells)Encountering an ImpWar between white knights and black knights

    This mod can be installed with most other mods except for:
    Battlegear2 (1.7.2+) (it might be, I'm not sure, but you shouldn't be able to wield 3 swords anyway)

    Recommended Mods:
    Optifine or other fps increasing mod
    Rei's Minimap or other minimap mod
    Damage Indicators

    Version 1.7.2 for MC1.7.2 (also works for 1.7.10, but has some obfuscation bugs)
    Link: dropbox
    Version 1.7.4 for MC1.7.10 (please report bugs ^_^ )
    Link: dropbox
    Version 3.3.1 for MC1.6.4
    Link: dropbox

    Curseforge link: (1.7.2 version also available on curseforge)

    To install, place in the mods folder like any other forge mod

    Old Downloads
    Version 1.6.4[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.5.10[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.5.9[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.5.7[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.5.5[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.4.1[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.3.4[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.3.1[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.3.0[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.2.0[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.1.2[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.1.1[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.1.0[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.0.2[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.0.1[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 1.0.0[1.7.2]: dropbox
    Version 3.3.0: dropbox
    Version 3.2.6: dropbox
    Version 3.2.5: dropbox
    Version 3.1.9: dropbox
    Version 3.1.8: dropbox
    Version for 1.6.4 pre: dropbox
    ersion for 1.4.6: dropbox
    Wolfhound115: Dragon model, Turtle model, Pyramid, Dark Wizard's Circle and Tower
    Waffletot123: A vast majority of the mob models, Lunar Isle Buildings

    Use Permissions:
    You may use this mod in modpacks as long as you credit the creators of each mod in your modpack. You may also not make any money off the modpack itself.
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    Update Wildycraft.


    Noted and fixed in v1.7.4


    Fixed some gravestone compatibility

    Fixed some server bugs
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    I might do this when I decide to organize the entities for updating to 1.8, but that's still a ways off. There shouldn't be too many problems with adding this mod to a modpack. Setting the Entity ID offset high enough (above ~500) will usually solve any id conflicts.

    That's rather strange. Does the Aether 2 mod also have an adamant block?

    3D weapon models (and 3D model animations) are a pain to make. It is likely that I won't add weapon models much more detailed than the granite maul.
    The Barrows brothers and Barrows armor will be added eventually, probably right after GWD.

    I have considered magic spellbooks before, but most spells will have to be either staff linked or at least staff limited (ex: you need a staff of at least battlestaff tier to access a high level spell). Since the magic skill doesn't exist (and I don't want to add grinding to minecraft), it would be pretty op if you could cast something like fire wave just having the runes for it.

    Special attacks are tricky. While I would like to add some of them, I think passive effects are an ok replacement for them most of the time. I always try to add something new (feature wise) with each content update, so features like special attacks or magic spellbooks will probably be released with one eventually.
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    posted a message on Too Much TNT mod (50+ TNTs)
    @MinecraftTNTStuff and grimallq

    There shouldn't be a limit of 256 entities in MC 1.7.10. The problem is that findGlobalUniqueEntityId will only work up to 256 ids. If you use EntityList's addMapping function, entity ids higher than 256 will work.
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    The amount of damage armor can take is much higher than the armor factor it has. Diamond has an armor factor of 33, but has a much higher number of uses. If you press F3 + h and hover over damaged armor pieces, you can view the actual durability it has.


    The first error doesn't look like an error for wildycraft, it looks like one for battle towers. Wildycraft doesn't use id 186 even when not using flexible ids. The second error is because you gave a biome an id higher than 255. Try deleting the config and loading a new one. You should look in the battle towers config to try to fix the first error.
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    You can upload the image here on the forums or if you want to pm it, upload it on imgur and use the link to insert the image in your message.
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    In the same place that you found the mods folder, there is also a config folder. In the config folder there will be a file named "nolpfij_wildycraft.cfg". Open this with a text editor to change the config options.
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    As long as the enemies that are fighting The Inadequacy don't go after the doubts, the fear debuff is going give it a 90% damage reduction. It's easier for a player to kill the Inadequacy than other mobs to.
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    Version 1.7.0 [1.7.2/1.7.10]

    Lunar Update

    Note: The 1.7.10 version will be available in a few hours or by tomorrow after I finish porting and bug testing.

    Originally, this was supposed to be the Kalphite update, but I changed my mind 1-2 weeks after starting to work on it.

    Content Additions:
    Lunar Isle (spawns in the fremennik lands, 40-100 blocks above ground level)

    Lunar Villagers (sells moonclan robes and some lunar tablets)
    Cyrisus (sells dream potion, may sometimes relocate to village)
    Suqahs (drops suqah tooth/hide/cleaver)

    Dream Mentor Bosses:
    The Inadequacy:
    - Trade Cyrisus for a potion of waking dream
    - Light the brazier at the center of the arena
    - Pour the potion onto the brazier
    - The Inadequacy will spawn in 10 seconds
    - The Inadequacy spawns A Doubt every 12 seconds
    - Being near the Inadequacy or attacking it will give you the fear debuff
    - Any mob/player with the fear debuff will hit 10% damage on the inadequacy and each level of fear increases the how much the inadequacy can hit on you
    - Killing A Doubt will give you the bravery buff which will nullify fear for 30 seconds
    The Everlasting:
    - Strong defence against range and magic based attacks
    - Has strong knockback resistance
    - Heals once when at low health
    The Untouchable:
    - Strong defence against melee and range based attacks
    - Has an AOE slowness effect (affects projectiles)
    The Illusive:
    - Can teleport
    - Drops a trophy of The Inadequacy

    Lunar leather: used to craft the Lunar Mage set
    Lunar staff: uses astral runes
    Lunar ring
    Astral shards

    Other Mobs:
    Desert Wolves: they like to steal your strength
    Desert Lizards: immune to slowness, but will take extra damage from water spells (drops light mystic gloves)
    Hellhounds: same function as desert wolves but much stronger, doesn't drop much right now

    Astral Runes: You can craft them using astral shards (8 runes)
    Mind Runes: Craft using a book (2 runes)
    Nature Runes: Craft using saplings (4 runes)
    Law Runes: Craft using ender pearls (8 runes)
    Lunar Tablets:
    Cook Food Tablet (Bake Pie Spell) (crafting): craft with any one piece of food to cook it
    Cure Other Tablet: thrown as a projectile that cures the target of poison
    Cure Me Tablet: thrown as a projectile that will cure you of poison once it hits something
    Cure Group Tablet: thrown as a projectile that will cure everything within 7 blocks of its collision point
    Fertile Soil Tablet: hoes all soil within 5x5 blocks of its collision point
    Instant Farm Tablet: applies bonemeal to everything within 5x5 blocks of its collision point
    Plank Make Tablet (crafting): turn wood into more planks, unmakes items that requires planks (into planks)
    Disruption Shield Tablet: negate the next attack you take (15 second cooldown)
    Heal Other Tablet: transfer health
    Vengeance Other Tablet: cast vengeance on one target (reflects 75% of the next attack)
    Vengeance Tablet: cast vengeance on yourself
    Vengeance Group Tablet: cast vengeance on any everyone
    Heal Group Tablet: sacrifice health to heal everyone

    The Monster Examine Book:
    - Craft with 1 book, 1 astral, 1 mind, and 1 cosmic rune
    - Charge with 1 astral, 1 mind, and 1 cosmic for 4 charges
    - Right click the book to fire a spell for 1 charge. If the spell hits an entity it'll record it into the book
    - Shift-right click to open the book
    - Don't use it on a multi-part boss, it'll crash the rendering in the book

    Tune Bane Tablet:
    - Tunes any weapon to the most recent mob examined in a monster examine book
    - The most recent mob is the mob that shows up when you open the book, not necessarily the last mob you hit with a spell
    - Any weapons that extend ItemSword (all vanilla and Wildycraft swords and probably some swords from other mods) can be used
    - To tune a weapon, craft it with the tablet and a monster examine book
    - The weapon will then gain a tool tip "Tuned: ExampleMob" and will now hit 10-50% higher on that type of mob

    Moonclan Robes: 4 piece set that lets you float like a chicken
    Lunar Robes: same defence as rune, but less magic damage boost than mystic

    Note: all recipes are tentative and will be balanced so they are reasonable in survival.

    Other Items:
    Fremennik Rings (warrior, berserker, seers, archers)
    Fremennik Blade

    Treasure Trails will now require armor up to Adamant
    Treasure Trail text fixed
    Treasure Trail drop rates nerfed
    Staves no longer benefit from the infinity enchantment
    K'ril's AI tweaked slightly
    General Graardor are no longer aggressive towards other General Graardors
    Dagannoth Mothers now drop the 4 rings. It will now drop 1 set of drops from each of its drop tables when defeated.
    Removed alot of vanilla spawns from the dimension


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