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    Banned because you avatar is to basic math, Way to easy to figure out.
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    I'd go on a crazy murder spree since everyone/thing I see is dead... And nothing can stop me...
    :Flint and Steel:
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    Im bro at this, Although I am a bit dizzy 8)
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    Im eating a "Sand" "Witch" to!(Yu-Gi-Oh card reference, Long time)
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    The magic obelisk roleplay

    The story
    Its 1,012 A12(After 2012) The world burnt in fire caused by nuclear weapons and only bacteria and DNA strands survived the catastrophic event. Creatures and plants resembling the old started forming on an island, Most noticably human(Like!) and other intelegent creatures. An obelisk in the middle of the island standing 50 feet high is increasing the rate of evolution, But nothing lives near it. Creatures are drawn towards the obelisk and are willing to fight for its power.

    Players 5/7
    Obelisk: Nol5000(All plants, Animals... And something else)

    1. Slime beetle: Poisonous beetle, Around the size of your fist. Weighs 8 pounds and can fly. Found near orange mists.
    Str: 5

    2. Ogre: A large fat creature directly controlled by the obelisk. Orange skin and more muscle mass on the arms then you can find on 10 proffesional wrestlers combined. They tower 14 feet high. They don't eat or sleep. They are the bosses of the Orange and are spawned very rarely. Found near orange mists.
    Str: 25

    3. Imps: They usually come in swarms of 2-3, Orange skin, Standing only 1 foot high they are easily killed. Found near orange mists.
    Str: 6

    4. Goblins: Goblins smart full-grown imps, They ussually command packs of imps if possible, Rarely goblins are found with 9 Str for misc reasons.
    Str: 4(9 Str)
    Int: 1

    1. Demonroot: Edible and in abundance in the mountains(Only in the mountains) But has hard outer-layor and has short spikes litterally all over it. Good if your in need of food but its dangerous to trot down. You cannot eat this plant 2 days in a row. You can not peel off the spikes

    2. Rest Leaf: Inedible, Hardens to become like wood after being seperated from the original plant in 30 seconds, Makes for decent bandages and makeshift armor(That you cannot remove without breaking). Only found in forests and are unusually rare. If I was forced to give stats to the armor it'd protect you from 5 Str and has 50 Str durability.

    1. AHappyElite(CatPerson, Male)
    Str: 10
    Int: 15
    2. CreeperKittenXX(Fish-Human, Female)
    Str: 11
    Int 14
    3. Dragoncasp8(Eagle person, But can't fly)(Vacation)
    Str: 7
    Int: 18

    How to play
    Create a creature by giving it a description and/or picture, Also giving it stats from 25 skill points. Example:

    My creature is the default human, he has 2 legs and 2 arms and 2 eyes and just looks like a human, but with green hair and cat ears/tail cause im being slightly more (Un-)original.
    Strength: 13
    Intelect: 12
    (Note: You want at least 11 Str, And at least 10 Int)

    You can put your stats in your sig :wink.gif:

    ONLY 2 stats are used for simplicity, Strangth(Str) is for everyday jobs and/or combat while intelect(Int) is the base for the obelisk(Me) to choose when and what tools you know how to make, When you control the obelisk your intelect is doubled.

    As most RPs like this I control all, I control time and how you learn. I gift temporary artifacts once and awhile and I take away progress when I think necisary.

    Its good 2 find 2 ponds, 1 In the forest, The other in the mountain, Going back to the forest allows others to sneak-take your hill!

    A thorny plant has been found growing near the Obelisk. Its edible but your tounge might go numb!

    Provided the tech, You can build fortifications and houses. Diggy diggy holes are the first fortifications avaible!

    !!NEW!! All new players start with the technology and tools of:
    Fire-making, Clubs, Replanting, Gravel spears, Stone hammers and nails+woodworking, Furnaces to cook food and coal.

    Starting tools: Clubs, Stone hammers(30 Nails).

    You don't need an axe or pickaxe to mine anything, Seriously you don't need to make them, better off building a fortress and making weapons/armor.

    1. No God Modding/Overpowering your opponent unrealistically!
    2. You only have 12 hours in a RP-day, Use them wisely!
    3. You have 1 RP-day per post, Don't post twice in a row.
    4. Teams are allowed, teams allow up to 3 people due to game changes.
    5. I will punish the strong and give to the weak if I find a sigificant difference, Don't say no to it, Nothing will change.
    6. You must eat/drink daily. Takes an hour to move to a fresh pond. Scavenging food in the forest leaves a (1-4 Hour)gap in time of not defending the obelisk, Thus allowing someone to take over fortifications.
    7. You can only control 1 creature unless gifted by the obelisk.
    8. Armor does not negate all damage ever.

    Rules of combat
    1. You can not suddenly make a successfull attack, Wait until the person you attacked, Or another posts his/her day, Then Post your day again to finish the attack. As long as the attacked doesn't defend himself he'll get a good beating, But not always death.
    2. Even if the attacked doesn't defend himself, If his ally/your enemy attacks you, or defends for him, You need to retaliate/defend yourself.
    3. Each move in combat takes 1 hour of the day, You need to finish your defence/retaliation BEFORE anything else, If you do that, Even if your enemy isn't gone you'll be set to take a break for dinner, or a good drink of pond watter, Or maybe build fortresses and collect fish from the ocean, 20 miles away.
    4. Upon death, Wait till the obelisk shows judgement on you, You could be reincarnated with better stats, Or it could just dump you into an alien planet made from fire.

    Bad paint tool is bad.

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