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    -- The Node Pack --
    -- Updated for 1.0.0 --

    Requires Risugamis Modloader For Minecraft 1.0.0
    Requires Minecraft Forge For Minecraft 1.0.0

    NodePack v3.0 FULL - download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rxjghcxahjt37tz

    This pack includes:

    Descriptions and zips(instead of rars) coming soon!

    The NBot - http://www.mediafire.com/?89srirx9vtr9rrr

    This cute little robot acts much the same as a wolf.
    Right clicking an NBot with an Item or Block will cause the NBot to carry it for you.
    If the block or item has an associated block then the NBot will begin to periodically search for that block.
    If it is found in the local area the NBot will turn green and begin to direct you to it.
    NBots will also attack any enemies within range.
    If you give the NBot an item that has damage, ie a sword, it will deal the damage of that item. Otherwise the NBot will deal 1 damage.
    CleverTNT - http://www.mediafire.com/?b7dc3aggvs482fs

    CleverTNT is a block that once activated will destroy blocks according to a selected pattern. It also has the abillity to replace destroyed blocks with other blocks.
    Clever TNT has several preset patterns including tunnels, bridges, minecart track tunnels and stairs.
    You can design your own patterns by following the examples in the NodeOptions_CleverTNT file.
    Chicken Suit - http://www.mediafire.com/?v83bd2v982u5hdi

    This mod allows you to craft a feather armour suit. For each piece of the feather armour you have equipped you will get another jump. Allowing you to jump mid-air.
    With all four pieces equipped you get another bonus jump. Fly like never before!
    Detonator Pack - http://www.mediafire.com/?8t7fl6dzv99plux

    This mod includes three types of throwable explosives. Each detonator can also be fired from dispensers.
    Thermal Detonator: a small explosion that also causes fire to spawn. Great for burning down forrests.
    Solar Detonator: a burst of light so birght it'll damage any mob (or player) within a certain range. This will not destroy any Blocks.
    Nukeulator: a large explosion, used to move lots of earth, fast.
    Node Utillity Belt - http://www.mediafire.com/?update6pn0x1n7x

    This pack adds a lot of useful stuff. This includes:
    Compacter: Using volcanic pressure this is used much like a furnace. Will compact netherrack into nether ingots, and obsidian into obsidian ingots.
    Nether/Obsidian Ingot: Used to create Nether/Obsidian armour and tool sets.
    Nether armour and weapons are slightly better then Stone/Leather, but not as good as Iron.
    Obsidian armour and weapons are the best, better than Diamond. Obsidian armour will make you invulnerable to most damage.
    Nether Blaze and Obsidian Blaze weapons are crafted with blaze rods instead of sticks. These tools are faster than their non-blaze counterparts but also don't last as long.
    Right clicking with most blaze tools will spawn fire.

    Kimberlite: A block that spawns naturally in the nether, can be compacted into diamonds.
    Blaze Nests: Naturally spawns in the nether, summons blaze. Drops Blaze Bits when broken.
    Blaze Bits: Can be crafted into blaze rods. Compacts to gunpowder.
    Mesh: allows you to craft chainmail armour. Crafted using 5 Iron Ingots.
    Crossbow & Bolts: Don't like the new charge to fire bow? This is the solution. The crossbow will fire bolts with ust a right click of your mouse.
    Node Structures - http://www.mediafire.com/?6znzgl7xtyipcgx

    This mod only adds one type of block, the rune block.
    Rune blocks bestow powers to the player. The powers will be stronger and last longer if the player is a higher level.
    As well as adding rune blocks, this mod also adds some structures that are generated with the world.
    Giant snowball towers, under water domes, stone ruins, large spires, mystic fountains and pyramids are now scattered throughout minecraftia.
    Most of these structures also have a chance of containing a rune block.
    Node Mechanics - http://www.mediafire.com/?6lhi466ywixv4b4

    This pack contains Lazer bridges, gravity lifts and teleporters.
    Laser bridges create an easy way for you to make a bridge from here to there.
    They can also be disguised as other blocks, simply by right clicking the Bridge Control block with the block you wish to disguise it as.
    There are four types of laser bridge. Normal, Acceleration, Death and Trick.
    Gravity lifts are very simmilar to lazer bridges, except when stood in they push an entity in the direction they are facing.
    (Yes that means player, items, mobs, and even minecarts!)

    Teleporters are the fastest way of travelling form A to B. Set up a receiver node of a particular colour. Then activate a sender node with the correct key item.
    You and all entities within a 5 block radius will be teleported to the closest receiver node of that colour.
    Node Decor - http://www.mediafire.com/?46v2z5uqt8ahy25

    This mod contains only Decorative things.
    Fluro Blocks are lit blocks. The only difference between these and glowstone is there is a fluroBlock for each colour of wool.
    The Clock Block is exactly that, it tells you what the time of day is. It also emmits a feint glow.
    Illumination tubes are like torches, except they can be placed on the roof and under water.
    Node Magic - http://www.mediafire.com/?7b1m3ye74o49gt5

    This mod adds magic crystals to the world of minecraftia.
    Harness the power of the crystals to form magic wands that will give you the abillity to do a range of things, from instantly growing plants to shooting fireballs!
    There are 22 different wands to be crafted.


    • Install Modloader
    • Install Minecraft Forge
    • Move the contents of the .rar file into your minecraft.jar
    • Try running the game. If everything works fine then awesome.

    What if everything doesn't work fine?
    • in the rar, browse to the folder /NodePack/Resources/Options/
    • Copy all of the files from here (there should be four).
    • Move them into a folder in your .minecraft directory at the following location:
    • {stuff goes here}/.minecraft/mods/NodePack/
    • Try running the game. If everything works fine then awesome.

    What if everything doesn't work fine AGAIN?
    • You've done it wrong OR
    • Somethings wrong! Let me know about it and I'll fix it ASAP.

    ---- CHANGE LOG ----

    Change Log for The Node Pack from Beta 1.6 -> 1.0.0

    • Removed the redirection of System.out and System.err
    • reorganised the different node packs
    • reorganised code structure
    • Incorperated the minecraft forge

    The NBot
    • Added new friendly mob the NBot
      • Cute!
      • Craftable mob that activates once item is right clicked
      • NBots will follow the player and attack enemies
      • If an NBot is holding an item it will deal the damage dealt by that item.
      • If an NBot is holding a block that it knows how to search for, it will search for that block.

    • Added the CleverTNT mod.
      • Block crafted with one TNT block surrounded by diamond.
      • Activated by left-clicking with flint and steel.
      • Right click with an item to change Length.
      • Right click with empty hand to change pattern.
      • Abillity to define you own patterns in the options file.

    Chicken Suit
    • Added the Chicken Suit mod.
      • Crafted like normal armour but out of feathers.
      • Each piece worn gives the player an extra jump (mid air).
      • When the whole set is worn player gets an extra bonus jump.
      • When worn, the player will take no fall damage and fall slower (glide).
      • Holding LEFT-SHIFT will allow you to fall at normal speed.

    Detonator Pack
    • Added the Detonator Pack mod
      • Added Thermal Detonator: Small explosion 1/4 chance of turning broken block into fire. Short Fuse.
      • Added UV Detonator: Slightly larger range, damages all entities but no blocks broken. Shorter Fuse.
      • Added Nukeulator: 10 block radius. HUGE EXPLOSION! Long Fuse.
      • Detonators crafted using sticks, will be replaced with blaze rod in 1.9.
      • Recipe:
      • -X-
        X = pocket sundial
        Y = blaze rods
        Z = gunpowder,lightstone dust,tnt.
      • Detonators can be launched from a dispenser

    Node Utillity Belt (formerly: Kimberlite Pack, Tool Pack, Armour Pack, Crossbow and Bolts)
    • Removed block: Kimberlite Ore
    • Added block: Blaze Nest
      • Found naturally in the Nether
      • Can spawn at any height
      • Less common than Kimberlite
      • Randomly spawn blaze when player is within 32 blocks
      • Drops blaze bits when broken
      • Blaze Bits can be crafted into Blaze Rods
      • Blaze Bits can be compacted into Gunpowder
    • Changes to Kimberlite block
      • Is now rarer
      • Only spawns in the bottom half of the Nether
      • Can now be directly compacted into Diamonds
      • Can be smelted into Clay
      • Has a more "Nethery" texture
    • Obsidian tools now last more than double diamond
    • Pickaxes now also effective against
      • Iron Bars, Iron Doors, Furnaces, Dispensers, Peat, Kimberlite, Compacters, Stone Bricks
    • Spades now also effective against
      • Soul Sand
    • Axes now also effective against
      • Wooden Doors
      • Wooden Stairs
    • Added new tool sets: Nether Blaze, Obsidian Blaze
      • Currently crafted with dirt instead of sticks (will be replaced by blaze rod)
      • Much faster then their non-Blaze counterparts
      • Less uses then their counterparts
      • Set hit entities on fire
      • Right click takes 5 uses and spawns fire, similar to flint and steel. (all except for hoe)
    • Obsidian armour now makes you invulnerable
    • Bolts can now be launched from dispensers.
    • Bolts can now deal critical hits (1 in 10 chance)

    Node Structures (formerly: Ruins and Spires)
    • Added new biome specific ruins
      • Mountain Biome - Spires
      • Plains Biome - Ruins
      • Dessert Biome - Pyramid
      • Swamp Biome - Fountain
      • Ocean Biome - Under Water Domes
      • Tundra Biome - Giant Snowballs
    • Added block: (PREFIX) Rune
      • Found generated as part of certain structures
      • Activated when right clicked or stepped on
      • Bestows a rune power based on its (PREFIX)
      • The rune power's duration and multiplier are based on the players level
      • Note: rune powers are potion effects

    Node Mechanics (formerly: Laser Bridge Pack, Gravity Lift Pack, Teleporter Pack)
    • Restructured bridge code to make it easier to update for the future.
    • Removed block deletion bug from all bridges.
    • Gravity lifts are now a specialised bidge.
      • Laser bridges can now be placed vertically.
      • Gravity lifts can be placed horizontally.
      • Gravity lifts can take on other block textures.
      • Gravity lifts are no-longer reversable
    • Bridges now build one block at a time. (rather than once when activated)
      • If something is blocking a bridge and it is removed, the bridge will continue to build.
      • If you increase the bridge range option and a bridge is already activated, the bridge will increase to the new range.
      • (Does not work for decreases in range.)

    • Bridges can no-longer protrude other bridges.
    • Accel boots have been removed.
      • Accel bridge boost is now much faster and uses potion speed effect.
    • Teleporters are more-or-less the same.

    Node Decor (formerly: Fluro Pack, Illumination Tube, Clock Block)
    • There is now a fluro tube for each colour dye.
    • Reduced number of textures used for fluro blocks from 3 to 1.
    • Illumination tubes now use 1 block Id instead of 2.

    Node Magic (formerly: Crystal Pack, Wolf Pack)
    • Crystal block Id's used reduced to 1
    • Shard and Gem block Id's reduced to 1 each.
    • Slightly modified crystal spreading algorithm.
    • Crystals spread faster on mossy cobblestone and stone bricks.
    • Restructured Wands to be one of four subtypes.
      • Reduced number of Wand + Stone Id's to 8.
    • Added new Companion Wand that spawns a tamed wolf.
    • Wands now have infinite uses once made (This will be fixed in a future update)

    ---- OLD VERSIONS ----

    Node Pack v2.3 for Minecraft BETA v1.6.6 http://www.mediafire.com/?hms8zfa7x84r0vt
    Node Server Mod v2.3 for Minecraft server BETA v1.6.6 - download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?bqs846dgk2nljhk

    New ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
    If you're not happy with any of the proposed changes, drop me a PM or reply to this thread.

    I apologise in advance if any of these mods seem familiar to your own. I can assure you they are entirely my own work. I haven't intentionality copied anyone.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks to razer, nameless023 and DE3000 for their help and ideas.

    -- NodeReaver --
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    Quote from oneirosFade »
    Great release - thanks, OP.
    One question: Is it possible for me to pull only the ruins generation from your pack, or is it too interconnected with other mods? If so, which files (besides WorldGenRuins.class) would I be needing?

    Thanks :biggrin.gif:
    You can. mod_NodeGenerator.class, mod_NodePack.class and WorldGenRuins.class should be all you need. As well as installing modloader.

    Edit: Forgot about the mod_NodePack.class, used for trace output to a file. Would probably crash without that one. My bad.
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