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    posted a message on If shaders becomes the only thing, and there is no option for no shaders, I will have to leave the world of Minecraft.
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    Only thing that's (Officially) been said on shaders is not that kind of shaders, but rather a technical kind that most of us don't know of unless we're into graphics. From what I understand, they're being implemented to boost performance with OpenGL (Or maybe just boost performance with everything). It should not change the look of the game at all.

    They're actually the same kind of shaders. Shaders are just programs the GPU uses to determine what color should be on a particular part of a polygon*, with any GPU in the last seven years even a program that doesn't use shaders will be drawn using a default set of shaders that selects the colors in the same way that the GPU used to before shaders.

    The difference between this and the shaders that your thinking of is that the ones your thinking of do more calculations with more data to make the image look better. This is what makes them slower than the default ones. This is especially true for shaders that calculate realistic lighting and shadows, as those are especially costly in both the number of calculations and the amount of data needing to be processed.

    Minecraft updating to use explicit shaders will merely allow them to update to a new version of OpenGL that doesn't have to waste resources pretending to have a fixed function pipeline. It will also make modding in smarter shaders easier. It should still run on any potato released in the past seven years, at least. It will be faster in a lot of cases, and the same speed in the rest. Barring any odd bugs on a particular machine/driver.

    *This has been slightly simplified.
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    posted a message on [1.8] Suddenly I'm getting HORRIBLE fps.
    VSynch makes sure that the game only renders when your screen is ready for it, which eliminates tearing but can drop frames. VBOs send all the triangles to the graphics card in one function call instead of in one function call per vertex. This is faster on every card from the past eight years. If turning on VBOs is causing slowdowns then Mojang did something wrong in their code, because VBOs can, at worst, give the same performance that you were getting before.

    I'd like to repeat that last point for emphasis: if VBOs are causing slowdowns on any machine with a graphics card no more than eight years old then there is a bug in the game's rendering engine. File a report.
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    posted a message on So, 14w33a changed the door models and sprites...
    Quote from echonite»

    That is arguing a completely different point. The doors are still technically 3D, as they have a depth, but thanks to face culling, they look like flat textures. There was never any risk of Minecraft being a 2 dimensional game, so that is not a valid argument to make. Minecraft being 3d was A selling point, but not THE selling point that made it popular. But that doesnt mean everything in the game has to have 3D depth to them, otherwise what about flowers and grass and reeds? Why is no one complaining about glass looking flat and one sided?

    Why do you keep bringing up flowers and grass? Those aren't even 3D in big budget AAA titles. No one expects them to be 3D. We do expect doors to have depth though, because fences and gates already have depth. So does Glass, btw. The idea that 3D doors breaks Minecraft's style is absurd. Every block in Minecraft, foliage excluded, has depth except for doors, trap doors, and iron bars. Those are the blocks that break style with the rest of the game. Not the 3D doors they had in 14w32.
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