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    posted a message on [UK Based] [Whitelist] Astra SMP! // 1.16.4 // Whitelisted // 16+ // Vanilla // Like Hermitcraft etc.

    Preferred Name: Sam
    Age: 18
    Discord: KingSam#0119
    Timezone: GMT +8
    Have you played an SMP before?: Yes, a few of them that went down quick
    Why would you like to join Astra?: I want to get a fresh start with others and enjoy the experience with other players. I wanna play long term as well as past experiences were not very great
    What are you good at in Minecraft e.g building: Minor farms and little bit of builds but I am indeed working on making them better. Would love to learn from others
    Do you have examples of past builds: No. I have not played singleplayer for a few years and took no photos of the past servers

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