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    posted a message on [1.19] ☁ Cloud Survival ☁ New 1.19 world! [Keep Inventory On] [Claiming] [Pets] [Player Warps] [Player Shops]

    Welp. Game said I get keys for replying this so... Lets say things. Firstly. I think this forum post bit outdated.. but meh. So... Server itself is kinda vanilla ish survival minecraft. Currently economy is just chop tons of wood to get some money or build big bamboo auto farms etc. It makes game kinda boring. Tho.. I don´t really like this close to vanilla servers.. I mostly look for some challenge. Main reason why I stayed over so many server changes was community. This servers community is really good. And still draws me back to this server if I want to play some vanilla survival.

    Eh.. What else..

    My favourite things on here beside the community. Gotta be item filter add on and ranks system. Even when owning highest paid rank. you still need to get other ranks as well to gain full command powers so to say.

    I think this is enough ramble...

    - No_oN -

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    posted a message on [1.18.1] 🤞Arkacia Survival🤞 1.18 WORLD - One Big Family - Classic progression style Survival - Completely unique enchantments

    Username No_oN

    Age: 27

    Favourite part of the server:

    This is tough one. The server overall is kinda basic. So I have to say its community and bugs I find. Or when I am able to crash or break it. It brings be satisfaction and its just really fun. Also. Very good and listening owner and staff. Feels like they are there and taking care of us.

    Tho.. bit busy.

    Overall. Server feels balanced. <.< some hiccups but still.

    Eh... Im bored anyway so im gonna stay.

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