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    I'm impressed, I don't see any reason why this shouldn't been in the 1.3.2 update. Also, I saw a funny typo at the end...
    "These are called Spider Carbs..." THEY EAT YOUR FLESH AND MAKE YOU FAT!
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    Quote from Black_Drath

    You started off good. A dimension of eternal storms that provides constant danger is an interesting concept. But as you went along it got steadily worse. I'll elaborate a little, in point form:
    • Why is is called the 'Meater'? I don't know how it is pronounced but that was how I read it. Even if it was pronounced Mee-ther it is still a bad name. Try and come up with something better. Like.. the tempest... or something like that.
    • Have multiple mountain islands with the stormy sea raging in between them. Mountains might be different heights and have different things on them.
    • Don't make the portal out of lapis lazuli blocks. Personally, I find the whole "make a nether portal but out of X and activate with a Y" to be a little overdone and boring. Try and think of some way of getting to your dimension that hasn't been done before.
    • Nothing in minecraft should have an official name. The Enderdragon isn't called "Enderian, eater of blocks". If you want a boss or something, call it what it is, don't give it a name.
    • Completely get rid of the whole castle thing. The only rewards that should be found in this dimension should ones ones dug out of the ground. If you wish, you could have small ruined structures that contain loot chests, but nothing so extreme as loads of diamonds and cake.
    • Have the weather effects not depend on your height. Just have them going all the time but have ones like tornadoes etc. move around so that they aren't always affecting you, or have them randomly occur.
    There's a good idea in there somewhere, you just have to cut off the excess.

    Alright, alright, after this being probaly the 5th reasonable response about what to change, I decided to edit this. I'm working on it right now.
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    I like this idea, but I agree with Prince_Deity and CG91779. Maybe crafting would be like this...


    I=Iron Block
    ?= Green blue or red dye in any order but must consist of all of them
    R=Redstone Dust
    P= Redstone Repeater
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    Quote from patrick228

    It sounds a bit too rewardingif you ask me, and personaly i would like to see a sky dimension/dream dimension added first
    Well, then have you seen the Aether Mod? Check that out, I think it will fufill your request.

    Quote from Pxex

    1: Don't name any new demension "The -Blank-ther" Make the name unique, there is a reason they didn't name it the End-ther
    2: Remember, this is minecraft were you can build and destroy anything, your demention sounds more like an adventure map.
    3: Much to rewarding, someone with an enchanted pick (forgot wich enchantment) would be able to get enough lapis within 30mins of mining.
    1. This point I can understand, I'll work on that.
    2. I guess, I'll try to un-adventure it a little bit. (WTF did i just say?)
    3. Well, what do you suggest for the portal frame?

    Quote from nearbeer

    It sounds somewhat interesting, but I don't really get the picture that well unless you add, well, pictures.
    Yeah, um, If crappy hand drawn pics work, then I'll work on it. other wise I suck at computer art.
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    I'm new to this, so please don't be too harsh, but contructive critisism is ok.

    I've been thinking for a while, you have the Nether, The End, and your world(I'm not counting the Aether because that's a mod). after exploring each one, I thought that the variety was good, but not good enough. Then it hit me, there should be another dimension to explore. Thus, I came up with...the Meather.

    The Meather Portal

    To make the Meather Portal, you would need to make A Nether Portal out of Lapis(Thus giving it a purpouse besides being a dye), and then place Redstone dust in it. The inside of the portal would be gray, with rare flashes of yellow coming out of it. The sounds that the portal would make would sound alot like a thunder storm. Once you enter the portal, and the Meather started to load, The screen would say "Entering the Meather Storm".

    The First Part of The Meather

    Once the Meather has loaded, You would step out, and see the big circle of cobble your standing on, and a path leading to a towering mountain that goes over the violent thunder and rain clouds. Below you is some rapidly moving waters, that if you went in, would drown you almost immeaditly. Boats and other things placed in it would break within seconds, so if you haven't guessed, going in the water is a BIG no-no. Head down the path, you'll reach the mountain. This mountain consists of loads of ores, structures, new items, and new mobs, all which I'll talk about later. As you climb up, you'll notice that more and more natural disasters appear, their order are from 20 blocks high to 80, 20=Violent Winds 40=Tornados 60=Lightning,Whirlpools appear in the water and 80= Hurricanes with Tsunamis appearing in water too. Once you get up to 90 blocks high, you'll reach the cloud layer, which at the moment is blocking the way up. Looks like we need some sunlight...

    Now, if you haven't already, mine into the mountain look for a shady looking room with obsidian walls. In the middle of this room, is a foggy, floating cube with floating, limp, pure white hands. This is Luviuma, a theif who stole the "Tsun" from the sky. To get it back, you must fight him. After the battle, grab the "Tsun" and take it back to where the cloud layer was. If you drop it along the way, you can go back and get it in the room wher Luviuma was, It will be in a chest that infinitly spawns Tsuns. Once you get to the cloud layer, right click the clouds with the Tsun in your hand. after you get through the clouds that are about 3 blocks high, you'll reach the checkpoint. There is, however, still 40 blocks high of mountain ahead of you, and something, or someone familiar as well...

    The Second Part of the Meather

    Although you've made it to the second part, there's still lots of climbing to do. You can't see the natural disasters down there from way up here, but the sky is still gray. There's more natural structures up(or in) here, so you have to keep it up. Once you reach the top, you'll reach a huge castle made of many things, dirt, wood, wool, stone iron, gold, diamond, and lots more! If you go inside you'll pass by some guards that block you from going into other rooms, and infront of you is a king/queen. It's not just any kind of king/queen, it's you! If you approach, well, yourself, Royalty You will give Normal You a request. If you haven't already, You have to go find the four other minibosses in this realm and defeat them. If you already did, or when you come back after doing that, Royalty You will congratulate Normal You by throwing you a party on the roof. A minecart will appear to take you up. Congrats! Better have a very small inventory, because you'll be rewarded with diamonds, cake, and more galore! You can then take another minecart all the way to the bottom where your portal home awaits.

    Anyone interested? If so, i'll post some mobs and their info, along with some of the blocks if this gets ALOT of interest. Thanks! :)
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    Most other forums that I've been on have an Introduction section for newbies to introduce them self. I don't see one anywhere, so I'm not sure where I'm supposed to post first. Or do I just start anywhere?
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