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    posted a message on New Lighting Options: Lanterns, Glowstone Half Slabs, LED's
    Between fire, torches, glow stone, and glowstone lamps, I would enjoy a few more lighting options. And with the introduction of colored glass i had a few ideas.

    First idea: Lanterns
    - Created by placing a torch surrounded by 8 plain glass, lanterns have the same brightness as a torch but can be hung from ceilings, walls, or placed on the ground. They DO break when moved by pistons and water. They could take on the look of a small becon black but with a small flame inside instead of a diamond block.

    Second idea: LEDs
    - Created by placing a glowstone lamp surrounded by colored glass. Maybe half the light of a normal glowstone lamp, and will not put off a colored light per-say, but will appear of an intense color allowing for many redstone possibilities.

    Glowstone Half Slabs:
    - Self explanatory.
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    posted a message on Exiled Gaming [GOOD BUILDERS] [Anti-Grief][Dedicated][Events][5 YEARS AND GOING!]
    Ive decided im going to finish my house and start helping make public custom dungeons across the world for people to entertain themselves with and discover. Ill put some high end rewards in them such as strong enchanted books or items not easily available. my first one will be desert based and will be a spiral temple you have to get to the top of and work your way through a labyrinth to get your prize.
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    posted a message on Any fix to the map item bug with vertical lines?9
    On a lot of SMP servers and sometimes in single player, when you have a map ITEM (made with a compass and 8 paper) after logging back in will have vertical lines that pretty much ruin the map. Any fix to this?
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    posted a message on Cheap Middle of the Road computer (for college)
    I'm not looking for a gaming computer, I don't play much anymore and I don't need the distraction. But I'm looking for a decent computer for around $300 (or less) Cause right now im surviving off a 2007 dell lappy and it can't even run minecraft well haha.

    I've searched amazon and looked at some HP's but I don't understand any of the computer specifications at all yet. Help if you could, Thank you.
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    posted a message on I like minecraft and don't mind the changes :)
    Dragons are not even in the normal world
    Expience is meh
    The biomes being bigger are great
    I still find lots of really cool land masses
    The food bar is actually more user friendly than just eating and provides urgency
    Farming is awesome

    No real conplaints other than I WANT COTTON
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