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    I've been testing a beefy Modpack with over 100 mods, many being quite large, and an error I've consistently run into is that when I break a custom grass block from Biomes O' Plenty, the game crashes abruptly. This can happen whilst holding an item and whilst bare-handed. It also appears to happen with Biomes O' Plenty grass sprites. In the instance of the crash report I had broken a grass SPRITE whilst holding nether quartz (no reason for me holding the nether quartz, I was just holding it). The crash report is confusing to me and I'd love it if anyone can help me identify what the problem is. I have little actual modding experience and no experience dealing with mod conflicts. Thanks for the assistance in advance.



    LAUNCHER: MultiMC 0.6.7-1375

    Minecraft Log @ instance of crash




    EDIT: This can be bare handed too - thoughts?

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