Interests Playing MMO's are my main hobby, Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, Guild Wars, Star Trek Online and World of Warcraft are my primary MMO's. Single player games I like are strategy, rpg, jrpg and sandbox. Minecraft, Terraria, Frozen Synapse, E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Witcher 1&2 as examples. I just enjoy gaming and rarely do I ever complain about any game, life is too short to waste time and energy complaining over something like video games. It is not worth it. I am into building computers and I am teaching myself to use Unreal Engine 3 game develpoment tool to creat games for both PC and mobile devices. I like the Football team Baltimore Ravens and Saints. Anime and other shows/movies: Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, Robotech, Gundam, Tales of the Abyss. I also like collecting certain statues and action figures: Kotobukyia Dark Magician Girl PVC Statue, Orchid Seed Lineage 2 Elf Second Edition PVC Statue, Two Worlds II Cassara Statue, Gundam Wing model Kit, Batman Arkham Asylum action figures, Final Fantasy Lightning and Fang Play Arts Kai Action Figures.

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