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    Released an update wrapping up the remaining issues:

    • Fixed knowledge inscriber being picky about where shapeless items were in the crafting grid.
    • Potential fix for #333, checks if the item is damageable before doing damage check.
    • Fixes #316: Storage bus will remember negative priorities.
    • Fixed issue where changing storage bus priority did not immediately take effect.

    Version for AE2 RV3

    Version for AE2 RV2

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    Thaumic Energistics - Updated March 18, 2018

    Because the digital age could use some magic.

    Please note that I am no longer actively maintaining this mod

    I may however release critical bug fixes from time to time.

    The goal of the mod is to serve as a bridge between Thaumcraft and Applied Energistics. The primary focus is essentia management, both in storage, transportation, and application.

    Downloads, Make sure your AE2 RV# matches!

    Source: Source on GitHub


    • Import and export essentia to the ME network.
    • Interface with Thaumcraft devices which use suction to request essentia.
    • Store essentia in the ME network and/or use Thaumcraft jars as storage extensions.
    • View how much of each essentia type is stored on the network.
    • Interface with infusion devices such as the Runic matrix.
    • Thaumcraft crafting terminal with access to items on the ME network.
    • Emit redstone signal based on amount of essentia in network.
    • Charge wands in arcane crafting terminal.
    • Golems can do the work of cranking your grinder.
    • Arcane Assembler, for automation of crafting arcane items.
    • Essentia autocrafting.
    • Connect golems to your network.
    • Thaumic NEI Plugin support.
    • ComputerCraft support.


    Discoveries await!

    Central components, allows converting essentia to and from a digital state.

    Input / Output
    Imports and exports essentia from the network.

    Essentia Terminal, Arcane Crafting Terminal, Essentia Monitor, Essentia Conversion Monitor.

    Storage Cells & Components
    Stores essentia digitally. Standard 1k-64k sizes.

    Cell Workbench
    Allows you to partition cells, specifying what essentia types are allowed to be stored.

    Essentia Provider(left) uses Thaumcraft's suction mechanic(tubes) to allow devices to extract essentia from the network. Infusion Provider(right) uses Thaumcraft's infusion mechanic(matrix) to export essentia from the network.

    Vis Relay Interface
    Interfaces with the Vis Relay network, allowing your A.C.T. to charge wands.

    Replacement for the wooden crank, can crank multiple devices simultaneously, and even allow your golems to crank for you!

    Golem Wireless Backpack
    Allows golems to interact with the network.

    Recipe Cheat Sheet

    AE2 Security Permissions:

    • Export Bus: Requires extract permission to open GUI.
    • Import Bus: Requires inject permission to open GUI.
    • Level Emitter: Requires build permission to open GUI.
    • Storage Bus: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
    • Arcane Crafting Terminal: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
    • Essentia Terminal: Anyone can open GUI. Must have extract/inject permissions to fill/empty jars or phials.
    • Arcane Assembler: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.


    • Q: Does this work with Java 7/6?
    • A: No, it requires Java 8.
    • Q: Can I use this in my modpack?
    • A: Sure! Anyone and everyone is free to include it in any modpacks.
    • Q: Does this work with the TC infusion and suction mechanics?
    • A: Both mechanics are supported by their respective "Provider" blocks.
    • Q: Can I generate AE power with essentia?
    • A: You can automate cranking the charger with golems, or 'burn' essentia in a vibration chamber.
    • Q: I found a bug! Where can I report it?
    • A: You're welcome to report issues here: Issue Tracker


    Bashful Brit: Ako Spotlight: Danilus Spotlight Danilus Spotlight Update Other Languages:
    Два Веселых Мага Герон Squig Herder Rins Sania bick_88

    Basic Dependencies:

    • Java 8
    • Minecraft 1.7.10
    • Forge
    • Thaumcraft 4
    • Applied Energistics 2

    Detailed dependencies are given in the changelog for each download.

    Known texture packs

    Localization's thanks to Mrkwtkr, alvin137, puyo061, Wuestengecko, TheVizzy, Adaptivity, Joccob, & Keridos.
    Texture thanks to CyanideX.
    Special thanks to MKoanga, Keridos & Aquahatsche.

    Many thanks go out to AlgorithmX2 for Applied Energistics, Azanor for Thaumcraft, and the Forge team. As well as some extra thanks to M3gaFr3ak for giving me somewhere to start!


    Like what I'm doing and want to show your support? Donate With Paypal

    ==Donor List==


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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    @Nividica so if you don't put stuff in the upper left corner of a shapeless crafting it seems to add the empty crafting grid cells as null entries into the ArrayList that you are using to parse the recipe. Or would that be a wrongful assumption?

    As it turned out the issue was first that the encoder assumed an items position grid was the same as the position in the recipe. Then when setting the Preferred item from a set of items from the ore dictionary it would append the slot to the to the ore-dict list, even if it was empty. I reworked it to fix this issue and potentially fix another encoder issue.
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    I just pushed two new builds that fix the (second) crafting terminal duplication bug.

    Version for AE2 RV3

    Version for AE2 RV2

    I will not be actively adding new features to the mod, but I may fix critical bugs that show up.
    As for support for 1.10/1.12 Thaumcraft, I have no plans to port the mod, however I have been contacted about the potential for another dev to take over and port to 1.10/1.12.

    If anything comes of that I will announce it here.

    Thank you all for your continued support even though it has been two years since I pushed an update. This community never fails to amaze me.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics

    Version has been released for RV3 and RV2.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics

    I'm running Infinity Evolved 2.3.5 which has of ThE and RV2 stable 10 of AE2.

    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    It kind of bothers me that Thaumic Energistics uses a non-release version of AE2 as well. More Planets does the same with Galacticraft.
    However, this does not stop me from adding those to my pack. (Will get updated in a few weeks. Still have a lot of configs to do.)

    I back-ported to RV2-Stable-10, I didn't do a ton of testing, but I did test the latest round of changes.
    Click here, then scroll down to Additional Files

    Edit: Dependency issue, will push out the fix within a couple hours. Issue resolved.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics

    *sigh* Figured it out, Thaumcraft uses 32767 as a 'magic number' to say that any damage value of the item is allowed. Honestly didn't see this one coming. Give me a few to figure out how to go about patching this up.

    Yanno, the funny thing is that the pattern class I wrote was itself was aware of the magic number, I never considered that it would want to be rendered as such.

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    Wow, it's been nearly two years since I first started work on Thaumic Energistics, and here we are at the 1.0 beta.

    There are quite a few changes, but to highlight the three biggest changes:

    • Arcane crafting terminal can now issue crafting jobs.
    • Essentia can now be autocrafted.
    • Golems can be linked to the ME network.

    To review all the changes and download it, click here.

    I do however need to make an announcement, after I am satisfied with 1.0 and move it to release, I will no longer be maintaining this mod. To keep a long story short, I am about to start my first career job, and it will require all of my attention.

    With that said, I am looking for someone that would be willing to carry on maintaining Thaumic Energistics. I sincerely hope that ThE will continue to be an up to date and sought after mod. If you would like to discuss officially taking over the ThE, please send me a message.

    It has been a fantastic experience, and I could have never imagined how popular ThE would have become. I started out making this mod for my fiance after we spent days trying to make the tubes work, and failed miserably. And from there, ThE is now on the verge of 1 million downloads. Completely unbelievable. I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your suggestions, ideas, support, and for playing with ThE. I have really felt the love, and I am going to miss being an active member of this community.

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    As promised, here are the Golem Wifi Backpack pictures.

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