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    Quote from aaglo

    Actually seeing an improvement on performance over the last version.

    As am I, the biggest being when painting the whole map with the read-only brush before making changes is MUCH faster and smoother. (On that note, is there a quick way to mark the whole map read only with like a keyboard shortcut?)

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    3. Ability to turn on or off the 3D shading that goes into the 2D map (aka the lighter areas on the west(?) facing slopes and shadow on the other) and changing to a more heighmap visual style for more clarity of block type in shadowed slopes (always bugs me)

    I ran into this issue today, while createing a very deep and very long ravine and I wanted to place obsidian in just the bottom. The shading made it difficult to tell what was shadow, and what was obsidian.

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    8. Ability for the program to look in AppData/roaming/minecraft/bin for all .JAR files and display them to you along with the ability to do a custom open of your .jar for ease of use and speed each time you load a map

    Until recently I had to as well, im not sure what changed, but all of a sudden it stoped asking me. It honestly never even occured to me that it was asking each time, untill it stopped asking. Between the plugin dev for bukkit I do, and the mods from magic launcher, I guess I just got used to being for jars :P

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    9. When using the zoom keys it zooms to the center of the image, rather than to seemingly random corners of your map, a zoom brush allowing you to select the area you want to zoom in on much like older photoshops

    Personaly i've not use the keys, but I use the ctrl+mousewheel to zoom in and out, and something that bugs me is that when zooming out it jumps to the top-left corner of the map. Scroll bars are about 10% down and to the right.

    Quote from Captain_Chaos

    Biome-only merging!

    :o You are my hero!

    @Captain_Chaos you continue to impress me with this program, you can definitely expect to see a donation from me :steve_wink:
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    Howdy @Captain_Chaos, wanted to post my success story and a small bug report with world painter.
    First off, you my friend are a life saver. Somehow in the conversion from 1.1 to 1.2 my world's biome data was either compleltly lost, or the engine just didn't transfer it over. The end result was a biome structure totaly different that what already exsisted. Re-creating the world with my current seed yeilded the results I expected: The new world looked just like the biomes that were placed on the old world. I'm guessing with anvil the world generation code differs(to be expected). But here I was stuck with an old world, with new biomes. And this was a consistant issue, having restored from backups and re-converting. Then here comes world painter to the rescue. Yes it was omg time consumeing to fix the all the biome data, but rather that, then have to hear all the time "Why is it snowing in the desert?!?". Bless you man, bless you.
    That being said, I ran into two issues:
    1. It converted all my sky-exposed glowstone into netherrack
    2. All of the man-made water was cloned downward, replaceing air blocks. For example: I have a pool on the roof, and inside the structure directly underneath the pool, all the air had been replaced by watersources( not flowing water ). The water in the pool remained intact. Also, this didn't happen for water that had two or more solid blocks beneath it.
    I know that editing chunks with man made structures is not the best idea, but it was totaly worth the risk. (Plus now I get to have a 'safe-zone' thanks to the no-spawn feature of the mushroom island biome)
    So in closeing thank you - thank you - thank you ^_^
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