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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Version 0.4.0a has been released adding Thaumcraft research and item recipes for everything except the Infusion and Essentia providers.
    Updated main post screenshots.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from bison1996
    Can we autocraft thaumcraft thing in the ACT? Like autocraft arcane lamp?

    It might be useful.

    The A.C.T. can craft any recipe the Arcane Worktable can, but it can not craft Runic Matrix recipes. I've been playing around with the runic matrix looking for ways to integrate, but not replace, it with the AE system, but for now it remains on the not-likely list.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Version 0.3.0a has been released adding the Arcane Crafting Terminal.

    The A.C.T will allow you to craft Thaumcraft recipes and has access to the ME item network. It functions similarly to the AppEng crafting terminal, and will pull items out of the ME network so that you can keep crafting!

    And yes, shift+click is supported. :D
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from korocota

    That's honestly awesome!

    Quote from Learwin
    Youre mod is truely awesome

    Thanks ^.^
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Sneak peak at what I've been working on :)

    Arcane Crafting Terminal Gui

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from CyanideX
    It is still giving me trouble:

    My bad, set the wrong permissions, should be working now. Sorry guys.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from CyanideX
    I'm glad you like them and you may absolutely use them once I've had a chance to test them all in game. The download link wasn't working so I downloaded the files from the repo.

    Awesome, I thank you very much. If the link continues to give you, or anyone else, more trouble please let me know.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from Drullkus

    AE, AE or AE2, the blocks should feel "clean" and have no noise on the textures. It is optimal to do so in x16 as well.

    Hmm, agreed. The fabric/cloth like look doesn't seem to really fit. Perhaps good in principal, but not so much in practice.

    Quote from CyberSmoke3000

    Wow soooo excited about it, definitly will use it and include for modpacks! Is it free for modpacks?

    It is indeed ^.^

    Quote from CyanideX

    I like the mod concept and will certainly give it a try when the download link works again; however, I do feel the textures should look closer to AE2 than TC. Something like this:


    Wow, I both applaud and am envious of your skills. The word that comes to mind is elegant. I love it. I presume you made those yourself? If so would you be opposed to allowing me to including them in the mod?

    Striking the right balance between the look of AE2 and TC4 is proving to be more of a challenge than I expected.

    Also, are you having issues with the download link?
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from MC_Winner

    Hmm... not sure I like the sprite... it doesn't feel either "thaumcrafty" or "AE2"y enough to me.

    I didn't want it to feel cluttered, but then again it does feel kind of empty. I'm certainly open to suggestions.

    These are the top, side, and bottom faces as they are now, with the top being animated to spin.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Version 0.2.0a has just be released, adding the Infusion Provider!

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from jac99ultracool

    Please, please, please add Shift-Click support (or similar) to Thaumcraft Recipes, a ME-Wand Crafting Terminal (etc.) and/or ME Autocrafting with Vis and/or Essentia. I would love an ME Infusion altar!

    The crafting terminal is on the list of things to look into, I've not looked into enough to know how feasible it is just yet.

    Quote from Manuepolis23

    do you have any news about the 1.7.10 version of thaumcraft?

    Nothing beyond whats posted on Azanor's page sorry :/
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from Yusunoha

    --snip-- then again, a simple level emitter for essentia could also do the job :P

    Quote from Antaioz

    I can just see myself using this stuff to automatically centrifuge stuff like herba when victus gets too low - ooh will the level emitters work with essentia?

    Indeed, the preliminary version of the level emitter is already included, the functionality exists but it doesn't yet update the torch graphic. I'll be looking into the possibility of upgrading it with the capacity cards so that you can monitor more than 1 essentia at a time. It would use either AND or OR mode. For example you could set it up to emit when you are below X amount of terra OR Y amount aqua. That should help with breaking down compound aspects.

    I have indeed read about Thaumic Integration, and I am grateful for the work Drullkus has done. He is providing for the 1.6.4 community and offering integration with other mods beyond Applied Energistics. Even though our mods are not technically competing, I think competition is healthy, it can keep us on our toes and looking for ways to improve. That being said, I will contradict myself a bit and say that I have no issues with other people using my code or ideas. My philosophy on the issue is that this isn't about what I own or what I came up with it first, it's about providing a service and seeking to enrich the community and not to encumber the creativity and work of others. This is about doing what I love and sharing my creation with others. As the idiom goes, Variety is the spice of life

    Quote from Fixided

    This mod is pretty much a "can only do 1 thing" mod.
    What I mean is.... Adding features is going to be problematic but it still looks pretty cool :D

    Agreed. However this is the way I designed it. The mods primary focus is moving essentia around, and nearly every feature added to it will be built around that focus. Not to say I won't add any other features beyond that, but most of my time will be spent refining and polishing the core feature set.

    Quote from korocota

    This is looking good my sir.
    Im not 100% with the idea of the arcane infussion directly sucking required aspects from the network per se, that's fancy looking and space saving, but you are already not needing anymore alchemy golems/pipe systems with this in a certain point, I would keep the jars or make it require a hard to infusion craft block to do the infusions.

    This is the main reason I have not created the recipes yet. I want to take the time to consider how to best balance crafting difficulty with functionality. I have already decided that the infusion provider will be a runic matrix crafting recipe itself. I want to be able to give players who seek full automation more options while also giving players who focus on keeping things looking and feeling magical the ability to enhance, but not replace, Thaumcraft's existing infrastructure. That duality is why the storage bus exists, so that if you don't want to store essentia on disks in the network you can use warded jars instead.

    Quote from Sulinad

    Made a review video ^^:

    That's awesome! Thank you sir :D
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics
    Quote from Jhary

    Nice mod :)

    If you manage to implement the interaction between the Essentia Provider and stuff like the Runic Matrix, the different Arcane Lamps or the Bore .. uh that would be godlike.

    This one will go right into my modlist after this and TC4 is out for 1.7.10

    Quote from MC_Winner

    This looks absolutely excellent!

    However, does the Essentia Provider interact at all with the Runic Matrix? No matter, though, this is going to be an absolute MUST after Azanor + you update to 1.7.10!

    The next block on the todo list is the Infusion Provider, which will allow things such as the Runic Matrix to pull essentia from the network.
    Quote from crunkazcanbe

    With 1.7 mods you dont need to mess with ids anymore right ? Just toss a few hundred mods in mods folder and go ?? I bet its not that easy .

    Pretty much with the new ID system the ID's are done by name, such as "minecraft:stone". I assume there is a limit to the number of items in total, however you don't have to worry about numeric conflicts and configuring ID's anymore when adding a bunch of mods.

    And thank you all for the feedback ^_^. I've been working on some bug fixes today, but if all goes as planned I will start work on the Infusion Provider tomorrow.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][TC4][AE2]Thaumic Energistics

    Thaumic Energistics - Updated March 18, 2018

    Because the digital age could use some magic.

    Please note that I am no longer actively maintaining this mod

    I may however release critical bug fixes from time to time.

    The goal of the mod is to serve as a bridge between Thaumcraft and Applied Energistics. The primary focus is essentia management, both in storage, transportation, and application.

    Downloads, Make sure your AE2 RV# matches!

    Source: Source on GitHub


    • Import and export essentia to the ME network.
    • Interface with Thaumcraft devices which use suction to request essentia.
    • Store essentia in the ME network and/or use Thaumcraft jars as storage extensions.
    • View how much of each essentia type is stored on the network.
    • Interface with infusion devices such as the Runic matrix.
    • Thaumcraft crafting terminal with access to items on the ME network.
    • Emit redstone signal based on amount of essentia in network.
    • Charge wands in arcane crafting terminal.
    • Golems can do the work of cranking your grinder.
    • Arcane Assembler, for automation of crafting arcane items.
    • Essentia autocrafting.
    • Connect golems to your network.
    • Thaumic NEI Plugin support.
    • ComputerCraft support.


    Discoveries await!

    Central components, allows converting essentia to and from a digital state.

    Input / Output
    Imports and exports essentia from the network.

    Essentia Terminal, Arcane Crafting Terminal, Essentia Monitor, Essentia Conversion Monitor.

    Storage Cells & Components
    Stores essentia digitally. Standard 1k-64k sizes.

    Cell Workbench
    Allows you to partition cells, specifying what essentia types are allowed to be stored.

    Essentia Provider(left) uses Thaumcraft's suction mechanic(tubes) to allow devices to extract essentia from the network. Infusion Provider(right) uses Thaumcraft's infusion mechanic(matrix) to export essentia from the network.

    Vis Relay Interface
    Interfaces with the Vis Relay network, allowing your A.C.T. to charge wands.

    Replacement for the wooden crank, can crank multiple devices simultaneously, and even allow your golems to crank for you!

    Golem Wireless Backpack
    Allows golems to interact with the network.

    Recipe Cheat Sheet

    AE2 Security Permissions:

    • Export Bus: Requires extract permission to open GUI.
    • Import Bus: Requires inject permission to open GUI.
    • Level Emitter: Requires build permission to open GUI.
    • Storage Bus: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
    • Arcane Crafting Terminal: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
    • Essentia Terminal: Anyone can open GUI. Must have extract/inject permissions to fill/empty jars or phials.
    • Arcane Assembler: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.


    • Q: Does this work with Java 7/6?
    • A: No, it requires Java 8.
    • Q: Can I use this in my modpack?
    • A: Sure! Anyone and everyone is free to include it in any modpacks.
    • Q: Does this work with the TC infusion and suction mechanics?
    • A: Both mechanics are supported by their respective "Provider" blocks.
    • Q: Can I generate AE power with essentia?
    • A: You can automate cranking the charger with golems, or 'burn' essentia in a vibration chamber.
    • Q: I found a bug! Where can I report it?
    • A: You're welcome to report issues here: Issue Tracker


    Bashful Brit: Ako Spotlight: Danilus Spotlight Danilus Spotlight Update Other Languages:
    Два Веселых Мага Герон Squig Herder Rins Sania bick_88

    Basic Dependencies:

    • Java 8
    • Minecraft 1.7.10
    • Forge
    • Thaumcraft 4
    • Applied Energistics 2

    Detailed dependencies are given in the changelog for each download.

    Known texture packs

    Localization's thanks to Mrkwtkr, alvin137, puyo061, Wuestengecko, TheVizzy, Adaptivity, Joccob, & Keridos.
    Texture thanks to CyanideX.
    Special thanks to MKoanga, Keridos & Aquahatsche.

    Many thanks go out to AlgorithmX2 for Applied Energistics, Azanor for Thaumcraft, and the Forge team. As well as some extra thanks to M3gaFr3ak for giving me somewhere to start!


    Like what I'm doing and want to show your support? Donate With Paypal

    ==Donor List==


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    posted a message on Reika's Mods (Tech, WorldGen, Civilization, and more)
    Howdy all, I seem to have encountered an issue with the power calculations with V15b of RotaryCraft as found in FTB Monster v1.0.8

    I first noticed this when I moved my harvesting fan, and the range was only 8m, where before it had been 14m before I updated Monster. The issue seems to be that endpoint power levels are not being calculated/applied to the machine. Any machine that I examine with the Angular transducer reports "Insufficent Power" even when the machine is receiving enough power. The further verify this, I included a Dynamometer and much to my surprize it showed the correct torque and speed, but the power was zero. However, one thing to mention is that the machines do work, but at what appears to be their bare minimum, for example the fan will still harvest crops up to 8m.

    I can not be certain but I believe that the fan was still harvesting at 14m , after updating to Monster 1.0.8, before I picked it up and moved it.

    Testing conditions:
    • Several machines and power generation methods, all with the same result.
    • Single player with a fresh and default install
    • Single player without any other mods except the required DragonAPI
    • Single player with my usual mod setup
    • Local and hosted multiplayer servers.
    • Not tested outside of the FTB launcher with a clean minecraft+forge.
    Here are some screenshots of my singleplayer tests:

    Fan Test 1: Powered by magnetostatic.
    Dynamoment reports: 512nm Torque, 1krads Speed, 0 Power
    Transducer reports: Receiving 524kW, Fan range: 8m

    Fan Test 2: Powered by wind turbines.
    Dynamoment reports: 40nm Torque, 1krads Speed, 0 Power
    Transducer reports: Receiving 40kW, Fan range: 8m

    Dynamo Test: Powered by wind turbines.
    Dynamoment reports: 40nm Torque, 1krads Speed, 0 Power
    Transducer reports: Receiving 40kW, RF generated 0
    Multimeter reports: RF generated 7

    Compactor Test: Powered by magnetostatic.
    Dynamoment reports: 4kNm Torque, 2krads Speed
    Transducer reports: Receiving 8MW, 129kPa pressure

    Can anyone else confirm these results?
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