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    posted a message on CureCraft Vanilla Minecraft Server! - Mature - Whitelisted - HermitCraft - 1.8 - looking for dedicated members - Teamspeak -

    In Game Name: NitrogenSnow
    Age: 16
    Do You Have TeamSpeak: Will download it if accepted
    Skype: I'll message you
    Country And Time Zone: England, GMT

    What Makes you Stand Out: I prioritise having fun rather than completing objectives. For example, in the ender dragon fight my main objective wouldn't be to kill the ender dragon, the main objective would be ensuring everyone is involved.
    What Are Your Specialities In Minecraft: I like focusing on one project at a time and developing it to its greatest potential before moving on. I'm also pretty good with redstone, it just gets messy sometimes but the outcome is always achieved.
    What type of player are you, how will you spend your time on the world: I'll be mostly building things in one spot. Most often this leads to me building towns but sometimes I also make some cool group events.
    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: March 2012 (1.2.5)
    How Active Will You Be: I'll put in most of my time on the weekends as I have school, but I will be on regularly. If I come on during the week it will mainly be to just look around, and on the weekends I will actually be working on things.

    Any other information:

    You can see some things I've made here:

    I also used to have a youtube channel, but I stopped doing it after it became too time consuming.

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    posted a message on [CLOSED]

    IGN: NitrogenSnow

    Skype: PMed

    Age: 16

    My pictures aren't exactly what you'd call The Next Evolution but that's because I deleted my creative world recently as it was becoming too cluttered. However, here's a picture of a village I'm working on in survival:

    I know it's not much, but there's also my Planet Minecraft profile where I've made skins and a texturepack for 1.4.7. It also features another build on it here:

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    posted a message on FREE! FAST! Neptune's Graphics Shop! FREE! FAST!

    Type of Art: Profile picture

    I'd like something similar to the iBarbaricNeptune character where he has the cape going but using this skin:

    Maybe have fire in its hands if you think it looks good, background it entirely up to what you think suits the image.

    Skyple: Nitrogen Snow


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    posted a message on SADFAIC's Free Graphics.

    Name: NitrogenSnow

    Type of art: Profile Picture

    Colours: {For text, background...} Red or white glow around the skin, left to your better judgement, you shouldn't need anymore colours.


    Pose of Skin: {Optional} Facing forwards

    Extra Info: Transparent background if possible, just a 3D model of the skin previously mentioned facing forwards, and if you can add a glow around it.

    Skype Name: Nitrogen Snow

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    posted a message on Do any of you have a restriction/aim to your world while you are playing?
    Quote from undefined »
    Quote from Cryptopian >>

    I started my newest world by building only in my spawn chunk. Once I tamed that chunk, and excavated it down to bedrock, I expanded to include the 8 chunks that surround my spawn chunk. I figure making full use of 9 chunks can take a loooong time, so I don't plan to expand outside that region.

    That sounds cool, but what do you do in terms of a base and things to do?

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    posted a message on WHAT IS THIS? Nether Forest?

    Since you're on a server, it's probably a plugin or something that the server put on.

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    posted a message on Do any of you have a restriction/aim to your world while you are playing?

    Anything that may make your world more challenging or fun to play. For example, in my world I'm about to start the goal will be to connect everything by rail in the overworld, therefore limiting my time in the nether and making everything feel a lot better connected as well as giving me more projects to work on. This will also mean each stop on the rail line will have to have more than just a building or two to make it worthwhile.

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    posted a message on The Legends Are true, DAY 15 RELEASED :D (AidenR0 Meme Journey, Update: 15)

    This survival journal is amazing, I'm loving what you do with the mobs by dressing them up in funny positions.

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    posted a message on Will shields make any difference in pvp?

    You can stall them to wear them down with potion effects.

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    posted a message on SMOOTH OPERATOR "a SPHAX + FAITHFUL love child"

    Been using this pack for a while, it's great! Can't wait until everything's done.

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    posted a message on ❖ StellarCraft Survival Server! *Running GameMode4 Modules!* ❖

    Minecraft IGN: (for the whitelist) Nitrochemy

    Name: (so we know what to call you) I'd rather leave it as Nitro if that's okay with you.

    Age: (all ages welcome) 16

    Location: (for timezone purposes) GMT

    Reason for applying: (for data reasons) Looking for a server, and this was the only one that really stuck out to me as it wasn't overly crowded and comes with something I haven't tried before but sounds fun. The name is also cool.

    Skype: (not required) Nitrogen Snow

    YouTube: (do you record?) I used to, and if needed I can pick it back up.

    Favorite Block: (for... reasons) Slime Block

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    posted a message on Pokémon in Vanilla Minecraft [OLD THREAD]
    Pokemon is a thing that should just stay a mod and stay out of vanilla Minecraft. Pokemon moved to the united states because people in Japan had a lot of problems with it. If we move this to the common version of Minecraft it could offend various groups of people. Including Americans and the Japanese (Yes, Pokemon actually tried releasing a video that looked like a reenactment of the twin towers being destroyed. Look it up.)

    They are still a Japanese based company. They never 'moved' to the United States, and if they have, I haven't heard about it.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) (Pure Vanilla; 1.8) Survival with a twist! Looking for mature members! (Casual/Active) Small application! No age limit!
    IGN: NitrogenSnow

    Age: 15

    Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online): NitrogenSnow

    What time zone/part of the world are you from? London, GMT

    A little about your life: I am a student in school, I like to play pokemon as well as Minecraft and have had experience with YouTube, which I may pick up after playing on this server. School can take up a lot of time during the week, but I'll find time on weekends.

    What’s your experience with Minecraft? Played since April 2012, I know the majority of crafting recipes by heart from casual playing

    How much will you play, and for how much time per week? (Will you be casual/active?) I'll be active during the weekends, casual during the week. Around 2 hours each time I log on, if I'm working on a big project most likely longer.

    How do you think you can contribute to the server? I think I can offer some building skill to the server as well as a unique take on design. I will most likely be recording my experiences so I may draw some extra attention to it, though that's doubtful. I mainly do it for entertainment of myself and others.

    What is your favourite block? Dirt

    What is your experience on servers? Have you been banned on a server before? I've been on several servers, one server I was on for a year. It started with me hosting then I had to hand it over to a friend since he was better off financially. I left as the community began to detach from one another and some of the people I loved to see every day ended up leaving too, and I was left with a bunch of strangers. I've never been banned to my knowledge.

    Will you be willing to donate a little (a few dollars) to help with the server? I'm short on money, so I don't believe that could happen. Though if the server proves fun and worthwhile I'll probably donate my fair share.
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    posted a message on ***CoreCraft | VANILLA SERVER |14+(MATURE) | 24/7 | WHITELISTED | NEW MAP***
    IGN: NitrogenSnow
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Youtube/Twitch Channel (not needed): NitrogenSnow (I made all my videos unlisted, I wasn't proud of the effort I put into them. On this server I will try a lot harder)
    Skype: NitrogenSnow
    Timezone: GMT

    Minecraft SMP Information
    When did you first start playing minecraft?: April 2012
    How big is your knowledge-base of the game?: I know the majority of the Minecraft wiki except a few technical parts, I've memorised most if not all recipes just because I've play with everything a lot.
    Favorite Building Block: Slime Block
    Why Should We Choose You For The Server: I believe I'd be a decent contribution to the server being able to pull my own weight in terms of building and activity. I'd like to meet some new people and join a fun community.
    Are You Mature (Be Honest): Yes, I don't see why this should be a question as I don't see who would put no in their application to a mature server?
    - In terms of Minecraft, I'm alright at building and have a decent knowledge-base of the game.
    - In terms of community, I like working with others and often try and partner up to do fun events.

    - In terms of Minecraft, not so good at PVP or grinding.
    - In terms of community, I sometimes think irrationally when put on the spot, such as in an argument or something.

    Oh No! Someone Has Pranked You. What Do You Do?: Clean it up unless it looks nice and fitting and then think of a devious counter-prank.
    What Makes You Better Than An Average Minecrafter?: I like to think of unusual designs and when building things I like to try and include others somehow.
    How Often Would you play on the Server?: Weekends minimum for about 2 hours a day. At least once a week.
    Images of your builds(not needed): I don't keep images unfortunately.
    Any Other Information We Should Know About You?: CoreCraft is awesome!
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