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    Quote from TheEnlightened

    Also if you got this far, is there anyway, and i do mean anyway at all to automate that damn crystalizer, someone smarter tell me, I've tried just about everything, but i can't get the items to distribute evenly amoung the many slots in that machine.

    Neptunepink said a long while ago that it is possible using 5 routers, though I never truly understood them enough to make something like that. It can be done with Steve's factory manager as well. You need 5 of those blocks that interact wtih inventories, unless there is some way for it to check for the amount of items in a specific slot (I couldn't find a way to do that, it checked the whole inventory of the block).
    I had it pull 1 of the items from a chest per pulse, and had it deposit it in a specific slot.
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    Quote from AmadeusXW
    Thats right, i made a mistake. Saw some "working" versions in 1.5.2, but those were broken code versions. So stuck in 1.4.6 till... when?

    That's exactly it. Most regulars here are not stuck in 1.4.6. They are continuing to use it. Right now, I have two 1.4.7 instances, two 1.5.2 instances and a 1.2.5 instance, and 1.6.1 using the default launcher (though un-modded).

    And since you want to leave the mod, you are entirely free to do so. But coming to the thread and saying everyone needs to leave is wrong.
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    Quote from Epidemia78

    I was going to update to 1.5.2 finally but theres so many mods not yet updated...the xycraft fabricator is way too useful to give up so I guess Im sticking with 1.4.7 for now.

    If you want it for automation, Thermal Expansion, in 1.5.2 has the cyclic assembler, which is a fast auto crafting table, but also has support for recipes using liquids (using internal tank), but needs energy to run.

    If you want it for the quick crafting method using NEI, XACT is a mod that has a similar functionality, but instead if a block that you can place, it has a item. It also adds functionality somewhat similar to RP project table with plans, though it did add them before RP.
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    Watched the teaser for Solar Panels. The only thing I am wondering is, what will happen to them in Mystcraft ages with multiple suns?
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    Quote from Saul_Goode

    Wasn't that the version that underwent rigorous bug-testing by the experienced bug-testers on the ForgeCraft server for a couple months?

    I believe that the version she first completed to the version for 1.4.5 were the one tested on forgecraft.
    She had released the 1.4.6 version very soon after it was released. My guess is, she found that the 1.4.5 version was quite stable, and then had to suddenly update to 1.4.6. She didn't think anything broke in the updating, and released it.
    This is because I am confident that the bug of not being able to use the screwdriver, or being able to dupe the computer parts (on breaking them) would not have been missed.
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    Quote from aka13_404

    Still not updated? I guess the decision to leave was right, after all.

    Doesn't look like you left.
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    Quote from Ireee

    Just a minor suggestion - It's better to use "findpost" links when linking curse posts.
    Example (Link to the main post of the contraption, it might be actually better for the task):

    A "findpost" link is easy to make.
    Grab the example above.
    Replace the number at the end by the number from "#entryXYZ" found in the normal link.
    "findpost" links survive when the post is moved to another page OR thread is renamed. :)

    Also done. Nice to know that.

    Also, noticed a little typo in the BUILD-readme file. It says that it needs Minecraft 2.4.6-7.
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    Quote from Ireee

    Nice. Even the coloured frames around the items are visible.
    It's flickering, but it doesn't hurt readability at all.
    It seems that absence of tube texture makes the text deterioration more noticeable.
    The coloured frames and the leftover tube texture make the video look quite blurry.

    But, after all, it depicts the real state of things and their limitations.
    Feel free to publish it :)

    Added a description specifying that you are the one who created it. :)

    Here's the video:

    BTW, how do we ember the video in the post?
    EDIT: Forget it. Seems the forum did that itself. And Now I know how to.
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    Quote from kdawg696

    What does thaumic do on tools?

    At least, more modifiers. From what I have seen, full thaumium tools have 5 modifiers instead of 3.
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    Quote from Kye_Duo

    or, just create a new ZIP and put that new PNG within the same folder setup inside the zip and load it as a TP.

    Won't that lead to having pink blocks for everything else?
    Quote from Ireee

    Thanks. I am glad someone appreciates it.

    How much do the items flicker for you? Can you make a screenshot with all of them visible?
    It would be nice it was possible to present it in a image/video format instead of a heavy world download.
    (I can't. Any attempt to capture the scene will result in too much flickering, which makes it look bad)

    The flickering was slight. Not very excessive but noticeable. I will see if I can make a image or video or something.
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