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    This resource pack is based off of super mario bros! I plan to acually be updating this unlike most of the mario texture packs! Please help me in making this a very awesome outstanding and famous texture pack! Please comment and tell your friends about this pack if you like it! We need support post your comments and tell us what you think! ~Pictures!~------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Version History
    V.1:First Release
    !V.2:Fixed water flow missing texture animation :) and changed some textures
    V.3:Added skeleton and slime textures :-)
    V:4:Re-done dirt texture added creeper texture and charged creeper aura added skeleton texture The new plank texture may suck **** but ill change it later <3 oh and i added log textures
    V:5:Yeah yeah the new stuff like big fern and podzol ,new dirt ,and stone texture (stone is no longer bucket fill and looks awesome!) Fixed those dastardly looking planks Added player hurt sounds

    --:Pack Makers:--
    Head Of Project: Me A.K.A NintendoGuy15
    Sound editor: Buddyhi

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    Your face freaks me out
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    The stupidest thing I've heard is "Obama Care"
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