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    posted a message on *Name Changing/UUID Thread*
    Quote from mishrathium

    Zero benefit for all real servers and yet another kick in the blocks to developers.

    mind defining "real servers" for us? because what I consider "real servers" are ones that actually exist and aren't made up. Also how is this a "kick in the blocks" to devs?
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    posted a message on Wool to negate or block fall damage
    Quote from ra7c7er

    I don't like it. It would completely take away worry of falling. Just keep a piece of wool in your hot bar and every time you fall off a cliff or into a ravine spam click so it places the block right before you hit. Takes a fatal fall and turns it into just a heart or two of damage? That's game breaking to me. The game is easy enough as it is.

    Also if you're worried about falling couple blocks down in your own house then you should plan it better.

    No Support.

    you're assuming numbers here, you know what they say about assuming right? Either way, you're not supporting based assumptions which could be very well wrong
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    posted a message on Hunger Bar: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Minecraft
    Quote from HexMan
    And you play the Xbox edition, we PC users have that bar since the Alpha version


    sorry, but what!? I've been playing since Alpha, and there wasn't any form of hunger bar until Beta 1.8 along with sprinting, Endermen, Silverfish, strongholds, The End... I could go on but I won't. So this leaves me with three things: You're using hyperbole, you're lying or you can't remember and I really hope it's the first or third one because if there's one type of person I hate it's someone who lies about something they have no idea what they're talking about
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    posted a message on Why are people jerks?
    why are people jerks? Because the internet exists, seriously it is literally impossible to go on the internet and not find a jerk. Ignore them and report them, and if the staff don't do crap about it join a different server, preferably one that actually has admins that care about their players and come up with smart comebacks to his insults

    P.S the strike through lines are my not recommended options and I would do everything but those, but if you feel the need...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Movie?
    this has the possibility of being a terrible thing, or a good thing

    now to the people saying "Minecraft has no storyline, how could they do a movie on it?" Remember that Lego doesn't have a plot or storyline, neither does Starbound so far and yet there's some amazing fan fics on it, the only thing that's really deciding if this is good or bad is what the writer writes and if that's good or not... that and the animation quality, and a lot of other things too... I just blew my own argument apart didn't I?
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    posted a message on Super-Mega Awesome Dungeon Chests
    to be honest, RPG is at the bottom half of my favourite game types, and this sounds very RPGish, that and it would be completely unnecessary, I don't need the chat to tell me what I got, I can what I got! Oh, and the blue light? Again, unnecessary, you might as well have a giant neon sign above it saying "LOOT HERE"
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft dying?
    I'm actually curious to see what happens to Minecraft when EQN: Landmark comes out, as that can do anything Minecraft can do, with much prettier graphics (not a huge fuss to me), the ability to add more detail, and it's free to play. I'm not saying Minecraft is instantly going to be deaded (purposely misspelled) but I for one will find my time being consumed more by EQN: Landmark than Minecraft. Another reason I may be leaving is how... rude (since I can't use a more appropriate word due to forum rules), the community has been to Mojang since Beta 1.7. Back then when the pistons where added, they didn't fling stuff in the air like the mod did, and people were a bit dissapointed but they were more like 'it's your game Mojang, do what you want' and now we're here in 1.7 and the reaction when the rose was replaced with a poppy was disgusting, people were literally going 'YOU SCREWED UP THE GAME MOJANG! FIX YOUR CRAP!' and I was just... shocked, to see what the once peaceful community of Minecraft has turned into. Another reason is, I just don't know what to do anymore, I never go on Minecraft unless a friend is playing it, and even then we're not on for long before we play something like Starbound or Loadout, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. The spark of Alpha lit the fire to Beta and it grew bigger to official release, but now it's dying out in my opinion.

    EDIT: I forgot one thing, the 14 million sales on PC? That's only sales, not people playing, so any number of those 14 million could have left by now
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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)
    Quote from shotgiy12

    um are adding male sounds noppes or are u working on other things?

    don't make your font bigger for no reason, it gives off the impression you think you're more important than everyone else, and no one likes those type of people
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    posted a message on Where can I get a skin and how do I download it.
    you can request a specific skin to be made on one of the skin shops on this forum, or you can check out other site like planetminecraft which also can have good skins
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    posted a message on Xbox NEEDS MORE!
    they also have the Pocket Edition, the PS3 and Xbox version to update, and it was out on PC first so that's their priority, all the stuff from PC will come to the other platforms eventually, just wait, it's not easy to re-code stuff from PC to Xbox and Mojang have lives
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    posted a message on The ULTIMATE Skin shop- Free custom skins, unlimited posibillities
    Quote from Thultimate

    1. You shouldn't judge a skin you didn't even request.

    2. All I'm hearing is you complaining about the BAD things I did, so maybe for "Future Preference", You could compliment more!

    3. The way I make skins is my way, not your way, not notch's way, MY WAY. You got a problem? Don't request a skin from me.

    4. Thanks for the constructive criticism, (Not sarcastic) It does help me to learn how to gain better strength with skinning.

    :) Have a nice day.

    As an add, that "Noise" Is not a lazy way to detail something. Creepers have tons of noise on them, so do grass blocks. I bet your a texture pack person who prefers a detailed Minecraft. I like the sloppy, original, pixelated version. I don't MAKE shadowed and DETAILED skins. It's just my way! :)

    wow, I know this is late, but way to attack me there mate!

    1) it was your first skin I could see and I wanted to help you improve

    2) I agree, there was a lack of complimenting there, but you still don't have to attack me like that

    3) I know it's 'your way' like I have 'my way' of making skins, this just makes you seem like you can't take crticism

    4) you're welcome

    you know what they say about assuming right? Because you just made an incorrect assumption right there. The reason I love minecraft is BECAUSE of the super pixels, otherwise I'd be off playing Everquest Next Landmark if it were out, in fact the only texture packs I use ARE the ones you CAN see every individual pixel, and most of the time I take it off and only use it for certain builds.
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    posted a message on The ULTIMATE Skin shop- Free custom skins, unlimited posibillities

    Novakids don't have hair like humans for future reference (I'm also a Starbound player, great game, I'd recommend it). Also remove the large amount of noise on the skin, it just makes it seem like a lazy way to make it detailed.
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    posted a message on {Requesting closed} Hellcraft's Halo skins [Halo 3, REACH, Halo 4 and possibly more!] *Please read the first post before replyin
    Quote from TheButterApple

    Can you do Agent Florda?

    can you read? It clearly says in the title 'Requesting CLOSED'
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    posted a message on Xentonic's HALO GunCus pack (Warning Does Not Contain Flood)
    so I just did a quick play around with your addon and there's something I noticed about the Binary Rifle, it's incredibly inaccurate for a sniper rifle, sometimes I have to use 3-4 shots before it actually hits, the Sniper and Beam Rifle don't suffer from this as much, but it still can take 2 bullets sometimes. Also there's no recoil on the Battle Rifle like there is on Halo 4, and the charging sound needs to be cut from the railgun as it doesn't actually charge. Part from that it's a good addon :)

    EDIT: the Scatter shot appears to do no damage as well
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    posted a message on the first minecraft mod?
    Quote from Slayr

    I would've.


    fair enough, I can't say I wouldn't either :P
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