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    posted a message on Noteblock Help, Epic Builds, and Singers Needed for a Parody!
    Hello there everyone!

    I need help in a parody song I'm going to be making for a class project. See, I have been wanting to do a Parody of the song "One in a Million" by Down With Webster. The lyrics are written already and the singing part is being worked out...but I've run into a few problems. I want this song to A. Be able to be uploaded to Youtube without any copyright infringement and B. Include things from the whole Minecraft community...neither of which I have right now.

    That's where YOU come in! I need some things from people to make this happen, and I can use any help I can get.

    (Oh, and here's the before you read on)


    This is THE MOST important part for the video, as otherwise it won't happen. See, the fact of the matter is is that this song has NO version without the lyrics in it, and I'm not very musically literate to recreate the background tune without any help. So, what I need is maybe just a little bit of help from where to start at? The tune seems very basic, but I just can't seem to get the sound right no matter what I look up.

    All that's really needed for this is someone to tell me what notes are playing- that's it. You don't actually have to make it yourself, I can handle it once I got the basics. I may ask for help if I totally mess something up, though, so I may keep in touch

    ...Well, okay, this seems more like "rappers", but you get my point. There are two parts of the song that have different people in them. I was originally going to do these myself, but I wanted people to join in for this too. The two parts in my parody include a "building" rapper (from 0:30 to 0:45 in the linked video above) and an "adventuring" rapper (from 1:41 to 2:10 in the linked video above)

    They're really short parts, but really important to the video! So, if you want to do these parts, just leave a comment for which section you want to try and I'll send you them. I only ask that you can do them pretty well and have a good quality mic- other than that, I don't care about age and whatnot. Send a link to the file(s) or work something out with me on where to send them, and I'll consider putting them in.

    This one's pretty easy. I want some epic structures to fly over during the course of the video- after all, this is a community thing! Pop a download link in the comments, or a link to your amazing adventure map, or just something you think will make me go "Wow, that deserves to be in a video!"

    Right now I'm currently just searching through sections of the site, but it's still hard to find super mind-boggling things to include :P

    I need everything here by NOVEMBER 15th, which means there's no rush as of right now. It would be nice to see your stuff soon though! Everything that is submitted will at least be mentioned in the credits of the song, if not used itself, so it's a win-win situation really!

    Thanks for reading this far, and even if you can't contribute to the efforts, I hope you can support the contributors along the way.
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    posted a message on Some tips for making a better video?
    Hey, lemme see if I can put my input on this too!

    Let me first say the pros. From what I can tell, the quality is very good on the video, and it's awesome you have music instead of just showing terrain with silence and in game sounds. The idea is actually pretty unique too- it's good to not see a survival video just starting out on a channel, and it gives players a reason to watch if they want a cool seed.

    However, there are a few things that could help it improve. While music is good, if you're going to use the calm music of Minecraft, I would highly suggest using recorded audio from yourself too. Give people something entertaining besides looking at landscapes! It was also a bit annoying how the world was loading up as you flew around. Next time, you should cut the video inbetween loading the world and spawning in the game. That way, you can take time to load the chunks and make it more professional. If you're going to keep doing this, buying the full version of your recording software would be nice too- the logo can make it seem less clean and refined.

    Overall though, good quality, but it could just use a liiiittle bit more refining to really make people want to keep watching your stuff. Good luck dude! :)
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    posted a message on Looking for YouTube Partners for the Long Run
    Age: 18
    Time Zone (EST Preferred): EST, woot!
    Teamspeak capable?: I haven't exactly tried it before, but I have a feeling I could figure out out easily. I also can do Skype.
    Own another platform? Which one(s)?: I have a Wii and a PS3 currently, along with a DS and 3DS
    If yes, do you own an HD recording device for that platform?: I have "a" recording device for home consoles, but I'm fairly certain it doesn't record in HD.
    If yes, which one?: It's a Dazzle of some sort, buried in the "I can't be bothered to clean" pile in my room. (which is basically all of it anyway, but some I don't want to touch more than others)
    Recording Software: I use the built-in Quicktime Player recorder. So far it seems to work fine and can produce pretty good quality work- no lag or anything!
    Microphone: I use a Logitech headset to record my audio, as well as using Audacity in order to clean up any background noise that I can.
    What stands out About you?: I would like to think I have pretty good energy in recordings and try to keep up conversations. I'm also a very creative person and able to create thumbnails, icons, headers, and the like; I'm also willing to learn new things to benefit the group.
    Humor when Recording: I think I have a stupid and corny sense of humor, to be completely honest. I sprinkle some sarcastic humor here and there when the mood it right. I also have a tendency to spout random things when startled- you have been warned
    Your Youtube Video Links:
    -This is the first (and ONLY, at the moment) video my friend and I made on our own channel. I would link to my own channel but well...I've got jack all on it. It's a bit sad, really, but I was planning on doing some recordings myself.
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    posted a message on First 2 videos on my new channel! Feedback will be wonderful.
    Hey there! I think for first time videos, you had a really good start. You picked a good, non-standard thing to get people hooked, and your recording software is great. There were a few times where you were a bit quiet though, and that can sometimes turn viewers off (but hey, most people usually "um, so, yeah"-ing or mumbling their way through first videos, so at least you're a bit ahead of the game)

    If I have to make any suggestions, I would add a bit of music to your stuff during the editing process, especially during parts where you're fighting. That's typically where you seemed to get the most quiet, and it might help people from getting disinterested. You could also try getting a friend to play with, since a lot of the things you mentioned that you were planning on doing were server-related. That way, there's a higher chance that you'll not have a lot of seriously quiet moments.

    Good luck for the future, man! Hope to see good things from you! :Diamond:
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    posted a message on /GFX-Bin\ Skin Puppeteer Shop and More (CLOSED)
    I know you're not taking requests atm, but I just wanted to pop in and say your work is super rad! Everything's so professional...I'm a bit jealous, lol
    Keep up the good work, man!
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    posted a message on I'm A Minecrafter, Get Me Outta Here! Need Contestants!
    Hey, if you're still open for apple-ications (I'm sorry, I had to. At least I wasn't the first?), I'd like to try out!

    IGN: NinjaWolfMaster
    Age: 17, though I'll be turning 18 in July
    Skype: NinjaWolfMaster
    Availability Time: Up until May 22, I'll be available from 4-10 on weeknights and 1-11. After May 22, though, I'll basically have my schedule smoothed out to 1-11. I'm also in EST, if that might change anything
    YouTube Channel ( if applicable ): While I don't have a good enough computer to record at the moment, I should be getting a new laptop in July, so I may start recording if I'm not voted off before then. My Youtube name is (drumroll, please) NinjaWolfMaster

    Also, just as a side-note, I'm also trying to buff up my graphic design creds, so if you need any intro pictures or something, I may be able to do that for you. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Looking for Partners for Let's Play SMP Series
    IGN: NinjaWolfMaster
    Age: 17, though I'll admit I don't sound like it
    Do you have Skype?: I'd have to re-download it, but I don't think that should be a problem. My Skype name is NinjaWolfMaster. Don't have to worry about downloading it anymore ;D
    Do you have a Microphone?: Yep, a logitech one.
    Timezone: EST (UTC-5)
    What kinds of things would you be interested in playing?: Some survival stuff, maybe some adventure maps (Like the Super Hostile Series), just about anything really. Just...not hardcore. I'd probably really, REALLY suck.
    Would you be able to also record video for your own channel?: I can't record anything right now because my PC is crap, but I'll be getting a new laptop over the summer and might be able to record then. My YT is NinjaWolfMaster (of course, right?) if that happens :)
    Why do you think you'd be a good fit?: Hey, everyone needs that person who's not good at Minecraft in their let's play, right? ...Okay, in all seriousness, I'm not THAT bad. I can be funny, if you sarcasm is your cup of tea, and I would like to think I'm pretty creative. I can also make graphics for the group, since I'm going into college to be a graphic designer next year.

    Thanks for looking at my application!
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    Hello again everyone! I apologize for disappearing off the face of the Earth for awhile there- I forgot to factor in real-life issues with my update schedule, haha.

    I'm sure if you're watching this build, you're probably wondering how I did- unfortunately, I can't tell that yet. Why? My school extended the date for the contest (luckily!) until tomorrow.

    I still can't update the pictures from Day 4 for now- I have to get back to work! They will be up tomorrow!

    Anyways, let me reply to some comments first- which I really appreciate every single one of them :)

    Quote from Vicyouz

    Wait your school? WHERE IS IT?!, your castle looks awesome, and the chikenĀ“s eggs part was cute, you MUST win :D .

    Quote from mokomama

    the chickens should be :SSSS:foes:SSSS:

    what school do you go to

    Haha, I'm not gonna tell you specifically what school I'm from, but let's just say it's near Cincinnati
    Also, everyone seems to be saying the chickens are foes! Have I been fooled by them?

    Quote from Chris7554

    Do you want my serious opinion?
    Your "castle" looks ugly , very ugly . This iron-gold-glowstone mix just makes my eyes bleed ,
    and I dont think that such a great structure is able to stay on a 2x2 pillar?
    To be honest , I would remove that and start again , but next time I would use smooth brick ,
    stone , cobble , oakwood for contrasts . You should always work on the proportions of your
    build , all the stairways look to small for such a castle , and this "grand stairway" or wtf ever
    its supposed to be looks ridicolous because the room for it is way to small .
    As I said, remove it and start again ...

    Quote from Demon_Child

    yeah in all honesty i agree with chris7554 its ugly, sorry to say this but i dont like it. at all the materials are all wrong, it doesnt seem anything like a castle... i hate to say it but i cant find anything i like about this build :(

    As I said earlier, I will admit iron wasn't my best decision when I started building. And true, some of my proportions are a bit off (I would like to blame the space limits for that, lol). However, I can't simply remove it and start again since, well...the contest is tomorrow. I simply don't have enough time to replace ALL the iron and ALL the glowstone. Besides, at least glowstone looks better than a million torches thrown around the place.
    As for the pillar deal, it's not exactly a realistic portrayal, I know- but then again, how many times have you seen stairs leading up to practically a floating castle, or well, a circular castle in the first place. The pillar wasn't meant to be the base structure supporting the castle, and in fact I had been planning on getting rid of it later (though, again, I was attacked by the killer time restraints! Gr!)
    I'll definitely regard your advice in later builds- this was my first , major thing after all!- but for not, I simply cannot go back and change my work thus-far. The most I can really do at this point is mess with some textures. Thank you so much though! :)

    Quote from droidcommando

    chris bit harsh to him its his descision to make it that way and if you hate it go to another site instead

    While he did had a pretty harsh tone, some of his advice was pretty useful- though thank you so much for trying to stick up for me!

    Quote from mokomama

    make the world available for download

    If you really want, I can do that for you once it's finished- though I might change it once this contest is over (or at least figure out how to translate it to a normal world! It looks so bland on a superflat world!)

    Quote from MegaBlock

    Sorry but, what's "WIP"?

    A WIP is a Work In Progress :)

    Thanks again everyone!
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    If anyone's still watching out for this (I'd love some feedback if you are!) I'm going to upload today's pictures tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now and don't really have the patience to put them up

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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    Aaand finished the second update. I really need to do some RL work now, so it'll probably be the last major update today.

    I might change a few things, but no more major construction is going to happen tonight, so I'll spare an update.
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    Whew! Got the first part of today's build done.

    Today might not have as many parts- school's tomorrow, so I have to finish homework. Plus I'm working on a texture pack to make everything more spiffy.
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    I'm back, and thanks for all the comments everyone! I really appreciate all the feedback :)

    Quote from BrentsAccount

    good luck with it :)

    Quote from blacksabre98

    I like it, might still have a chance to win this competition!

    Thanks, fellas!

    Quote from lechips11

    Your school is awesome.

    Quote from Marcellan

    Why do you get to go to such a school....

    Haha, I guess I'm just one of the lucky few to have a club that's basically centered around video games :iapprove:

    Quote from Purechillos

    Hmm.... strange choice of materials lol
    It's going to be a peculiar castle. But I do admit, after seeing that checkered floor it looks pretty rad lol. Good luck with this ;)

    Quote from 123doggyluvuh

    -had to snip because it was a long reply, but thanks for everything you said!

    Quote from XxPro219xX

    It is a great start, but perhaps you could pay more attention to the choice of textures an blocks used? I am personally not a fan of iron blocks. And if your castle is suppose to instill the feeling of grandeur and majesty into people, i suggest using less colourful blocks.

    Wow, thanks for the advice! I noticed a lot of you commented about my materials choices, and I agree iron in the default texture pack doesn't look as snazzy as I thought it did...plus the colors are a little bright. Unfortunately, I can't do a whole lot now- that would put me waaaay far back in my schedule. Luckily though, I can modify a texture pack to change the iron and make the wool darker.

    @doggy- Thanks for the extra advice, especially about the rooms and the village! I'll be sure to incorporate some of your ideas into the build!

    @Pure- Haha, yeah, it's not exactly the typical castle setup is it? I figured there would already be a ton of square, ground-based castles already, so I decided to mix it up. Also, I checked out your written let's play- you're doing an awesome job so far!

    That's everything for now! I'm going to go back to building- hopefully I'll have the first batch of today's pictures up soon!
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    Alright, so I'm getting some rest now- more updates tomorrow! Hang tight, kiddies!

    If you have any ideas, please post! I would love you so much for it!
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)
    Quote from 123doggyluvuh

    looks awesome!!!!!!

    but as a experienced minecraft forums viewer, i would recomend making your topic look nicer, easier to read,better grammar and spelling(hint better than mine) MUCH more organized and a plan for the future.
    Trust me, the orginazation and viewing pleasure, takes a better part in how many posts a topic gets than it should. :P
    Also you'll notice i dont follow my own advice :D
    and lastly sorry for not giving advice its just that your topic is a bit confusing, so it was hard (for me anyway) to understand so i gave advice on forum orginization instead! lol LOL

    as for template goes you might try:
    1. intro
    2. plans for build.
    3. [BUILD PICTURES] and then go on to your build it self With each UPDATE being seperated by a spoiler or a new post.

    also theres two ways of updating threads, one is to make a new post with the update (recomended)
    or edit your topic post to show all your updates if done that way i reccomend putting new updates in spoilers and labeled.

    im sorry if this wasnt what you were looking for its just that i didnt understand your post so i wasnt sure how to help, hopefull this helped! :D

    and yeah i suck at spelling lol and i kept adding stuff so thats why its so disorganized

    Thanks for the advice! I'll admit I'm not exactly a regular user on here, so I wasn't sure how to format this topic, lol.
    I'll be sure to clean it up to make it a little easier to understand!
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    posted a message on Making a Castle in 6 Days? Let's Do This (WIP)

    Hello all!

    Recently, my school announced they were putting on a Minecraft contest. Our goal is to make something in a 100 block tall, 100 block wide, and 60 block high cube. I was hoping to make a castle to enter into it, but the problem is...I only have 6 days.


    I figured I'd let you guys see what I have in store for the judges- as well as give me some steps along the way.

    So join on in! I don't bite
    ...much :iapprove:

    Day 1: Part 1

    A front view of the stairs...and my items. I use a lot of iron in this build
    It's a pretty small start, but at least it's somewhere.

    The castle part is going to be a lot of work...or at least I thought so when I was looking at this
    The flagpole...with no flag yet.
    An overhead view of the build

    What is with chickens and giving me eggs? I usually never get them in survival mode...maybe they're cheering me on?
    Day 1 Part 2:

    Started narrowing down my color choices here...and the only one I know I'm using is gold.

    You can also see I got the castle's platform done! Yay! Though I might want to add an island around it, to make it seem like it's on an island...thoughts?

    Still haven't decided to do with this at this point...but it's still getting flattened.

    The start to my checkered flor! Again, not sure I want to go with that color scheme or not. Also, I still have to change some of the stairs, it seems

    Figured out where the glowstone needs to go on the wall...though it looks really bad with the default texture pack. Also got the basics for the arch.

    Still getting some eggs from the chickens, but not many...maybe they realized I'm onto them?
    Day 1, Part 3

    Last part of the day...and most of it is about chickens. You can tell I obviously need some rest.

    I was about to sign out for the night when, surprise! A chicken gives me a present and reminds me to update! I took a fly around the outer wall to survey my farm animals after this- there's a lot of sheep around.

    When I got back from travelling around, another chicken was waiting with another egg! I'm pretty sure they're on my side now...they could be spies though.

    Now onto actual updates! There's a lot done on the castle floor, but I haven't been working on flattening the pit/village.

    I think this color scheme is growing on me...

    The last thing I worked on today is the glowstone on the outer walls.
    Day 2, Part 1:

    Welcome to day two! Inbetween these two days, I think I've finally figured out what the general castle will look like
    ...But instead of diving in, I'm updating about the chickens first. Go figure.

    I think this was the chicken that photobombed one of my pictures yesterday. What a little devil! I didn't even notice him for awhile!

    Anyway, here are the first two shots. You can see I haven't changed my materials very much...
    Also, you can also see the beginnings of the throne room arch.

    I finally leveled out one of the quadrants below the castle. One down, 3 more to go!

    You can see from here that I got the stairs and the glowstone completed. Now all I need to do is add the trim around the glowstone- and maybe add more detail to the outer wall's arches- and the outer wall is complete!

    And here's the arch! It's got a long way to go, but I think it'll look great once it's done. Hoping it'll break up the outside of the castle a little bit.

    Glad I finally finished that floor...also marked off the fourths that I need for the rooms.
    Oh, and placed some blocks to mark off where the floors are going to be

    Ta-da! The progress so far! It's hard to believe I got all this done in less than two days. Hopefully this fast pace holds up!

    Not exactly progress, but you see what I mean about the tons of sheep around the place?
    Day 2, Part 2:

    Whew! Got the big arch thing for the throne room finished, or at least the basics. I might add a design to spice it up later.

    The throne room, now with red carpet!

    I'm not sure I like how the red carpet turned out, though...at least it looks good from the throne.

    Speaking of the throne, it looks pretty pimped out, if I do say so myself. The way I first designed it, you had to hop onto the throne instead of walking on it! Needless to say, I changed that

    Thought I'd take a shot sitting on the throne ;)
    It shows off my identical paintings (which will be fixed soon)

    A view of the top of the arch! The other areas are kind of dull so far.
    Also, pay no mind to the green wool. That's just to mark off where east is.

    Made myself a very simple flag. too.

    Finally flattened the underbelly of the castle! Now to fill it with water...hoo boy.

    The top view of my work so far!
    Day 3, Part 1:

    Got a bunch of work done, including making a texture pack! All I have to say is...well, it looks better, but it's not there yet. I probably need to find something different for the iron. But darkening the wools made everything more more imposing and regal! Thanks Pro!

    Starting to fill the pit with water. It's a bit tedious to do, though. Also added some glowstone to the bottom of the pillar.

    Mapped out where the next floor is going to end. I'm thinking of adding a glass dome to the exposed areas- thoughts?

    Switched out the redstone torches for normal torches to light up more area.

    I told you guys I'd change the pictures! I also added these guys instead of plain ol' torches. They look a bit intimidating!

    Gave one of the siderooms a regal stairway to the upper level- I was thinking it could be a ballroom, though I probably should add some railings at the top.

    What's this though? Ah, who knows, maybe I'll show later~!

    Here's the entrance to the royal library! It needs a few more shelves and light fixtures, but it's nearly complete.

    If I get enough time, I'll write a few simple books to go in there- maybe a history of the castle?

    Sadly, this room's still a bit empty...it's most likely going to just be another stairway, unless I get a better idea.

    It's hard to believe I've gotten all of this done so far...though I still have a long way to go! Hope I make it on time!

    Look at all my materials! I also had a few more visits from the chickens :D
    Day 3, Part 2:

    Lots of new stuff I can talk about! As you can see from these pics and the next one, I got the water in the pit filled up.
    Also, the table in my inventory is just a re-textured bed! Hopefully no one falls asleep on my tables...

    This was easier than I thought it would be...I only had to place water buckets on a half or so of the edge blocks!

    Took another shot of the completed set of stairs. I only changed minor things though.

    The library is complete! You can also see the floor of another newly completed area of the castle.

    I added corners to the library with their own special chests. I'm thinking one chest contains the history of the castle, one had the build log, and one can have basic crafting recipes (Kind of like Harvest Moon)
    Hopefully I get done soon enough to write them!

    Still gotta finish this set of stairs. I got into a little bit of trouble at first with them, but I fixed them.

    And here's a new addition, the ballroom! I might add a chandelier if I have enough time.
    The throne's a two-seater this time, incase the ruler wants company ;)
    The floor's pattern is a teensy bit different than the normal blue and purple- instead of wool, I used lapiz and obsidian.

    There's also two sets of stairs that lead up to the next part of the castle...

    The dining hall and kitchen! As you can see, it still needs a loooot of work. Luckily, I have a lot of time to fit it in.

    Only two more floors to go! One will probably be guest rooms, and the other will be the king's room. I'm really looking forward to the king's quarters. :)
    ...Also, you might be wondering why there's no servants quarters. If I get time, I'll add some area under the castle for them.

    I really like the skylight in the ballroom, btw. It breaks up some of the monotony of the castle- if I have enough time, I'll make the roof of the ballroom a different block type- maybe obsidian?

    The classic top view again! It's almost complete now :)

    This is the list of all the things I need to complete
    • A circular outer wall, mainly made of iron and accessorized with glowstone and something else
    • Stairs that lead up to the main castle
    • Pit under the castle (Chose to do a pit after all)
    • A light switch for the king's room (walk in the room and BAM!- lava dispensors turn on. I thought it would be a cool addition)
    • Throne room
    • Ballroom
    • Dining Area
    • Kitchen
    • Stairs
    • Library
    • King's bedroom
    • Other castle rooms
    • The flag (May change the shape though)
    • Pick a color scheme! (Sticking with the blue/purple/yellow scheme!)
    • Flatten the pit! (Glad that's over with. )
    • Extras! (Decorations, small changes, ?????, etc.)

    If anyone can give me tips on any of these things, I would greatly appreciate it!
    • Should I just have water under the castle? Or a whole village?
    • What rooms should I have in my castle?
    • How should I decorate the interior?
    • What should I put for the flag?
    • Purple and gold, blue and gold, or both?
    • Are the chickens friends or foes?
    • Should I add an island to the floating castle?
    • Should I do something special for the side room?
    • Should I add a glass dome to the exposed lower areas?
    • What should I change on the texture pack?
    Anything else is appreciated too!


    September 22
    UPDATE 1: Cleaned everything up to make it easier to understand! Thanks doggy!
    UPDATE 2: Added Part 2!
    UPDATE 3: Added Part 3!
    September 23:
    UPDATE 4: Added Day 2, Part 1! Also got rid of some of the needed advice and the questions
    UPDATE 5: Added Day 2, Part 2 and got rid of a few things!
    September 24:
    UPDATE 6: Added Day 3, Part 1! Also added and got rid of some options!
    UPDATE 7: Added Day 3, Part 2 and took away some options.
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