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    posted a message on Pick Item Button Used To Make End Portal
    Quote from Glacey

    SPC and TMI can get you them already :|

    Yeah, but some people like to play vanilla
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    posted a message on [Survival] House on a continent! Pass it on!
    Quote from EnragedFixation

    It's still my turn for about 2 hours I think.

    No. It was never your turn. Someone posted before you
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    posted a message on Upside down boat
    So you downloaded a picture from an upload link
    Then you tried to upload it?
    Give us the link that you got it from
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    posted a message on NEW Bronies v. The World
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    posted a message on What is the worst song you have ever heard?
    Quote from Dr_FancyPants

    Cool story sis.

    Maybe we can perform of the sex?
    parents at buisness trip nobody know
    dog might knos but dog is dog and could be your grifledn today?
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    posted a message on Huge Epic Pixel Arts- KONY 2012 PIXEL ART
    Mind doing this?

    EDIT: Yeah, so I really don't think you're doing this by hand. Reported and hope you get a ban/thread delete
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    posted a message on How I miss Alpha
    Quote from CaptnNorway

    Really, the world generation in alpha suxed big time, it was flat and boring with a few hills.

    Have you not seen the pictures from early alpha? INSANE floating stuff, basically 20x cooler than current world generation.
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    posted a message on I still play Beta 1.7.3.
    Quote from DtPv2

    The purpose of these forums is to express their love for minecraft or saying something that will help someone out in the game.

    Yeah, totally mang
    "Every version was awesome in its own way, and every version has/had its downfalls."
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    posted a message on The closest you got to the Dragon

    Let's see, oh yeah. I brought an iron sword, bow, 64 arrows, and leather armor. I killed it.

    How did you destroy the enderdragons healing blocks?
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    posted a message on I still play Beta 1.7.3.
    wow we car so much.

    Owait, no we don't. I couldn't give less of a **** if you were playing infdev, or indev, or survival test. I don't need to know. I'm sick and tired of people acting like everybody should care how you play the game. Sure, Indev was great, world generation options. Wee! Infdev sure was great too, Secret Friday Updates! Beta! Awesome multiplayer, tons of other stuff.

    Every version was awesome in its own way, and every version has/had its downfalls.

    herpderp be quiet
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    posted a message on possible new redstone clock
    Thats not exactly a clock
    Its called a blink device
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    posted a message on HapyCraft- BUKKIT _Whitelist_=15 Slots=
    OP APP
    IGN: NinjaQ
    Age (must have): 12
    Why You want OP: Because as on all PvP servers, there will be hacking assholes
    What you Would Do as OP: Warn/ban hackers, help new users, and try to remain netruel
    What you will contribute to: The overall wealth of the server.

    IGN: NinjaQ
    Age: 12
    Why you want To Join the Server: I really wanna try PvP, and this doesn't seem SUPER HARDCORE.
    What you would do there: Average PvP stuff
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    posted a message on 8 year olds dating?
    Quote from Toilet_Ninja

    God help this world if we allow the majority of modern children to live and reproduce.

    Dude. What the ****
    Are you insane?
    Alright, my dad made his fair share of stupid decisions. He did the things that you would expect a teenager to do. Drugs, partying, dating. But you know what, he ****ing grew up. You know why? Because thats what kids ****ing do. They don't instantly become adults from kids. They change. They learn from thier mistakes. THEY GROW UP.

    Do you really think they're gonna look back when their in thier twentys and be like
    "Yeah guys, I was pretty cool, I dated when I was 8"
    No, and if you think that, you're the one who deserves to be castrated.
    It is BY FAR more likely that they won't be regretful, because they will probably realize that they had to change, as they were KIDS.

    You. You are the goddamn reason why I absolutely hate ignorant, no, STUPID people who think that they're different. But guess what, asshole, you're the same as everybody else. I'm guessing you're a 12 year old boy, who thinks they're more mature than everybody else, but guess what. While they're out their doing exactly what they want, you're cooped up inside, insulting them

    inb4 week ban
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    posted a message on Strange Enderman is Strange?
    You're joking about the endermen planning something, right?
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    posted a message on New Redstone Machine Idea
    I don't think that there would be a way to do this without having to run around placing trees

    If you somehow come up with a way to do it, you could make a ring of trees surrounding a place, with pistons pushing the grown leaves into the center, when they decompose and drop apples/saplings
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