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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!

    For some reason some of the textures aren't showing, I tried using different texture packs to see if it worked but they still didn't show up.

    ( I am using Optifine and some other mods also)

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    posted a message on Electic Network Need Staff

    Helper Application

    Age: 13

    IGN: Enchantedx

    Skype: Will give if choosen

    What can you bring to the server: What I can bring to the server is a fun experience for players, I will make sure there is no hackers making the game unfair, I can also make sure there is no rudeness going on, I can be serious but when needed, I will also try to listen to everyone's opinions and try to make the best out of things, and I am also loyal.

    How Mature are you: 8.7/10 (I can be mature most of the times but hey goofiness does kick in)

    (Extra Info)

    I have been mod two times and admin once, So I have experience with things and how to handle them, I'm in Pacific Time Zone so the time I get on minecraft is 11:00 am.

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    posted a message on Staff Needed!!! New Server
    Age: 12

    Skype(Must have): abyninja

    Describe yourself (character, values, maturity, etc.): Im Smart, a very active player and friendly. From maturity level I am 9 (1-10). I know how to act in very difficult situations and i'm very honest. i'm not afraid to do what i have to do to solve the problem at hand. if i become mod i will try my best to keep the server as fun and awesome as it possibly can. i can contribute ideas that would make the server awesome. (ex. Spawners, Shop, pvp arena, mob arena, and a mine) those are just a few of my ideas. i can also do a great job and making sure no racism and advertising happens in the chat. im very loyal to the server where im a staff. I also will make sure nobody is having unfair advantages for ex: hacks. I also like helping out new and old players and will put in my all to make your server popular.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: I have been playing minecraft for about 1 and a half years now/

    Rank you are applying for: Mod

    Experience you have as staff: I was a head-mod in a server called WinterKraft but they shut it down. I am right now mod in my friend's server. I know a lot of commands and I have becomed familiar with them, mostly the ones required to be a great staff.

    Other info: I am on minecraft like around 2:30 PM to 8:50 PM (Pacific Time Zone) I think I will be really suit into to being staff for your server because I really like to be helping new and old players.
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    posted a message on New server need LOTS OF ADMIN ABOUT 7 or 9
    Ign: NinjaO3o
    Position: Head Admin or Admin
    Age:12 I'm really mature
    Why: I think you should choose me because I'm loyal and respect all the rules and respect everyone. I also help out the community as much as I can. I don't abuse my powers and make sure everyone is having fun. I have been admin on 2 servers.
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    posted a message on CNRCRAFT Recruiting Staff members
    Reason: I think you should choose me because I'm loyal and help the community. I also help people out and don't abuse my powers. I have been mod on 1 server and helper on 1.
    Ign: NinjaO3o
    Ever been banned?: I have never ever been banned. I always follow server rules.
    Age: 14 Turning 15 on Feb 16 (I'm really mature)
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    posted a message on [0.8.1] Official Cops N' Robbers 2.0 for MCPE [PC Port] by Elite Builds [Played by JackFrostMiner, AceCraftGaming, and More!] [1
    My cousin downloaded this map and he wanted me to play with him so I joined him on local wifi server (he had installed the map onto his mcpe) but the map doesn't appear for me only for him... (He can see the building and everything but all I see is no building just a normal newly generated minecraft world.) Please help... :)
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