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    Server Report
    User: bob8is8cool
    It's sad that I need to do so many.

    Bob claims that he 'kills people for self defense yet he breaks into the Guard Tower by either Glitching or using Hacks then kills guards? That's certainly not a valid comment. Bob also claims that he likes to Troll People when he can. I have many Witnesses to back me up on this including an ADMIN (evilhaunting)

    Ban Him
    Bob has been caught glitching onto restricted areas which is a bannable offence, glitching (eploits) is also, yet another bannable offence. Yet Toad does nothing about it. Bob claims to have been banned twice on this server, yet he is unbanned over and over again. I don't need proof of Bob glitching because evilhaunting can back me up on this.

    Overall he wrecks this server, ruins the fun out of it. Apart from Glitching he also goes into Restricted Area BY Glitching, that's 2 bannable offences.

    In-Game Offenses Include:
    -Being Rude and or Annoying, which he does often.
    -Assaulting other players, often aswell.
    -Being in a Restricted Area (Glitching Out)

    Toad if you don't believe me in any of these statements, ask evil, ask someone that witnessed it. If you don't ban him you this is clearly a biased server.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs! (Alternative of Intoxicated!)
    Guard Report

    These's Prisoners have been caught with illegal goods, Silent had Diamonds, about 40 and claims to have found them when he 'picked them up' I have many witnesses and king65hi has bought his 'goods' I find that finding 40 Diamonds is a stupid excuse so I asked them for there Diamonds/Armor, they both refused and so I gave them numerous warnings, after about 10 Minnutes I decided to kill them but Silent had already made Diamond Armor, so was basically unstoppable. I died and he gave MY stuff to TR3W after claiming that I attacked him first I said that I asked for his Armor, yet he didn't give me it so I killed him. TR3W and Silent flame multiple time, swear, break rules etc.


    Announcing that he glitched over the wall and has 2 Stacks of Diamonds and stating that your prison sucks ****. Really? come on now.

    By maticninja at 2011-12-06
    He has other servers to go on? so he doesn't care if he gets banned, so ban him?

    Toad, please either Take all there Diamond tools, Diamonds, etc. or warn them/ban them.
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    Introduction - The New Age
    Welome to Paintball League, only the most TALENTED and STRONGEST fighters will be accepted, weaklings are NOT allowed. Weakness will NOT be tollerated, to be the best, the weak must be exterminated. Loosing is NOT an option, although if we do loose, it's a game. Get over it. Being a TOTAL AND UTTER MORON, NOOB, IDIOT etc. will get you KICKED out of this team. This server is going to get big people, so we've got to show WHO'S BOSS AROUND HERE, PAINTBALL LEAGUE IS before other teams start rebeling against us. I've kicked the weaklings out of the team. Pro's only, now I'm not saying I'm a pro, but loosing EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT means you're just a failure at Paintball. Come on guys, get better. Please?

    Recruitment Information - The New Age
    To join you must apply and be ACCEPTED, and then /msg me in-game for the 3 Tests. If you fail ALL the Tests you may only try again after winning aleast ONE Tournament. 'What are the tests?' you ask? Well it's simple. The First test will be a test of 'Skills' a.k.a if you can defeat ME in a game of 1v1 Paintball, if you win. Welldone. The Second test will be a test of 'Agility' To last for atleast 30 Seconds on a Paintball Field while I shoot at you, the objective is to last the 30 Seconds. This will test your dodging skills. Your Third and final test is to either bring me 5 Stacks of Cobblestone or to Donate Money to Paintball League, all funds will be used to buy Weapons for the team etc. This is is more of a 'Loyalty' test instead of 'Physical' test.

    There is now a 'Ranking' System, where the higher your rank is. The more highly I threat of you. So if you're in RANK 10 I'll probably treat you as my buddy, instead of if you're RANK 1 Then I'll treat you as a person on my team. Below are a list of Ranks, continue on reading to see what jobs they do. 'Major General' is basically the 'LEADER' of the team, respect him/her or be kicked out of the team. 'Lieutenant General' is in charge of co-leading the team and 'General' are allowed to Command Rank 5 or below. Now when you reach Rank 7 You're allowed to be either, 'Field Ops' or 'Chief of Intel.) The Field Op is a very important job, you're in charge of keeping an eye of where the Oposing team is in a Tournament, you then send OUR team messges using /msg telling them the loction of the Oposing team. 'Cheif of Intel.' is in chare of telling our team which Players to Target first in a match, so if there was a Pro Player he would say '/msg [NAME] Dude watchout [NAME]Is a pro! Target first. 'Colonel' and 'Brigadier' are both in-charge of mining and stocking PBL with money. 'Captain' is in command of Rank 3's and below, meaning that he must help noobs etc.
    'Staff of Mineral' is in charge of mining. 'Stock Manager' is in charge of food, weapons etc.


    Rank 10 - Major General (Job: Command of ALL RANKS, Help Team)
    Rank 9 - Lieutenant General (Job: Help Major General)
    Rank 8 - General (Job: Command of Rank 5-)
    Rank 7 - Field Ops (Job: Messges the players on our team with where the enemy is etc.)
    Rank 7 - Chief of Intel. (Job: Tell our team who to target first)
    Rank 6 - Colonel
    Rank 5 - Brigadier
    Rank 4 - Captain (Job: Command of Rank 3-)
    Rank 3 - Lieutenant (Job: Assist Captain)
    Rank 2 - Staff Cadet
    Rank 2 - Staff of Minerals (Job: Fairly obvious, mine us money)
    Rank 2 - Stock Manager (Job: Stock us up with food, money, weapons etc.)
    Rank 1 - Officer Cadet
    Rank 0 - Cadet (Info: Haven't passed the test yet but want to asap)

    Time Zone:
    Why we should recruit you?:

    Giving more detail in "Why we should recruit you" would help alot.
    If you're not mature,expect to get kicked off ASAP. Alot of people have been booted of the team and kicked out of their dorm. I am sorry. If you're not on the 'Team Members' list you are NOT ON THE TEAM, This is now offical.

    Team Members (Rank 10-1)

    If you're a Paintball League Supporter please put one of these banners as your signature:
    This is the one I made. :smile.gif:

    This is the one Blaxk made! Thanks to him! :biggrin.gif:
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