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    posted a message on Abandoned [1.0.0] [Prison Server]
    People only grief because they're jealous of how epic this server is.
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    posted a message on [!READ THE OP!] Buying Minecraft Gift Codes for Others!
    Hi Vex, I've been playing 'Minecraft' on my friends account for a couple of days and I really liked Minecraft. Sadly I can't buy it due to money problems etc. I'd really appreciate it if I could get a chance to recieve a chance to get a code! :smile.gif: You're a really generous guy!

    From :iapprove: .
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    posted a message on [Flint] MineScapeRPG :: MOVING TO A NEW OWNER - SEE FIRST POST FOR DETAILS!
    Quote from johndoe138

    On the other hand, now the playerlist is working without the need for multiple relogs :smile.gif:

    Oh, and we don't have to listen to that wretched levelin' up music for now.

    D: leveling up music is beautiful, so is the hp bar
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    posted a message on [Flint] MineScapeRPG :: MOVING TO A NEW OWNER - SEE FIRST POST FOR DETAILS!
    spoutcraft y u dissapoint son. I miss your levelin' up music :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on ~ Paintball ~ [Updated!]
    Splatcraft is dead, Good job on 1.0.0 Though.
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    posted a message on ★ ⓈⓅⓁⒶⓉⒸⓇⒶⒻⓉ - The #1 Paintball Server ★2
    Kinkle the Paintball Mod has been updated to 1.0.0, but it seems as if you're dead.
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    posted a message on [Flint] MineScapeRPG :: MOVING TO A NEW OWNER - SEE FIRST POST FOR DETAILS!
    Quote from 00NR

    Remember that server repeating every thing it says? Here's a screenie, cav.

    Hey, is the Rei's Minimap you're using 1.8 or 1.0.0? Please reply. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs! (Alternative of Intoxicated!)
    Um, I'm not whitelisted. Please whitelist me: ninjamatic
    IGN: ninjamatic
    Age: 15
    Why you would like to be white listed: You know why, don't you?
    Preferred Job: Not sure yet.
    Gameplay: (Aggressive, Neutral, Friendly) Neutral
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    posted a message on [Flint] MineScapeRPG :: MOVING TO A NEW OWNER - SEE FIRST POST FOR DETAILS!
    Thanks! It works now and wow, I could just sit here saying wow for an hour. This server is INCREDIBLE. Honestly, out of every sever I have been on this one. It blows me away, You sir are incredibly awesome! Friendly Community, great towns, classes, jobs etc. This is the most great server I have been on. Words can't express how great it is. It's truly an amazing experience. If you haven't been on this server, your life is not complete.

    I'm making a skin now just for this server :tongue.gif:
    I'm also making a banner because it's so freken amazing.
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    posted a message on Abandoned [1.0.0] [Prison Server]
    Name: ninjamatic

    : 15

    Location: Australia

    Ideas for the new server
    -I've been waiting to suggest this for a while now, and that thing is a Sewer. This would be a Criminal's Heaven, from growing drugs to buying from a Black Market, selling drugs there, having an underground fight arena etc.

    -More farming options solution: If the sewer is added.

    -I also hated having to sell stacks in either 1 or 64 like Pure does. Please make a 32 or 10

    -I incredibly hate 1x64 holes in the mine, falling into one = insta-death and you can't get your items back, after dealing with this several times I set myself a mission. To patch 1x64 Holes.

    -Agreed with Pure once again, add more information to bank accounts buying/upgrading.

    -Make a Mess Hall that contains food you may buy from.

    What to take away:I wouldn't take away anything except for the un-prisony feel, it's more like a town instead of a prison. I build really realistic things so I would help this server become more realistic.

    Building Pictures

    Previous Sewer I made:

    I made it so people can't go in the 'Cocaine' Farm directly, to get into it you must find a secret path through water, a hole or lever etc.

    Exactly the same like I mentioned previously.

    Why I want to be a part of it: Not like most servers this server did't have any loop holes, in other servers I eventually find a profiting loop hole in there shop or a way to get out of the Prison. I played this server for like 2 days and straight away got hooked. I'm a Convict now and know how to earn money fast. I also want to be a part of developing this server because it's a good oppurtunity to really test my building skills to myself and to everyone around me. If you accept me I will put 110% on this project!

    Why you should pick me: You should pick me so I can implement the sewer system and also build realistic cells/parts of the prison. I'd really like an oppurtunity to help out and hope this server gets popular!

    Note- I had to double post because no one seemed to check the previous one sorry :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Shin's Medieval RP: REBORN - [Whitelisted. We actually RP! RPG!! Species! Nations! GUILDS]!
    Out of Character info

    Minecraft Name: (Minecraft ID name.)

    What other RP servers have you played?: List the names of the other Roleplay Servers that you have played. WE DO NOT WANT A NUMBER!)
    I've played on numerous ones but didn't take the time to know the names because either: They were extremely boring and suck or they closed down for some reason.

    Agree to the rules, and agree that you can be banned?: (Saying 'No' to this will get you instantly rejected.)
    N- Yes, I do agree *shifty eyes* Nah, just kidding I do definately!

    Why should I put you on the whitelist?: (What do you offer our server if we whitelist you? What do we lose if we reject you?)
    If you whitelist me on your awesome looking server, I will promise to obide by the rules and help you build towns, clans, etc. I'm a very good builder and only build things that are realistic, so if it was a Medieval RP I would build Olden Day Houses, Cottages etc. I wouldn't build random skyscrapers and buisnesses. If you don't whitelist me you're missing out on my friendliness and building skills.

    Whats your definition of roleplay?: (What is roleplay to you?)
    Roleplay to me is very unique, you play as a character and live a life of either evil or good, this gives more meaning to Minecraft SMP's because you play as someone and live a normal life.

    Please state 1 rule that you agree the most with: (Pick a REAL RULE from the 'Rules' section of the first post.)
    ALWAYS Roleplay, OOC is not tolerated in chat. There is although a Chitchat and jokes OOC.

    In Character info

    Character Name: (First and Last name of your character. MUST HAVE BOTH!)

    Character Species: (Human, Nord, Dwarf, High Dwarf, Ender Elf, Wood Elf, Creep, or Pigman. Learn about each in the first post.

    Character Gender: (Man or Woman, Male or Female, Boy or Girl.)

    Character Age: (Minimum age is 20, be realistic. No child characters. They will be instantly rejected.) 25

    Character Birthday: (Read the list of months on the first post.)
    The 7th Day of the 2nd Month

    Character Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance. What he looks like. No dark hoods, modern clothes, or anime-like characters.)
    My Character features: Dark Brown medium hair, scars on the face, dark brown eyes, ragged clothes.

    Character Personality: (What is your character like? How do they react to others? How do others react to them?)
    My Character enjoys slaughtering cows for amusement and just doing it to shut them up, he hates the sound of 'MOO' and has a good sense of humour. Most of the time he is friendly but when his friend/family is irritated he will make his move.

    Character Fears: (MUST HAVE ONE. Everyone is afraid of something. Don't you dare make a Chuck Norris joke out of this.)
    Scared of height.

    Character Health Issues: (Unexplained health problems that are NOT diseases.)
    When he gets hungry he will walk more slowly.

    Character Physical Problems: (Physical ONLY)
    Cannot fight normally if he's hungry.

    Character Diseases: (REAL DISEASES)

    Character Occupation: (What does your character do for a living, or think he/she could do for a living?)
    My character enjoys farming as a living, he grows crops but while he waits for them to grow is a fine hunter. He enjoys hunting down Cows for their leather and Spiders for their silk. Hunter/Farmer.

    Character Backstory: (Talk about your characters past. Family, Friends, tragic or memorable events in his/her life. This is one of the most important parts of the In-Character App.)
    Born and raised in a small village Lucas has been a strong boy since birth, he is a strong fighter when forced to fight and doesn't start fights often, he is not a hot headed person because of the way his mother raised him. Lilly Giovanni Lucas's mother raised Lucas with care not like most Nords. Lucas's father was named Ganner, he was a man who only had one goal, to protect his family and his friends. Ganner was a Blacksmith and enjoyed his job. When Lucas was 20 his village was attacked by Goblins but as Nords were born warriors most of them survived, his mother tragically did not however which lead Lucas into a state of depression. Ganner was also mournful but told Lucas to move on, Lucas had sat in his room for weeks on end without food or water, this caused him to catch a Health Issue and caused him to not walk normally. Lucas finally came to his senses 3 Weeks later and started to eat much more frequently, but his Health Issue was still there, but he couldn't walk normally when he was hungry. He later got better and started to Farm in honour of his mother. When Lucas was 24 He set out to Igia to seek better protection he did not want what happend to his mother happen to his father. Seeing as his father was old Lucas set out with his father to Igia. As the weeks past they had reached the border and had finally came out of the woods and saw the Great Kingdom named Igia, as they both walked over the border Ganner heard a 'SssSSsss' He swiftly turned and saw a creeper heading for Lucas, Ganner jumped in front of Lucas and took the explosion. Lucas confused as what had happened fell to his knees, blood on his clothes, his father in his arms. Tears fell down from his cheeks as he had lost everything he loved and cherished. Later that day Lucas gave a propper burial for his Father. Now 25 Lucas is living in Igia as a farmer and a hunter and has 1 goal, to protect his family and friends.

    Character Kingdom: (The kingdom in which your character resides. See first post for more info on the kingdoms

    Character Guild: (Read the first post for info on the guilds and which ones you can join.)Traders Union

    Character Picture: (Not required, used to get a better feel on character appearance.)

    Character Roleplay Example: (Give an example of a conversation between your character and another person.)
    Lucas: Father... why did you jump infront of me.
    Ganner: Lucas... you- ar- a strong man now... you're live is more precious than mine-
    Lucas: Father-
    Ganner: I only had one goal... to protect my family and friends... if I didn't protect you-
    Lucas: No father! You can't leave me now.. not now.
    Ganner: Lucas, go before the night falls. If you die here, my sacrifice would of been for nothing.

    Character Family: (Who is in your character's family? List names, even if deceased.)
    Mother: Lilly Giovanni
    Father: Ganner Giovanni

    Character Skills: (What is your character good at?)
    Hunting and Farming.

    Character Other Info: (Other information to tell us more about your character.)
    Not sure.

    Nickname on the server?: (Ex. Thomas likes to be called Tom or Tommy)
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    posted a message on [Flint] MineScapeRPG :: MOVING TO A NEW OWNER - SEE FIRST POST FOR DETAILS!
    Outdated server? invalid server key? I'm really excited about this sever but can't seem to log in :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs! (Alternative of Intoxicated!)
    Server has been going good so far, but it's time to step it up a :iapprove: LOL See what I did there? HAHAHA I'M SO FUNNY. LOL I'M SO FUNNY RIGHT? HEH HEH EH, No? uh, okay. Anyways, the City is still incomplete and I would really like to work on it more... People are already Civilians so they need something to do.

    How do you become a Warden/Trusted by the way...?
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    posted a message on ~YeaBuddyCraft~ (VERY NEW SERVER) |NEED ADMINS!| _24/7_ [Bukkit 1.0.0] {PLUGINS ~ ANTI GREIF} |HOSTING SMALL SMP SERVER| -VANI
    I went on the Server today and hey, it's not bad. Seeing as you only have 5 Posts it's not that bad. Buildings could get worked on, shops could get worked on. But I'm extremely willing to help you make good architecture, this includes, houses, towns, shops etc. Currently all you have for the 'Town Plots' are 'Free Plot $500' the Spawn looks pretty dull aswell. Other than that, I expereienced NO LAG What so ever. Which is always good.

    Mod App:
    I know there's not an official Mod App yet so.. I'll just state some reasons to maybe make me a Mod :smile.gif: Well, I have 2 bans and they were only because either: I said to an admin 'Maybe you could fix this to make it better' then he banned me. OR I suggested something and then the admin banned me. I'm really honest and trust-worthy and can build really realistic structures.

    I wish you the best for your sever and hope to see you on sometime soon!
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    posted a message on ☆★Craft City Streets★☆[GANGS][DRUGS][ECON][McMMO][RPG][NO WHITELIST][Now Open]
    What happened bro, was looking forward to this.
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