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    I'm a ninja, I dont fall for traps, I trigger them for pleasure.
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    CONGRADULATIPONS, your map has been randomly selected for one of my lets plays! I really hope I enjoy this <3
    Also, before I record, is there anything special to want me to do. (yes, I ask what people want to see, I'm that epic)
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    Ninja's Mini Adventure Maps

    These maps are small and hard but are fun either way!
    Map 01: THE HOLY CAKE
    Difficulty: Very Hard

    In this map you are looking for the HOLY CAKE!
    Remember to install the custom textures and read the rules.
    Just remember....there are so many items for a reason!

    Click this

    Map 02: The lost chamber!
    difficulty: Moderate
    any pictures would spoil this map..Let's just say..jumping, spawners, and fire.


    Map 04: I like drowning!
    What happend to three? Why is this labled three and four? (The real three is pending, I accidently labeld this one three)

    Difficulty: very easy

    Decription, Random floating tree. Some water and swimming, and lava and jumping, torches for breathing, and your arms for climbing, climb sewer pipe lines to get to the end, When you play this map you'll have all those things!

    Like drowning?

    Map 05 Minecraft in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
    Thanks superzz61 for suggesting space map.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Trailer Video! (Soon i'll have a real trailer)
    Your stranded on an alien planet and there are only 4 ways off (not including death)! Have fun and a gruesome death awaits you!
    Lunar Mob Pack: Purple Chickens...
    Download: Space Core Rules Explain how this has more downloads than the tex pack? Stop breaking my rules!



    This is my favorite banner!



    Wow, achives...

    [url=http://tiny.cc/w9r38][img]http://mag.racked.eu/cimage/i354/Im not a noob%21/Beat the Holy Cake/mca.png[/img][/url]



    Community (Meaning not made by me) Maps

    If you wan't to show the world a NMA you made, and I approve it will be placed here, in this spot.
    1. must have twist ending
    2. You can not earn profit from it
    3. Must have a compleat rule set.
    4. Must have a play time of about five minutes
    5. Must submit pictures as well....
    6. Must have a storyline
    7. Must be challanging yet fun
    8. No stealing other stories
    9. Must contain easter eggs(not out of gameplay boundries
    10. Must be fun!

    How to submit it:

    Pm me your map in this format (So I can just copy and past later) and If I approve of it, I will post it here!
    Made by:
    Link (ad free):
    Custom achievements or banners:

    Uploaded so far:

    300+ Download Video
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    This is an oldish map bt I forgot to post it on the minecraft forums...Anyway, this map features a single player version of spleef, kinda. The match lasts about 30 seconds total. You have to survive an onslaught of randomly apearing holes, and if you win you get into the victory lounge! *This map does not reset, you have to reinstall it* Remeber to play on peacful too.

    A little out to date arena.

    Colorful redstone!
    And a very tall tower!

    Beleive it or not the redstone is simple!

    Download: DOWNLOAD
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    posted a message on A diffrent 20 Qs (where winner takes over)
    Quote from Harris_K

    Is it the Ender Dragon Egg? (last attempt)

    Yes, you win! NOw you get to take over the forum for now!
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    posted a message on Yogland! The One and only Yogscast ThemePark! Over 1000 Downloads!
    Is it ok to vid this? I'll give link and credit to you.
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    Banned for not having your post +
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    Quote from owndevil

    argue with all the memes!

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    In and In. Gratz
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    A troll that says "Dafuq?" a lot.

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