About Me

A dog that is known of but is little known about. Who gets thanks for reasons unknown to him. Has no followers since he is a lone wolf. Still needs to make an impact on others around him. Look at me! I am mono logging myself boys!

Song by: AMF

^ I am both apparantly! XD


Minecraft survival

Good puns and jokes

Plague Inc.


Watching Youtube

Playing with my friends!

Geometry Dash

Wolves (especially winged wolves).

Location In my wolf den!

Profile Information

Minecraft NinjaDogDB Xbox NinjaDogDB PSN 乁(⌐■ᴥ■)ㄏ Steam NinjaDogDB Twitch 乁(⌐■ᴥ■)ㄏ Nintendo 乁(⌐■ᴥ■)ㄏ

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