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    George, you could slap some butter onto a breadstick and present it as a Roleplay, and I'd still join. Your quality is far too HD for my abilities, so I'd love to see what you can pull together.

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    The Golden Years were when we were breaking logic to eat a cheeseburger. Those were the days. CJ, I must write a story about this Roleplay, albeit different. I'd be able to include profanities, intercourse, and other adult subjects, although I'm not weird enough to go into full detail about it.

    Perhaps, eventually, we could get continue our adventures, although at this point and with issues going on, it's mostly just the three of us on. I was considering, for a little bit, a 'Next Generation' which would include a few of our kids and some new characters. It'd be funny, in a sense, and we could include the old ones as well at some points. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

    I never really said what Wrath of the Divine meant, did I? Originally, it was to represent how the mankind had sinned against the Gods and brought upon their Wrath, but soon enough the Sins were introduced, so Tobias became the Divine Wrath, which took a spin on the concept. However, it exists where nothing exists, having no meaning but such a deep and touching definition.
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    (( Boy, have you completed that challenge. I didn't mean to offend you by calling you a dog. If I was, I'd call you a cat. That would be *puts on sunglasses* Hurting your Felines. YEAAAAAAH! I've always liked dogs and don't see why people don't like them. ))
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    (( It was kind of a joke, but half serious. I would like to thank Muffin, Kumquat, Ronin, Shotgun, and CJSB for staying with us the whole time. You guys have been here since the beginning, and I really appreciate that. SD joined shortly after, but those four are my "Page One-ers." Muffin, I nearly gave up on the RP before you showed up. We did lose SparkyWasabi, but his time zone is completely different and he was unavailable for most of the plot. In less than one hundred more posts, we'll be about half way to our goal of 9001 posts! This roleplay has impacted my life, both online and offline. I used to be a really bad RPer, but you guys have taught me and helped me to improve along the way.

    Of course, I won't just be thanking them. Everybody gets one!

    Dark, you have always acted like a dog, in a good way. You're always loyal IC and polite OOC. You were the first player to truly work in a group of others, which is something I find pretty cool.

    Trollking, you've added that spontaneous flair to this RP that nobody else could, although it was sometimes for better, other times for worse. Even though you may be confusing, you've always stood your ground and held your head high, which is something I respect.

    Mafia, oh Mafia. Before you joined, the average post was maybe two or three paragraphs. However, with your immense effort put into this RP, we're getting much longer and better quality, all of which having been rubbed off from you. Ever since your Application, we all knew you were a diamond im the rough. You've got serious talent in the writing industry, and I highly suggest you write a book.

    Muffin, you've always had that light hearted attitude, and every moment with you has been both humorous and uplifting. I doubt you have ever willingly offended somebody, and you show an incredible amount of respect to even those who hurt you. You were my first RP partner, and you still are probably my favorite to this day. All in all, your traits are what makes you amazing, and also makes you an Administrator.

    CJSB, although the beginning was rough, we've worked together to smooth everything out. Both IC and OOC, you've been lots of fun to hang out with. Although your character may be psychotic, you've shown a lot of diligence and good quality in your posts. You also have this amazing ability to get along wit nearly anybody, which makes you one of my greatest friends here.

    Kumquat, you are an interesting guy. You chose not to be super OP, which requires tons of patience with us Super-Powerful-Guys. You've never given up on me, even through my shenanigans and weirdness, so I will try to never give up on you. I've had near minimal problems with you, plus you've added companionship to this RP. For that, I thank you greatly.

    Shotgun, you, my friend, are amazing. I bet that is all. I need to say, but it's the truth. You have been with us through the thick and thin and added a special kind of humor to this RP, including the occasional dirty joke. If I were to meet you in real life, I'd probably ask for your autograph.

    Ronin, dang I've been waiting to write this for you. You are the best Admin I could ask for, handling problems without needing me to intervene and knowing when to pass the job onto me. If this were a family, you'd probably be that older, mature sibling that looks at the little brats running around and smiles. I have always looked up to you as an inspiration to my writing, my judgement, and my RP skills. If I weren't here, you'd be the guy in charge.

    SD, my Balrog friend, thank you for everything. Your attitude towards other RPers (namely Trollking) isn't the best, but you have always added something special. In the beginning, I figured everybody would be some humanoid, but you broke that guideline. "F*ck that! I'm a Dragon-Demon-Mother-F*cker!" Although you often get on my nerves, I still respect your talents as an RPer.

    I think I covered everybody, but tell me if I missed you. ))
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    (( No he won't, as I changed my mind. SD, I'll let you keep Terra (: ))
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    (( What the hell is logic? Can I eat it? ))
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    (( I never said it was 2014. FFS, they have a flying ship thing bigger than an Aircraft Carrier. It is, roughly, 2500. That's why technology like guns that dint use bullets are available, although hidden from the public. ))
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    (( You must not know me well enough, my friend. Here's your Pic: ))

    (( Also, I currently don't have any Admins, although I think I'll make one right now. For loyalty to this RP, being amazing, and having the ability to step between those who are fighting, Ronin is our new Admin :3 ))
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    Welcome to Wrath of the Divine, an action packed adventure.

    Let's start this off right: You are a hero. What kind, who knows. You have traveled to the land of Eternia for your own reason, which is nobody's business but yours. In this fine country, we have run into a bit of an issue: Humans have strayed from the path of the Gods, causing anger to boil. Unleashing their fury, the Gods of Eternia have sent a race of monsters, fueled by pure insanity, to fight against us. One man or woman is nothing compared to them, two having a slight chance, multiple with high possibilities of victory. However, these statistics are against a single one of those foul beasts. We call those evil creatures "Tainted."

    This is where You come into play. Having been successful in dispatching one or two on your own, you have been gathered here to help. Luckily, we humans aren't alone. We have multiple classes of characters, each with unique and special abilities.

    Classes -

    - Soldier: Being familiar with most combat techniques, you consider yourself a "Jack-Of-All-Trades", being able to skewer an enemy with a knife, or place loads of bullets into their brain, you can do most mortal skills. However, you only find yourself a master in one such skill, while the others are just decent.
    - Sniper: The expert of Long-Range devices, you find yourself mastering Bows, Sniper Rifles, and the occasional Mortar, anything to kill the enemy from a same distance. However, you aren't able to take as many physical blows as others, as you are slightly more fragile. You are also pretty good with a knife, for close range encounters.
    - Beast Master: Being able to tame most animals within minutes, you find the ability to control animals and make them do your bidding easier than actual fighting. However, if you are forced into it, you would prefer a Knife or a Shotgun, anything for easy dispatching as a fail safe.
    - Dryad: Usually female, this race of nature beings are masters of agriculture. Ever felt like making a tree grow rapidly, ensnaring your enemy in it's trunk? Perhaps forcing grass to bind your foes to the ground? Also, the occasional food product is a nice perk. More defensive or supportive than offensive.
    - Fallen Angel: Not actually an Angel, this class refers to a God who is still passionate for humans, giving up their immortality in exchange for the ability to help. Usually gifted with extreme(ly AWESOME) powers, these allies are very hard to find, meaning approval for this class is very uncommon. Classifying these people by their attributes is very tough, as they can differ greatly.
    - Pyrotechnic: Knowing flames better than a fire-fighter, you can usually depend on a lighter to defeat your enemies. Commonly uses fire related weaponry, such people are usually offensive. They are also allowed to Cary Alcohol around with them, as it makes a great fuel for dousing foes in flames.
    - Psycho: Sometimes, logic isn't enough. When someone really needs to just die, Psychos can always get the job done. NEVER defensive, these rampaging barbarians usually use Melee weapons, making them weak from long distances. However, if you are stuck in a hand to hand fight with one, good luck.
    - Sorcerer: Depending on magic as your weapon, Sorcerers usually deny physical tools in exchange for magic. Why carry a sword when you can summon one? No arrows? No problem. Shoot them with spells!
    - Mechanic: Similar to the BeastMaster, you use pets to fight, however, these pets are usually robots of mass destruction, ready to kill. Usually defensive characters, but with offensive or defensive pets. The Mechanic the self can't take too many hits, but their minions can take plenty of them.

    Are you ready to murder, kids? I can't hear you! Before you jump out there and start the slaughter of foes, let's get things straightened with the Gods and Goddesses.

    Deities -

    New Gods -
    - A'thery: God of the Air, Storms, Wind, and pretty much most things airborne. Main Deity.
    - Kalila: Goddess of Love. Most Fallen Angels are her children.
    - Karisha: Goddess of Magic, Alchemy, and Miracles. Deity of choice for most Sorcerers.
    - Lief: God of Nature. Ancestor to all Dryads.
    - Dimitri: God of Violence. Patron of all Warriors. Main Deity.
    - Ezgi: Goddess of Pain. Goddess who helped bring our enemies to life.
    - Zona: God of Death. Created the husks for the Tainted.
    - Esther: Goddess of Medicine.
    - Falmar: God of Beasts.
    - Titaint: God of Corruption. Tainted were named after him. Evil Deity.

    Elder Gods - (Not Valid for Chosen Deity)
    - Arksiane: God of Chaos
    - Helios: God of the Sun
    - Terra: Goddess of the Earth
    Chromaket: God of the Core
    - Aureylamal: Goddess of Seduction
    - Archaret: God of the Sea
    - Archarel: Goddess of the Sky
    - Cedateq: God of Nature
    - Incinerus: God of Fire
    - Icothelet: God of Love

    Celestial Gods - (Not Valid for Chosen Deity)
    - Solaire: Goddess Of Light
    - Hidei: God Of Darkness
    - Cognita: God Of The Mind
    - Mascli: God Of The Body
    - Animus: Goddess Of The Soul
    - Chrona: Goddess of Time
    - Plato: God of Space
    - Viola: Goddess Of Nothingness
    - Kerato: God Of Creation
    - Corvus: God Of Destruction
    - Pheno: Goddess Of Reality
    - Destalia: Goddess Of Fate

    Chosen Deity (If not, put "None"):
    Bio (If long, put in spoilers):

    My App, if you are Curious -

    Name: Tobias
    Age: 19
    Class: Fallen Angel
    Chosen Deity (If not, put "None"): A'thery
    Expertise: Storm Magic
    Weapon: Elemental Katana
    Design: Concept Art –——> http://m.imgur.com/aanFG34
    Bio (If long, put in spoilers):
    I sat by Father's throne, waiting for his return. It was time for Storms, I knew, but I was never patient. I looked beneath me, below the clouds, and saw them — the mortals. Their helpless struggle conflicted my feelings. I was a God, son of A'thery and Karisha! Why should I ever connect to these fools? However, my heart yearned for these brave souls. My eyes followed the Taint as they tore humans apart, piece by piece, the sight of the crimson blood causing me to flinch. I noticed Mother heading my way, scowling.

    "Tobias, what are you doing?" She scolded, her face filled with force anger. She was only doing her job, I knew, but it didn't make me feel any better. Karisha, my mother, Goddess of Miracles and Sorcery, knew her heart belonged to those humans, facing their struggle. Her wings of Aura fluttered around her, sharing her eccentric personality.

    "Mother, may I help them?" I asked.

    "No, your Father would never permit you." She responded. A'thery, Lord of the Skies, refused to let his only son fall to Earth and join the struggle. It was his way of spoiling me.

    "But... Why? Why must we live in comfort as they are down there, dying? Why are we using our power to separate from them, when we could be saving lives! Who cares if they don't worship us? I've never eaten any sacrificed food, sent directly to me, but I'm not bothered!" I yelled, frustrated.

    "Quite a commotion you're causing." Dimitri commented, appearing into sight. "Oh, Karisha, let him play! As long as he is on the surface of the Overworld, he may not be mortal, but we can always watch him. If he wishes to fight, let him be." After finishing his speech, Dimitri throws me a sword hilt. Once I catch it, it expands with a blade of Plasma, surrounded by electric energy. "I'm sure he'll be fine. I've got some disciples coming in right now, who'd love to protect him."

    Groaning, Mother looked into,my eyes, trying to rad my emotions. "Fi–" Interupting her, Dimitri snapped his fingers and my blue, translucent wings started to fade, causing me to fall to the ground.

    Once I land, I immediately strike one Tainted with my Katana, leaving the blade stabbed into it's back. Summer saluting over it's head, I use both feet to kick another Taint into the exposed blade, killing both of them. Helping a little child up, I smile and begin walking in the direction of the Resistance HQ.

    Welcome, my friend, to a world of danger. Try not to die.
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    Nice job, Noppes. I was going to do another bug testing Live-Stream (but with the newest beta) but I checked the forums and Kaboom! Official Update! I don't have time tonight to test the release out, but I'll try to make room tomorrow! Thanks again for serving the community with your great mod.
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