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    posted a message on This version of the game blows harder than a hooker on crack
    Quote from Cubic »
    I'm glad lots of people hate it. Hopefully they leave minecraft again so the who do love minecraft can have a nice time testing it and finding the bugs, which is part of a game that is in alpha.

    Very well put. Honestly, the minecraft community has some great points and it also has some really weak points. There should be separate boards for people who want to find flaws in every single thing that notch does. I know it's easy to ignore the haters, but it's just so damn frustrating.

    It's alpha. Bugs will happen. Saddle up and try to enjoy it.
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    posted a message on A Portal Approach to Redstone Microchips (Or, "TRONception")
    I tend to agree with Pyro627 on this one. Although OP has come up with a very well thought out system, I think it's slighty too complex. As he points out above, you're not really adding a redstone microchip, you're just adding recursive worlds which happen to allow redstone microchips.

    I think the better alternative is what Pyro627 suggested. Basically, you would craft a microchip at a regular old crafting table (or, I suppose, some sort of more sophisticated crafting table if there were enough more sophisticated things like this to warrant one) and it would create a block in your inventory that doesn't stack. When you placed it, an inventory screen would open up and you would be able to create a 2d redstone circuit (with a similar sort of format to the redstone simulator). You could also have a labelled squares in the middle of the four sides and maybe two other squares somewhere else that could toggle between input and output and would represent connections to the six faces of the block. The compactness of the block would have to be offset by a) requiring just as much redstone as building the normal circuit in real life and :cool.gif: making the cost of crafting a microchip high.
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    posted a message on Geocraft - A Minecraftian Geology
    Wow. +10
    I think this is a great idea. I mainly like it because of the added building materials. I think there are really too few that don't look garish when combined, and adding more would make so many things possible from an aesthetic design point of view. Also, different types of wood would be amazing as well.
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    posted a message on "red stuff" logic gates
    Would somebody be able to figure out what's wrong with my parallel-in serial-out shift register? I can't seem to get it working no matter how hard I try.

    Here's a rundown of what I do if I'm trying to send 10
    1. Input 1: on and and input 2: off. Shift: off
    2. Press clock button.
    3. Input 1: off (or leave it on, it makes no difference). Shift: on
    4. Press clock button.
    No matter how many times I press it the output (on the right) is always on.

    Please help!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Christmas Update
    Christmas themed food would be cool. Perhaps craftable snowmen?
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    posted a message on Anyone else taking a break untill the update?
    I decided to not play at all as of a few weeks ago in an attempt to make myself study for exams. Instead, I've just endlessly visited the forums and the subreddit and made mockups in creative mode for things I plan on building in survival.
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    posted a message on What if you dig up in "Hell"?
    I think it would make sense to have bedrock on either side. Having an upper height limit that was like the sky in the normal world would be strange.
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    posted a message on Concerning Portals
    Well, I suppose we now know what the crafting pattern will be. Thoughts? I suppose it's probably the best option to have them made from obsidian. It's rare, which makes the portals special (which they ought to be), and you need to spend some time playing the game before you get some, which means that there's sort of an experience barrier to getting to hell. This also makes sense, because if you've never played the game before and you suddenly walk through a portal and find yourself being annihilated by ghasts in hell, well, that would put anyone off.
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    posted a message on PCGamer Preview - First look at the Halloween Update!
    Quote from wintermuet »

    Also, I REALLY DOUBT lanterns will require you to get a bunch of diamond pickaxes, then build an obsidian portal, and go to hell, and mine.
    Just to get a lantern.
    That would be retarded.

    lanterns are probably just metal glass and coal (or a torch)

    Although I agree that it would suck if you did have to get diamond and obsidian before you could get lanterns, I have a feeling you might. I can't see it being a coincidence that the blocks in hell just happen to burn for ever and so do lanterns.

    I agree that it may be a poor choice. For me (I'm terrified of the dark) it would mean a new game would basically be "dig straight down to find some diamonds so I can start lighting my base properly". That being said, we still have no idea how long torches will last.

    Another thing we may not have considered is randomly generated portals that we don't have to build ourselves. That would mean you'd only have to explore to get to hell and make some lanterns.

    Also, any guesses as to what we'll need to mine these hell fire block things? I'd hope only stone pickaxes but realistically it's more likely to be iron. I sort of see hell as a more dangerous (but also more rewarding) than the normal world and so I don't think it's the first place you'll go after spawning.
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    posted a message on Are you starting a new world? Or you gonna walk?
    Neither. Since it's exam time for me, I haven't been playing my main save at all lately. After the last time I played it, I opened it up in MCEdit and deleted all the chunks that weren't in the immediate vicinity of my base. I hadn't built anywhere other than one spot, so I didn't lose anything, and the only reason there were many chunks to delete was that I went exploring a while back, but didn't really find anything I liked. So when I load my save after the update I'll have all nice new biomes to play around with (hopefully)
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