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    posted a message on "Added some new chat options (In multiplayer menu)"- What Does This Include?
    This includes changing texture packs ingame; but there may be more than just that.
    Here's a link to Reddit where some users(and Dinnerbone) confirm this.
    It's not multiplayer chat options per se, but it's the options menu and a damn cool feature as well.

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    posted a message on [1.4.2] [Factions] [PVP] [Survival] [Anarchy] [Greifing] The Tugboat Reloaded PVP
    Greetings, traveler!
    I see you have wandered to the lands of The Tugboat Reloaded PVP.

    Your quest is simple. Found or join a faction; and lead it to glory. Fight other players, build, farm; the world of Minecraft is at your disposal. Be warned, however, for one faction towers above the rest. The mighty Dovah, vanquishers of opposition, offer you a call. You must either join them, or attack them. Fear not, however, because Dovah will not hurt those who do not wish to harm it.

    This server is a tight-knit community, with regular members returning daily to play. There is some degree of role playing; and currently lore is being developed for the server's backstory. Often seen due to the domination of Dovah are Skyrim themed undertones. This server is part of the Tugboat Reloaded network, currently comprising of a survival/plots/HungerGames/creative server and a factions server; with plans to create Tekkit, Prison, and Walls servers.

    [Server banner and uptime statistics coming soon]

    Server IP: pvp.ttbreloaded.info
    Survival/plots/HungerGames/creative server IP: play.ttbreloaded.info

    Server Website: www.ttbreloaded.info

    This server utilizes the following plugins to make it a more enjoyable experience:

    #1: Factions
    Factions is the core of The Tugboat Reloaded PVP. Clans of members can formally unite with a simple command interface. From there you can set up ranks within factions, claim property so it cannot be built upon or destroyed by other factions without them killing you, set individual land ownership, set relationships (Neutral, Ally, Enemy) with other factions, and more.
    #2: Bukkit Essentials
    Essentials is a very basic plugin allowing server staff to reload the server, ban players not abiding by the rules, and perform other administrative tasks.

    Server Staffing and Administration:
    The server's staff system works as such:

    The owners do not participate in the game itself, but are there to ensure that everything is running smoothly and are always glad to offer assistance.

    Marshals, who do participate in the game itself, are there to stop hacking, spamming, and other such offenses. They are given the ability to ban, kick, and mute players but will not abuse these commands for personal interest.
    Nikoskio2 (That's me!)

    The process to join is as simple as possible. Just log on to pvp.ttbreloaded.info, and enjoy!


    Server introduction by owner red_crayon:
    This accursed video system has broken my mind, so I cant figure out how to upload the video...
    Here's a link, then.

    Dovah fights the wither, red_crayon's POV:

    As the owner/leader/Kaal(Champion) of Dovah; I have taken the liberty of providing a sneak peak into the base of the Dov.
    Everything you see here was aquired in survival mode, the old fashioned way.
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    posted a message on Blank World with no blocks
    Quote from lolb01

    ^What Raakuth Said OR:

    Download SinglePlayerCommands.
    Open A Superflat world (Generate Structures=Off(Optional))
    Type Command //wand
    This Should Give You A Wooden Axe.
    Dig Down To Bedrock
    Right Click on a block of bedrock (This Will Be The Corner Of Your Empty Area)
    Move to where you want the other corner. Left click on the highest block (Grass)
    Type Command: //set 0


    If You Want A Area To Start Building On, Just type : Platform (This Will Create One Glass Block At Your Feet (Only one block)Then Build Off That)

    Colour Codes:
    Green: Needed
    Red: Extra Info
    Blue: Command To Type In Chat

    It's people like you who make these forums so useful. Way to be thorough, helpful, and organized!
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    posted a message on villagers rebuilding houses.
    I totally agree. This and maybe warrior-type villagers that will fight hostile mobs at night.
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