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    posted a message on Come colonize with us! <3
    I'd be interested in joining what seems to be a newish server, where colonization is a theme. I enjoy many aspects of the game, with an obsession for building small plots and mining deep :happy.gif: Id be interested in setting off as a lone prospector, establish my own little homestead that could become part of a nearby village, or even have a village grow up around me.... whatever happens! I'm also good for RPing, been doing so for quite awhile.

    IGN is NikoYote, Im 36 from Canada. I play at a large variety of hours of the day, and often for quite a long period.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Couple of mod ideas!
    In my early days of playing (admittedly 'early days' was 3-4 weeks ago), before I discovered all the awesome mods, I compiled a list of things I'd like to see in game. Mods took care of most of that list, but of course not all of them, so I'm posting here the few ideas that remain (until I come up with more, of course!) in hopes that someone more skilled in java/texturing than I (my skill=0) might take interest and try one out.

    Air Bladder
    a low-tech 'scuba gear' sort of idea where a leather bladder contains air, to allow for slightly longer (maybe 3-4 bubbles) periods under water.

    Half-block doors/shutters
    Useful as fence gates and, as mentioned in the 'title', window shutters.

    I know we have beds, but a hammock could give another option for thematic purposes!

    I realize there is a Trapdoors mod (I use it, but havn't made any yet) but I wanted to add a few: dirt/grass covered, glass.

    I think the name speaks for itself. Wood, stone, iron, heck even gold or diamond if you want to get extravagant. I would of course include methods of opening/closing it, such as through levers or pressure plates, but also redstone. Basically the same as a door.

    Iron (or whatever resource) bars that move up and down to open and close.. probably shoot-through-able.

    Oil Lamp
    Again, I realize there are lamps out there, and I seem to vaguely recall reading that they might even make it into the main game itself, but I had a different idea for them (that yes, does use a new type of resource). Oil!

    Oil/Oil Sand
    Either or both would be an interesting harvestable resource that could be useful in more than just Oil Lamps: how about greek fire, or as an alternate fuel supply? Maybe oil'd up minecarts have a slight speed increase? The potential is.. well, not limitless, but pretty wide. If it were up to me, I'd probably put this at about the same rarity as Redstone... you might not come across it often, but when you do its generally in large clumps. Oilsands could be surface-found in some areas, and of course would have to be processed more than just raw oil.

    Addition to Cows/Pigs
    Give cows a chance to drop STeak/ribs/rump roast/some sort of meat, and give pigs a chance to drop leather

    And of course, some Nether-realm suggestions
    Hellhound mobs (based on the wolf from Mo'Creatures), retextured wolf thats kinda fiery.. perhaps leaves fire trail when it walks or somesuch.
    Netherrack Elemental that looks like a collection of crumbled netherrack
    Soul Ghoul, a soul sand textured undead that slows a target when it hits it
    Oil, mentioned above
    Rubies (useful as decoration, but perhaps craftable into fire-resistant armor or weapons that can ignite enemies)
    Pyrebloom - fiery flower that can be processed for dye or perhaps in large quantities, oil
    NetherIce - Found deep in the ground (like obsidian), mined with ruby pick, and useful as an interesting (and fire-resistant) building material. I had thought that it could also be used (like obsidian) to craft a portal to an ice-themed world, but that would be an expansion all by itself!

    Alright, hopefully y'all won't be too bored reading this. I think my ideas are decent and reasonable, not really overbalanced. If anyone decides to do one of these, could you post here? That way I can salivate in anticipation :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [v.1.5_01]Syrup's Mods: Furniture, Stained Glass, Tweaks!
    Me again, with a different question!

    I installed Expanded Farming, and I can hoe up seeds and grass seeds, but I can't figure out how to get flower, pumpkin, mushroom seeds. I've tried right clicking with a hoe on the item itself and the ground beneath it.. the latter will till the ground, but not affect the flower/mushroom/pumpkin, and right clicking on the vegetation doesnt do anything.

    Is there some trick I am missing? :\
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    posted a message on game crashing issue
    OS: windows 7 64-bit (4gig ram, dual core-2 3ghz processors, 1gig video ram geforce 9800gt, more HD space available than you can shake a stick at)
    latest java version?: yes, according to the java website. apparently running 32bit java platform, however, and I dont see any option to switch to 64-bit java.. when I inquire, it insists that because I apparently have 32bit IE (which I dont even use.. go firefox!) I have to use 32bit java. BOO.

    Periodically, in time frames ranging from hours to minutes in variable fashion, my minecraft game will suddenly crash to a black screen and Not Respond. When I X out, I get the message "Java Platform SE Binary not responding".

    I *have* tried uninstalling and reinstalling both minecraft and java.

    I've run into this problem I *believe* since version 1.3 came out, I dont recall getting it before that (I only started playing with 1.2 though). Further, there seems to be no pattern or reason for it. Sometimes it happens when Im building, sometimes it happens when Im crafting, Ive had it happen in combat, while swimming, while boating, while just running along the grass. Climbing ladders. Mining something. When I come back, whatever I have recently built or dug up will be back to normal (construction undone, mining undone) although if Ive been mining/digging I will still have the material I dug up in my inventory: if I have been crafting or building, I will have lost the mats I used in addition to the end result.

    Ive had this problem with and without mods, and with/without texture packs and skins, so I am fairly certain it is not mod related.

    Its becoming increasingly frustrating to try and play whats quickly becoming my favorite game :sad.gif:

    Anyone have any ideas? *offers up a gentle, not-explosive :SSSS: as a reward!*
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    posted a message on [v.1.5_01]Syrup's Mods: Furniture, Stained Glass, Tweaks!
    Quote from bfree380 »

    If you've changed the ID's, and you are crashing before getting to the "Majong" title page (right before the main menu," you can check the modloader.txt file located in you .minecraft folder. If there is an ID conflict or if you are out of sprites, it will show that. If you are out of sprites, you are SOL, unfortunately (like I am currently). Hopefully, someone (like Shockah), will be able to create a mod to expand our sprite base, but from what I understand, it's a massive project to do :/

    Alright bfree380, I checked this out (didnt know I could get mod conflict reports from modloader! Thanks for the tip!) and sadly, SADLY it is an out of sprites error. *cry*

    At least I know what the trouble is now, and how to fix it. Well, sorta fix it. Geesh, Im going to probably end up having multiple .jar files for differant combinations of mods >.>
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    posted a message on [v.1.5_01]Syrup's Mods: Furniture, Stained Glass, Tweaks!
    Quote from ChocolateySyrup »

    Quote from NikoYote »
    Any ideas? Is there some overlap between the two?

    I'd be willing to bet those mods and FancyPack both use the same blockID for something. You can edit fancypack_core.properties, found in the rar and placed in the same directory as your minecraft.exe, in order to change FP's occupied block and item IDs to something that's not occupied. That file will also show you which IDs FP uses. If you know which IDs the other mods use, they can easily be changed to avoid overlap.
    If you don't know which IDs the other mod uses, you can grab Shockah's More Block IDs mod and just change all the FancyPack block IDs to values between 128 and 255 since they won't be occupied by anything.

    I had later considered that, and went in (after making sure that More Block IDs was installed) and changed all the ones in FP and MF, but just the block ids. I think I got them all, but I will go back and check (not at home at the moment). Would a shared item ID also cause a crash? I'll checkthose ones as well.. is there an upper/lower range limit on item IDs?

    By the time I went into the props files and changed the IDs I was tired and didnt think to post here via edit that I had done so.

    Now hypothetically, if there *are not* any ID conflicts in blocks or items, are there any other possible solutions? I mean aside from discarding one of the mods I mean :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [v.1.5_01]Syrup's Mods: Furniture, Stained Glass, Tweaks!

    I've recently gotten into trying various mods, Fancypack and Expanded Farming being two of them, and Ive run into a conflict of some sort, and I'm not sure what the problem is exactly.

    Let my explain! Hopefully I can provide useful information.. I unfortunately am not sure how to generate a crash report.. all I get is a "black screen o' death"

    So basically, I install FancyPack and it works fine. I install Mo'Foodz and it blackscreens. So I reset my jar and install Mo'Foodz by itself, and it works fine.. when I add Fancy Pack it crashes.

    I ended up instlaling mo'foodz first, and then fancypack 1 .class file at a time and I ran into no problems until I added mod_FancyPack.class at which point it crashed again.. so there seems to be some sort of conflict between mo'foodz and that specific file.

    Further, I tried the other way around. Installing FancyPack and then installing mo'foodz 1 file at a time, and it conflicted with mod_Fruits.class, and that was the only file it broke on.

    EDIT: There doesnt seem to be a conflict between mo'foodz and Expanded Farming, both installed worked.

    Any ideas? Is there some overlap between the two?
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