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    -FlatWorld Survival is based on a "flat-ground" map type in Minecraft. I made a survival map, added Challenges, Achievements Monument, Secrets, and tons of fun!!!


    #1- You are not allowed to break glass to escape the map.

    #2- You are not allowed to gain resources by destroying the Structures on the map. (AKA- House, Monument, spawn...)

    #3- You may only get the resources that you are able to find "Inside" the sphere.

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    Diffrent Versions and Downloads:

    Download Optifine mod for better map Performance!
    (Click on the text)

    Download for Normal version:
    Click Here!(Version 9.2)

    Download for the "No Lag" Version:

    Click Here! (Ver. 3.0)

    More Pictures:

    Version Changelog:

    Version 9.2:-Changed the underground part of the sphere to Bedrock.

    -Map Fixes.

    -Small Changes.(The Changelog started since the map version 9.2.)

    All the Feedback will be much Appreciated.

    Any Questions will be answered in the Comment Section, or by Email.
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    Quote from DamagedSave

    I have been playing this for a day or two now and I really love it, it's a brilliant idea and really nicely executed. I hope you stay on top of this map, I think it has the potential to go really far. I'd love to see new challenges, hidden chests and messages hidden around underground in future updates.

    Keep on it :)


    Bro, thx a lot, i really appreciate that, i will update the map when i have time, it will be more and more fun to play!!! <3 more challenges are coming very soon, keep up, complete the existing ones, and i will see how popular that map can become <3
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    Ocean Pit Survival Map! by nikitos08.

    So i have been thinking for a while, about what i can make, something good, that others would like, and i came up with an idea, to make a few structures in a middle of an Ocean. I made it, and just wanted to see how it will go, would people like my stuff, or not. :P

    So you spawn on an Island, provided with other 4 of them, you have to gain recourses, and complete the challenges which are written in the book in one of the chests. There are some secret chests as well, as a bonus to you! Challenges are not so hard to complete, but its fun anyway!!!

    Also you may try using the Optifine mod! try it out, for a better performance of the map!

    (Thank you so much for everything! More pictures may come soon!)

    -100 DLS- Yes!
    -200 DLS- Yes!
    -300 DLS- Yes!
    -400 DLS- Not Yet!
    -500 DLS- Not Yet!
    -600 DLS- Not Yet!
    -700 DLS- Not Yet!
    -800 DLS- Not Yet!
    -900 DLS- Not Yet!
    -1000 DLS- Not Yet!


    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: Nikita Manko
    Twitter: @nikitos084
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    posted a message on (1.3.2) Nikitoscraft is back! <HAMACHI> <CREATIVE> <THE WALLS in- progress> join in!

    - creative:
    Guys, this is nikitos08, and im back, with a new server, it is a creative, the walls and skyblock server, i need some players to play, for extra security im using hamachi, NOT WHITELIST!!!! :)))))

    - Skyblock:
    You can play skyblock as well, but it is in progress so, its coming soon, plugin is installed, its just the map left and some stuff, help us to build the lobby for skyblock, first 5 people get tested and opped, so im really asking for help!!!

    -The Walls:
    Also after my friends and i will take care of some problems with THe walls plugin, you will be able to play the walls, so stay tuned for it :)
    -guys, i am really asking for help plz, join hamachi, join the server and help to build an awesome community!!!

    Hamachi: nikitos08gaming Password: cicignon ip:
    Thx for reading!!!! stay tined for more stuff!!!cmon guys!!!!join!!!!
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