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    Iron and Ceramic Grates
    something i thought about since i first started playing Minecraft.

    a real picture of a drainage grate:

    minecraft version i drew up:

    Half Grates

    And a Full Block Grates

    Crafting Suggestion:

    where :_: = a half grate

    [] [] []
    [] [] [] = :_: x 2
    [] :Iron: :Iron:

    and to craft a full block grate:

    [] [] []
    [] :_: [] = x 1
    [] :_: []

    Clay Bricks would be used in crafting Ceramic Grates.

    Use and Purpose:
    Oddly enough, they have a very practical use o.o

    Liquids (water and lava) and items can pass through them.
    - like dropped items, or blocks in item form.

    The player and mobs cannot!

    Falling blocks like sand and gravel will filter through by turning into item form when they touch a grate, and fall through accordingly. Very much like when they fall on a placed Torch :--+:

    Shouldn't be a block mobs can see through, for the sake of not getting shot at by Skelies.

    EDIT: half and full grate blocks will act as any solid block would to Boats.

    Say you want, for whatever reason, a waterfall with a cave/home behind it. And you want to make a bridge that leads from the outside of the waterfall to the cave/home on the inside without having water going all over the place on the bridge. The Iron Grates will allow the water to just pass through the bridge and you can still walk on it without falling through as well.

    Or say you have a trap, and you want to be able to safely collect the loot that drops from the mobs you've killed, but its not safe to go into the trap and collect. Items can fall through the Iron Grates for you to collect underneath without worry of being harmed by the mobs above!

    Ever sick of your boats breaking after you try to climb out, rather it be in a dock you've made, or at any other shore? Want a cooler looking style of a dry dock instead of using dirt, sand, or stone? Grates could be your solution!

    where :Notch: = you + in a boat
    and :Blue: = water flowing into a grate

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] :Notch: :Blue: :Water: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: [] [] [] :Water: :cobblestone: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :cobblestone: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    you can just slide your boat in, and the grate will act like a stopper, and hold the boat in place. You can climb out without your boat shooting out from under you. And all you have to do to head back to sea, is turn around and push it back into the water, right click it just before it takes off on its own to climb back in. ^^

    Just having read this, im sure some of you have already thought of other uses ^^
    Many others already have! Read through some of the comments here, and you'll find a lot! :biggrin.gif:

    Kinda like half stone slabs, but are placed at the 'top' of a blocks space. Flush with the top surfaces of surrounding blocks. However, doesn't stack on themselves like stone slabs.

    EDIT: Although the half grates will take up the top portion of a blocks space, they will act as an empty space from underneath, allowing you to walk under them, but will still block you from coming up through them.

    As for the Full block Grates:

    example in use: Where water is flowing from left to right, through a grate you can stand on.
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    [] [] [] [] :Notch: [] [] []
    :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Water: [] [] []
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Water: [] [] []
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    Placement for these is pretty much just like any other block.

    Other thoughts:
    Note a 'grand' idea, or something completely out of this world that will change the face of Minecraft forever, but definitely a sound proposal. Just another crafting block, doesn't hold an irritation factor passed what the player does with it. The possibilities are limited, but not under appreciative.

    As for the creative ones of us, can you imagine the decorative factor these can have in your structures? Like an underground molten forge with Iron Grate scaffolds passing by or through lava falls. Or a corridor floor paneling in what can look like a spaceship style design.

    image made by raiu_tree

    IMPORTANT: I also remember something about Flood Gates having been an idea for Minecraft that hasn't been implemented yet, but RouvenT brought up the idea of having the Grates have an on and off function, letting in and out liquids/items. Which reminded me about the Flood Gates. RouvenT made a fine point that if both Grates and Flood Gates would be considered and implemented, that it would be more efficient to combine the two instead. Using Redstone as a means to turn them On (open) or Off (closed). Grates are by default set to 'ON', requiring nothing to turn them on to use them. Applying redstone, or any other source of a charge, will reset its ON/OFF state accordingly. Diagram below.

    where :Red: = redstone wire charged
    and :White: = redstone wire uncharged
    water flow is from left to right

    [] [] [] :Red: [] [] []
    :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    [] [] [] :White: [] [] []
    :Water: :Water: :Water: [] [] []
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    EDIT: This can be completely up to Notch n' Team to decide, but some others have suggested making Ceramic Grates always 'ON' and not effected by redstone or other devices. Thus bringing a little more difference between the two.

    Hopefully you all will like this idea and not think of it as absolute crap. ^^ Thank you for your time!

    Sid Bowman and some others mentioned a Full Block version of the grates and having a liquid flow in from the sides which i hadn't even though about :biggrin.gif: So that's why those exist in this suggestion now.

    Electrk brought up the concept with the crafting, and Xuro helped with flushing it out to its current state ^^

    Xuro for quality control, Great Ideas and Uses!

    raiu_tree for the Support Signature image and code, the Concept Art, and the concept of being able to walk under half blocks!

    MechaMage for lots of awesome uses of grates!

    Orion-Pyro for the Forum Icon, and Landmine for having me go and ask for it xD

    If i've missed someone, please say so, im short on time with Work and all. So im not able to do as much as id like with this thread, but i wont let it die D:

    If you guys want to help show everyone your support of our idea here, here's the signature code!


    Or Orion-Pyro's Forum Icon!




    Since Get Satisfaction is where Notch n' Team look for what we think, just post a reply about what you think there, and hopefully if it gets popular enough, they'll notice it :biggrin.gif:


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