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    Hey Wynd, I'd like to ask you if you could add a hybrid form to the zoan devil fruits ( I know it's too hard ;_; but well) It is a good idea ain't it D:? Also about the black hole of yami yami no mi, anyone who can fly or use geppo can escape from it ... Bug? or is it something you know... Nevermind.. Well could you add Inugami Guren to the Magu Magu no Mi... it is pretty cool :D and I think it's gonna be awesome! On top of that could you try making Ryusei Kazan more like a rain of lava fists? It would be pretty neat! (hard though ._.... I guess). Finally Wynd the last think I'd like to ask is if there's going to be an update in the future where Logia devil fruit users will be able to turn their own body to the natural element-force of the nature their fruit has so their body can be turned to magma light ice while they're avoiding attacks. Indeed it's gonna be hard but I am just asking ._. I believe your mod is awesome and it can turn up to one of the greatest mods in Minecraft history :).

    PS: I only want to help with my ideas. I don't like adding you more work!

    Thanks for reading
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