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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Snowy Graphics: Professional YT SpeedArt [DRAWN Chibis, Avatars, Channel Art, Logos etc.]
    Your Minecraft username: Nighttmaire
    Skype username: traynormaynor
    Product: Avatar w/ video
    Spec prices: $30 avatar
    Your Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/YourWorstNighttmaire
    Your Twitter username: Nighttmaire
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    posted a message on HexPack Modded Server [Whitelisted] [No restrictions]
    Ingame name: Nighttmaire
    Age: 19
    Name tree things you like: Adventuring, building and mining.
    What are your expectations if you join the hexpack? A fun and safe place to play modded Minecraft.
    Anything else you would like to say? I'd also like to record this for my YouTube channel, if that is okay.
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    posted a message on Nicos, the new beginning!
    IGN (In-Game Name)- Nighttmaire
    Age (Optional)- 19
    How you would like to be addressed by- Nighttmaire
    How much, on average, do you think you will play on this server?- At least a half hour per day.
    Have you read the full first post in it's entirety?- I read and abide by the rules.
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    posted a message on Lapidem Active Vanilla 1.8 Dedicated Server [Mature]
    IGN: Nighttmaire

    Age: 19

    Why do you want to play on our server? The server sounds awesome! I really wanna join a community and meet some people.

    What can you bring to our server? A working knowledge of game mechanics, redstone, an average build ability, and potentially a villain! :angry:

    Have you ever been banned? (If yes explain why) Nope!

    What makes a server good in your opinion? The people on it! The community and the interactions between them.

    Will you be active? Absolutely! I have a lot of free time, so I'll be on whenever I can be!

    Do you understand the rules? Absolutely! A strict set of rules is always welcome!

    Tell us about yourself. I love Minecraft! I have been playing for a few years, and have enjoyed every minute. I have recently left my previous server, and I really like the look of this one. Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on |↺Refresh SMP↺| ~ | Whitelisted SMP Server | Recruiting Members!| 1.8 |
    Minecraft IGN: Nighttmaire

    Skype: traynormaynor

    Age: 19

    Youtube (not necessary): https://www.youtube.com/YourWorstNighttmaire

    Building Skill (1-10): 6-7

    What are you best at in Minecraft?: Building, Redstone, Farming Potatoes

    Timezone: UTC +10 (Sydney, Australia)

    How active will you be?: On every day for a few hours

    Any other info: Nothing I can think of... :D
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    posted a message on An Epic Quest :: Chapter 2 :: Weapons Smithing
    Our hero decides to craft his own tools through the recently formed art of smithing called 'amalgamation'. What does this entail? Let us find out.

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    posted a message on An Epic Quest :: Chapter One :: New Beginnings
    Our tale begins today. How will this story end? Enjoy the start of An Epic Quest.

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    posted a message on [1.5.2]K wow's AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS mod
    If installing the 1.5.2 version, remove the bgz.class file. That's what kills the install, if you're wondering. I know I'm late, but hey.
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    posted a message on (1.7.9/1.8+) Nightmare Survival
    Quote from andyyoyeryea

    Looks pretty cool!
    Oh and by the way - that latin is incorrect :P it means something like "you do not fear too much" or something (source - latin 2 student)

    Thanks! Hahaha! That's what I get for relying on the internet for this stuff, right? Thanks for letting me know!
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    posted a message on (1.7.9/1.8+) Nightmare Survival
    Quote from superx76

    There are nothing in the chests and lots of redstone is broken

    Are you sure? I just double checked the chests in the basement, most of which are for the quests, and they seem to be working fine. And only 3 chests are meant to have anything - some armour, some tools and the Quest Information. What redstone is broken for you?
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    posted a message on (1.7.9/1.8+) Nightmare Survival

    Ne timeas a tantibus.


    While playing Minecraft, I came up with the idea of changing how Survival is played. My first thought was the restriction of sleep. If we cannot sleep, we are forced to play through the night. Then came another thought.

    What if there was a chance of every night, a random event could happen? Of course, this would make the Minecraft experience drastically different. The race to be prepared for your first night would be immediate.

    Of course, this map is designed with these ideas in mind. Every night, there is a possibility of one of 12 different events occurring, and you must be prepared for any eventuality. There is information out the front of and inside the structure at the beginning of the map.

    Another feature is that, when you die, you keep all your items. Instead of losing them, you must pay a toll to respawn. An iron ingot, a gold ingot, a diamond or 5 levels will allow you to respawn.

    I am not revealing the events at the current moment, as I'd like to let people find them out for themselves. Post in the comments what events you got! Keep in mind however, there is only one truly helpful event...


    There are three different maps: Easy, Normal and Hard. This has nothing to do with game difficulty (it is locked to normal), but instead changes how often events happen.

    Easy will have a 1 in 3 chance of an event occurring.
    Normal is a 50/50 chance of an event occurring.
    Hard is a 100% chance of an event occurring.

    Your new home!

    Whatever could this be...?

    Or this...?

    The redstone involved (looks much more interesting than it is).


    1. No sleeping! The map is reliant on spawn points and night time - please do not break the map.
    2. Do not break any blocks in the basement, as it would be bad for your progress.
    3. Above the Mansion is a big bedrock box. Do not build to it. It has the redstone inside.
    4. If you are travelling through a forest and see a bedrock wall, do not climb it. It is part of an event.
    5. Building another house is allowed, but the mansion must stay standing.
    6. Have fun!


    [4/6/2014] Initial Release
    [5/6/2014] Version 1.1: Minor Bugfixes (Quest chests not returning reward, etc.)


    Easy (1.1) - Download
    Medium (1.1) - Download
    Hard (1.1) - Download

    If you make a video, post it in the comments! I will feature it here!

    Please, enjoy!

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    posted a message on Anime Drawings OF MC Skins [Shop]
    Was gonna request, glad I read all posts first haha!
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    posted a message on ElmoCraft Pixelmon Server [Pixelmon] [Vanilla] [Whitelisted]
    IGN: Nighttmaire
    Age: 18
    YouTube (if applicable): http://www.youtube.com/user/yourworstnighttmaire
    How long you've played Minecraft: 3 years at least
    Have you ever been banned on a server? Not at all.
    Anything else you wanna tell me: Really hope I get accepted, sounds really cool.
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    posted a message on IronicCraft 2.0 {MINDCRACK LIKE} {PURE VANILLA} {24/7} {MATURE 14+} {WHITELISTED} {SURVIVAL} {1.7.2} {STRICT ENTRY} {10/25 SPOTS
    IGN: Nighttmaire

    AGE: 18

    GENDER (Male or Female): Male

    Skype: traynormaynor

    Country: Australia

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a very happy, excitable guy. I love being involved in an awesome community, but haven't been in one since I played Tekkit Classic last. I've really got into Vanilla Survival, and I believe I can bring a lot to the server. I'm am very active, and have some really great ideas I'd love to attempt to implement. I also want to meet some new friends, and as this server is predominantly for YouTubers, I would really like to meet like minded people with similar goals. Overall, I like to think I'm a nice guy, willing to help everyone who needs help, and who wants to be a part of an awesome community!

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? About 3-4 years, give or take a few months.

    Have you ever been banned? If you have, tell us why: No I haven't.

    What other server have you played on, and why did you leave? I played on the KiwiCraft server, but the server hardly had anyone on it, and there was no progress being made, so I just left.

    Why would you like to join the server? To be a part of an amazing community, and to have fun with people!

    What are you best at in Minecraft (PVP,Building,Redstone,etc)? PVP, Building. I like caving and adventuring as well.

    How often will you be online? Most of the day here in Australia, about 6-10 hours mostly.

    Any Questions? Not really.

    Any more info? If I've forgotten anything, hit me up on Skype!

    YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK (MUST BE YOUTUBER): http://www.youtube.com/user/yourworstnighttmaire
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    posted a message on [NEW]KiwiCraft Survival Vanilla 24/7 Mindcrack Like Server AUS/NZ[1.7.2]
    Thanks a lot man! Really awesome!
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