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    posted a message on Favorite Minecraft boss/mini boss
    Which boss/mini boss is your favorite? Which ine you liek fighting the most?

    Mine would be the wither!
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary
    Awesome challenge but old post, here's a little extra mission for any new coming <3


    Zombies have been invading worst than normal lately! Make underground bunkers under villagers houses for them to live in, Incase of an apocalypse.

    Requirements: Must have everything necessary for survival, chests for food, crafting table, furnace, and beds.

    Reward: Can now use bunkers for extra storage. Cannot cluster the bunker with chest though.
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    posted a message on How did you last die?
    My last death would be me burning to death in lava after failing some parkour. It was a simple jump, however my sprint messed up horrible and I burnt. Their was water right next to me when I died, just burnt before I got to it :(
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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