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    Can anyone tell me why the interface for the 1.16 versions (and possibly others, I haven't checked) include a SCRAM button?

    As far as I can tell, these reactors still can't blow up like the legacy version, at least I haven't gotten one to.

    Does it actually serve a purpose other than shutting down the reactor in a way that you have to fix the control rods afterwords?

    Or maybe it's going to be a part of something that's implemented in the future?

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    IGN:(In Game Name)Nightshadow42
    How long Have you played Minecraft?:About a year now not including XBOX 360 editon
    Why Should I Whitelist you?:Beacuse i am reliable, trustable and nice. i like minecraft and am friendly to those around me, beacuse i care.
    Would You Care If I Added More SMP Mods?:not particularly. i don't mind.
    DO you Use Other Mods Besides Portal Gun ATM?: Now? no.
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