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I have this small thing were I might research something allot on the internet(mainly shows) and if it's a show there's a chance that I might watch it as long as there's a English dub/sub version. I can also be slightly random sometimes. Also, I can get vary mad without access to internet. I can easily get obsessed with anime.

I started role playing at a sight called nationstates and almost everything I know about it I learned there. The first rp I was in was a nation one and my nations were the Phoenix order and the Viper order. The first being a island while the other being on a continent. The Phoenix order started a war with everyone by first spying on one of the countries and the setting off a nuclear bomb at a public event. All of the nations declared war and just one person attacked the island passing through all of the islands defenses unharmed and then killed everyone on the island. They then said it was destroyed despite the fact that they never attacked the part on the continent. My other one was a technological advanced one and allied with a vampire nation and launched a war, only for me to eventually be kicked out for reasons unknown. Basically, in every single rp my characters normally become antagonists if possible.

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39 clues, minecraft, sci-fi, fantasy, Pokemon, star wars, star gate, star trek, anime, Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, rain, I like almost anything.

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