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    I'm Noturno, owner of the comoinstalarmodsminecraft[dot]com[dot]br
    Until to now on my Blog, was not upload any files on our servers or re-uploaded any mod/s! We always use links to the files of the official sites of the mods.

    We are updating all of our posts to try to regularize our situation:

    • Credit to all developers
    • Back link to original thread or developer's website
    • In connection with the updates, we try to update more regularly all mods on our website.
    I'm very sorry if I violated any copyright to someone. If my Blog still violate any copyright, please let me know to fix it. But, as I said, half a website is not updated yet. Thus, some reviews that were we not updated yet, do not have credit and some things.

    If you have some grammar mistakes, please forgive me. But English is not my native language.
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