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    posted a message on America's Children being indoctrinated in schools?
    What seperates from them and you, is you are satisfied with the present.

    Example: if no one gave a damn about progressing society, the colonies would never of revolted and created this America you love so much.

    Basically, you are sounding like a 21st century counterpart of a 18th century British loyalist. You are so blind to your position you fail to see the 'revolutionaries' of today are the exact same people you call patriots for creating this country. Just with different words of course.

    Ironic, eh?
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    posted a message on Socioeconomic Classes
    "History is a struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie."
    -A butchered quote of Karl Marx.

    Classes will never go away and will always be dynamic and change. Sometime in the 21st century there will have to be some sort of proletariat uprising though; the rich are getting richer in a scale never seen before. The poor are getting poorer even when applying the rich's tactics (going to university, for instance).

    I hope that event, whatever it is, defines our lives/generation, like the Russian Revolution did for those affected Russians.
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    posted a message on Do abandoned mineshafts have a lot of resources?
    Lots of iron and coal.

    It also houses chests with gold+iron bars and other goodies.

    But the most important though is free railroads.
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    posted a message on Story Mode, Quest Missions?
    I don't feel like it's Notch's job to create missions or levels. It's up to the player to make his own adventure or the mapper to create an adventure map for others.
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    posted a message on Advertising- Then and now.
    The strategy back then was to inform the public of their product. Meaning, they were more informative (e.g: that ice cream one telling you what's in it).

    Nowadays the strategy is to take up commercial time so competitors won't get time. It's gotten so expensive, only very big brands are able to advertise on TV. Big brands that have been here for decades and everybody KNOWS what they are, so there's no point in explaining Doritos is a cheesy chip.

    Either way, they're advertisements and they take away from actual TV content!
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    posted a message on The Ethics of Weapons
    The ease of guns is why they should be used in defense and the pursuit of justice.

    Dueling is something completely different than war. As Sun Tzu says, "War is a matter of life or death", meaning war should only be used when absoultely necessesary (e.g. In defense of the pursuit of justice).

    Swords, melee combat, etc., has no place in the serious conflict. Though I would love to able to fence.
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