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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Advanced HUD 4.8.1
    Wow! This has to be one of the best mods ever made. Very useful! Thanks for making it!
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    Welcome to Alpia, the Roman-esque Minecraft city! Inspired by many other creations, I've decided to create my own city complex and this is the first version of my creation! This is my biggest and proudest Minecraft project yet. I've worked hard and long on it and after popular demand from my friends, I've decided to release it.

    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use this slightly modified verison of StugAce's Romecraft texture pack. Alpia was built to that texture and other textures would take away from the city!


    Alpia is the capital city of a large empire stretching across several provinces and seas. Most buildings are built in the ancient Roman style, however some are more modern such as six story buildings. The technology is also a bit modern, with running trains on rails and cannons.

    What makes Alpia different from other Minecraft cities, is what bugged me the most from other creations I've seen: the lack of interior space. Houses were small, empty rooms with only a bed at best. Alpia improves that by creating a livable city with livable housing. All houses have a bed, eating table, an oven, and perhaps some social space if they have the money. Toilets are built inside homes or in 'outhouses' nearby. Shops have selling ground and storage in the back. The port has land dedicated for storage as shipments wait to be moved around. Alpia is a breathable, livable city with every living condition thought out.

    I hope you enjoy viewing my city and please read the additional info and history of the city down below; and of course, post what you think! So with much pride, I present to you Alpia!

    http://www.mediafire.com/?3jo3vmefnj8jf5f (Mediafire)
    www.megaupload.com/?d=JMH6HKFE (Megaupload)


    1. The Senate: The political inner center of the Empire, the Senate houses the meeting room of the Empire's reprentatives. One of the most iconic buildings of Alpia, the Senate is a three outer tiered structure with a garden on top and a huge Senate room inside. It is one of the two buildings occupying Imperial Square, the largest plaza of the city.


    2. The Red Fortress: The military center of the Empire, the Red Fortress houses the Emperor's quarters, imperial war rooms, armament storage, and the city's chief defense fortification. So far though, it is under construction in Version 1 of Alpia, but will be completed in the next version!

    3. The Imperial Forum: The political outter center of the Empire. Which technically the Senate and Red Fortress are part of the Forum, most Alpine citizens refer this lower civilian part as the Imperial Forum. The offices of the different Departments (Such as Commerce and the Treasury) are located here as well as the public archives.


    4. The Marketplace: The economic center of the city, the Marketplace houses several businesses ranging from clothes stores, foodstuff stands, and a gun shop. All wealth classes can find something of interest here and thus is regarded as "the fairest place of the city".


    5. The Arena: Alpia's popular pasttime is housed here. The Arena features gladiator combat from volunteer warriors seeking glory and wealth fighting amongst each other, against beasts, and convicts worthy of such a punishment. Admission is free, giving the Arena's popularity, with cheap food joints and stores around it's inner walls.


    6. Main Station: The Main Station of the rail system. The station used to be the old central church and was transformed into the station after the Religious Reforms. Train tickets, are of course, free.


    7. Highland District: This upper class neighborhood is the place of the nicest manors of the city. Only half-completed in Version 1, the current Highland District has a small marina where citizens can buy or rent boats to sail across the Spirit River.


    8. One Spirit Monument: The Alpines of old worshipped many gods and godesses. Through the Religious Reforms about 200 years ago, the Empire has slowly been giving up it's worship of the gods, instead they look upon the One Spirt, who teaches good morals. There is no church or worship of the One Spirit, but monuments remind Alpines to never forget the the importance of the old gods in history and live with a good moral sense (Thus is why there are monuments of the One Spirit around the Arena as well, to remind that death is not something to take lightly).


    9. Seaside Public School: Education is not mandatory for children of Alpia, but starting at age 14, teenagers are given the choice to enroll in schools to better their finacial status later in life. Anybody can join the school at any age however, so it never has a lack of students.


    10. The Port: One of the most economically important places of the city, and the Empire, is the port. The port is where ships load and unload their cargo and a place where to put their cargo until it's ready to go to their final distenation. The northern side has public storage blocks, whereas the southern has privitzed storage blocks.


    As a Roman-esque city, Alpia has several pools for citizens to relax in and such. Unlike ancient Rome, these pool houses are not for bathing, but rather, for social events like parties or elegant dinners. The pools also act like our equivilant of a club late at night, where children are not permitted inside... Then pools for bathing are called bath houses and are located near residental areas and much smaller than pool houses.

    A sewer system also underlines the streets, where waste (human and physical) is thrown out. Some houses have the luxury of having toilets in thier homes and some have to go outside to the nearest toilet house. Toilets are pretty dangerous, as you can fall in... if you do find yourself inside a sewer, don't worry. ALL sewers will exit to the sea where you can get out.

    Besides the rail system used for public transport and the movement of small goods, what about the heavy equipment? Animals for the Arena? Large building materials? Well for that, Alpia has a larger rail system underground called the UnderRail. In Version 1, there is not a lot of exits of the underrail, but it will be expanded in future versions.

    Running around the streets of Alpia, you might enter what looks like an underground city. This is known as the Undercity, the original buildings and streets of the city, built centuries ago. As the city grew, the hill overlooking the town was transformed into a church and later into the Main Station. When the church was built, the Emperor of that time decided to level out the base level of the church, to give it a more pleasing appearance to the land around it. And so, the Highland District came into be, built right on top of the city of old. Those who had the money left and moved away, but those without the coin remained stuck in the Undercity.


    Wyatt's Tavern & Beds, located near the Main Station!

    A nice view from the Seaside Apartments!

    A typical bath house (remember, used for bathing not for social events!)
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    posted a message on Humans: Geting exponentialy dumber
    You know, lighting was Zeus' wrath, metorites were omens from the devil, the world is flat, and flapping your arms will get you to fly were all reasonable ideas, if not accepted facts, of a previous age. :rolleyes:

    Sometime in the future we will laugh at their ancestors, us right now, for not believing in anti-gravity or something. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Soft Drink Makers Target Minorities!

    I can explain why they're targeting Spanish speakers.

    Hispanics make up a huge percentage of the people living in the US - fact. Catering with them will make them comfortable with these brands and buy 'em - the point of a business.

    This whole "Focus on Spanish speakers" is fairly new. Growing up with two Spanish-speaking, little English-speaking parents, I've noticed the real push to get Spanish customers occurred after 2006-2007ish. There was such a large percentage of Spanish speakers and companies have learned. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Communism not given a fair chance
    Quote from Badgerz

    Don't they already do that with a Democracy? At least in America.

    Nope. A democratic government does not by definition have a divided government. A government is only democratic if more than one person votes (This means the USSR was a democracy too - via the Bolshevik Party).

    A communist state could definately have a seperation of powers to maintain balance. Did the Soviet Union have this? No. Can a state (communist, socialist, capitalist) have it? Yes.
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    posted a message on Anyone else wanted the Empire to win?
    I didn't want them to win, because you know, they're evil.

    But they are incredibly badass looking and sounding (Imperial March, anyone?).
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    posted a message on Seth MacFarlane ready for Family Guy to end!
    Quote from thehatofwin

    It's just stupid, it was never funny. Stewie was trying to dominate the world and kill lois, and that was his thing, and it worked! but then they made him gay, so all he does is try to get Brian to hump him.


    It's not that being homosexual is a bad thing, but that wasn't Stewie's trait that made him funny.

    I'm a bit relived MacFarlane wanted to end the series much earlier but got pressured in continuing. Honestly Family Guy wasn't a terrible show: but it became a terrible show in later seasons.

    To which, again, shows that an over-extension of a show isn't a good idea. Invader Zim had like, 1½ seasons, popular beyond hell. Family Guy? Not as well liked.

    Then there's the Simpsons to which some fans are crying over it. That show should of been put down years ago.
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    posted a message on The new terrain generator is boring.
    I agree with the OP.

    The problem is that the biomes are so specifically defined. ALL swamps look the same, all mountains are bare, and all forests are flat lands. Honestly, I think Notch went a little bit overboard with specific biomes. I love a good forested mountain range, but those no longer exist in Minecraft. :dry.gif:
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    posted a message on America's Children being indoctrinated in schools?
    What seperates from them and you, is you are satisfied with the present.

    Example: if no one gave a damn about progressing society, the colonies would never of revolted and created this America you love so much.

    Basically, you are sounding like a 21st century counterpart of a 18th century British loyalist. You are so blind to your position you fail to see the 'revolutionaries' of today are the exact same people you call patriots for creating this country. Just with different words of course.

    Ironic, eh?
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    posted a message on AMERICANS: Dream act singed in California?
    Give them citizenship and they won't be lawbreakers.

    Easy solution. But why don't you give it to them?

    Because you're racist.
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    posted a message on Japanese vs. American animation..
    Quote from Blackshadow10

    A lot more effort and creativety is placed in anime than American cartoons.

    I have to disagree. In anime, the characters look a lot more realistic than in American. Thus, once you choose the physical features you want, it's not difficult applying them to a person.

    Where as in American animation, the characters are not at all realistic. So while you have chosen certain features, it's not as easy applying them to a shape that doesn't look like a human outline.

    You get what I'm saying? So I do believe American animation has that more uniqueness to it and it's also very varied among styles; Japanese doesn't have many mainstream styles.

    To me, the average cartoon is supposed to be comical, easy-going, light-heartened show, so the unrealistic-comic appearance really appeals to me. As I said, this is what I generally view animation as. You can still make serious stories out of it but you need to create it using more 'serious' looking animation like they did for Avatar: The Last Airbender for instance.

    tl;dr America > Japan
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    posted a message on Palestine - Are they really legit?
    The Jewish state of Israel should not exist at all.

    Say all you want over the Roman diaspora, but what happened two thousand years ago cannot drive our modern day political affairs. After the diaspora, many Jews benefited from the stupidity of their overlords and became a very rich and powerful group. They bought their own country disregarding who lived there. It's pathetic how the common people were persuaded over this and its disgusting how corrupt the British government was to give them this land.

    On the other hand, the Romani people or better known as the gypsies, never had a realistic chance at their own nation - and they suffered in the hands of Adolf Hitler alongside the Jews. They never were considered to have a state. Why? They weren't rich enough like the Jews.

    The Jews bought their way to statehood and honestly in my opinion, it's one of the worst religions to have it's own state. Judaism is violent in nature, easy to sway the minds of the radical, and much more traditional that, say, modern day Christianity (Protestanism or Orthodox for instance) whom doesn't influence the mind of the average person as much as Judaism does (because of it's traditionalism).
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    posted a message on Should the drinking age be lowered?
    I firmly believe the US limit should be at 18. Everything else is, lots of more damaging things are, so why not?

    At 18 we can:
    -Buy cars, which can kill people
    -Buy guns, which can kill people
    -Buy cigarettes, which can kill us
    -Buy houses, which can financially ruin us
    -Be taxed and liable for our criminal actions

    Of course,
    -Join the army and kill in the name of patriotism, but cannot drink for the same name. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Do you have any kids?
    No I don't have kids, but I would love to have some. Not right now, but in the future when I'm more financially independent.
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