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    Hosting a brand new survival server, for all newcomers and veterans alike. The point of the server is to have kind, creative individuals build and survive in this world. You may build anything you want, anywhere you want, so long as it does not conflict with other person's property.

    There are simple rules:

    No griefing.

    No stealing.

    No destroying, building on, or in close proximity to other player's property.

    Use signs to designate your ownership of a piece of land. Fences are recommended. You cannot claim a piece of property that is absurdly large, or in close proximity to spawn point. Players must be able to navigate when coming into the server. Players are recommended to build close to others, so that a small community can be formed.

    Players who violate the rules will be permanently banned.

    New rules may be made as more players begin playing.

    New players looking for trophy and progression achievements are more than welcome to play.

    Mature players are preferred over young, immature, or otherwise not serious players.

    Creative individuals who are interested in building and maintaining the town, building new city services, and otherwise adding to the overall enjoyment of the server are highly welcome.

    Those seeking end game achievements such as End City Elytra or Nether Realm loot are more than welcome.

    Those seeking to help map out the realm are more than welcome.

    Basically, come in with a definite goal in mind. Adventure, exploration, building, leveling up, creating new tools and enchantments, and being friendly are core to this server.

    All players are recommended to have a mic, or at the very least, commit to a group player chat room so that communication is made easier. Communication is absolutely vital to the success and growth of the community.

    Again. Experienced? Come play! New? Come play!

    Build whatever. Do whatever. So long as it conforms to the rules of this server. That's it.

    Any questions, please respond to this topic.

    When you are ready to play, leave a message with your details, and I will get back to you. Thanks!

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    Hello. I'm a new Switch owner and first time Minecraft player. I am looking for some Minecraft Switch friends. I've been playing single player for awhile now, and have come to understand most terms. I am now ready to experience the game with others. I have a game save that is free to join, or we can completely start a new map. It's up to you! I hope to see you on, and for us to enjoy our play. I'll leave my friend code and name below, and if you want, you may add me. Happy mining!

    Update: No longer hosting.

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    I've been reading about a lot of people who have had troubles with new players coming in and destroying all of their hard work. I've experienced this myself, many a time. I've come up with a few tips to help new players go through the hurdle.

    #1. Turn Trust Players Off.

    You can manually do this from the main menu. Turning this off makes it so no new player can come in and start doing whatever they please. They will have access to nothing. You can give them these features by pressing minus and selecting their name, in game. Only do this if you feel you can trust them. I personally have set up a Server Rules wall near spawn point, letting them all know what's up. If I see them reading it, I know they can probably be trusted. More often than not, they will skip the signs and start begging for perms. Even when I tell them to read the signs, they ignore, and continue to beg. These are amateurs, and you can throw them out.

    #2. Make a Server Rules Wall.

    I've set up a wall at spawn point and in the Town Market, letting new players know what's up. No stealing, griefing, destroying, building on or near other property. No visiting houses and browsing caches. And read every sign and follow it. Pretty simple. Only half of the people who've come in follow these rules, and so only half have stayed.

    #3. Set up a dedicated Skype, Discord, Twitch, etc. Chat for people you trust to get to know them better.

    Chat makes it so much easier to get along and to plan adventures together. Out of the 25 or so people that have joined mine, only 1 ended up not being "trustworthy", and that's because he mistook what a sign said. Having people join the chat as a requirement to stay, or even before you accept their friend request, may make it so you never have to deal with griefers again.

    #4. Create a backup save.

    You can copy your game save. Did you know that? Do that before logging in, each time, erasing the old one, in case a few a-holes get in by accident. Go to the Main Menu and go to your game. Press X or Y and select copy. Bam.

    #5. Always turn off "Allow friends of friends."

    Letting people you don't know into your game is asking for a bad time. You can deselect this option in the main menu before logging into your server.

    #6. Trial and Error.

    Unless you force everyone to be invited to your group chat, or set up some sort of interview before accepting them, you will have a few nasties come into your game. These steps will help you minimize the casualties. Just remember to use all the steps for maximum safety.

    Do you have a suggestion? Leave it below.

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    The server has gotten pretty full, but I'm always willing to recruit a few more people when can play during downtime. We've had a lot of griefers and thieves lately, so I'm weary of new blood. Prove yourself a good player, and we'll trust you. Adding yourself to our Skype chat will also help us trust you more. :)

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