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    posted a message on Comparing Minecraft to ROBLOX.
    Roblox is incomparable to minecraft. Roblox is a scam while minecraft is a fun game.
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    posted a message on Zombie Seige Tonight!
    Well, maybe without the zombies, but there will be a Lunar eclipse tonight for North and Central America. (If you live in Europe you will only see the beginning of it) Because of recent volcanic eruptions the moon will look dark brown or red instead of yellow.
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    posted a message on How to make slimes FECKING HUGE!
    This method is possible, but more complicated than it needs to be.

    The way I did it is much easier.

    1. Start with a new map to have a clean slate. Put the game on hard and walk around until you think enough mobs have spawned. (Be sure to stay close to your spawn point)

    2. Open your save file and search for "4KB" in your world folder. This should give you any .dat file that is between 3 and 4 KB.

    3. Open the files with NBT Edit (Just right click>Open with and set NBTedit as the default program to open it) and look for ones with entities. Keep doing this until you find a Mob (This can be an lethal mob or an animal like a pig, it doesn't matter) and set it's "Pos" to your respawn point and save the file. (Do not close it)

    4. Open your save and see if that mob is now where your spawn point is. If so, save your level and open the file. Change the mobID to Slime. Then click the main folder of that entity and add an Integer value by clicking the orange circle on the top of NBTedit. Name this variable "Size" and set it to whatever. (Though setting it over 32 will create slimes so big that you will be almost completley unable to harm it because of the bugged collision boxes)

    If the mob does not appear where your spawn point is, repeat step 3.

    5. ???????

    6. PROFIT!!
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